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The gay nigger faggot in question is my bro, :iconlordgojira:. Apparently I have to state my kinks/fetishes or some gay fucking shit like that.
Anyways here goes nothing...



179440 by GojiBob


Prometheus-0 by GojiBob


Pink Guy Confused by GojiBob


Anything4Views Fat Cunt by GojiBob

Female Pregnancy

Kill Yourself by GojiBob

Male Pregnancy

bitch what the fuck by GojiBob


when-you-fall-asleep-during-real-nigga-hours-10552 by GojiBob


4fa979a752d03 by GojiBob


Kojimer by GojiBob


Terry Crews Building Kick by GojiBob


Filthy Frank and Stuart Little by GojiBob


tumblr nfxp2hBzl61u4ftkvo1 1280 by GojiBob


Pink Guy's I Don't Even by GojiBob



Rat Chef Frank by GojiBob

Eye Patch Penetration

Demoman Fork by GojiBob





Garlic Bread Gender by GojiBob




12039526 885363111541556 1923106043991071355 N by GojiBob


Bodycast by GojiBob




iDubbbzCancer by GojiBob



She knows you've got money by GojiBob



Robotnik O FUK by GojiBob


Patamon thinks yo pussy stank by GojiBob


YAMETE by GojiBob


Rule 63

GojiBobAss by GojiBob


tumblr n87hgicdTW1tcf7uoo7 400 by GojiBob


Whereisthepussy by GojiBob


mrlDAqg0 by GojiBob

Fatty Upper Pubic Area



Ur Welcum by GojiBob


Prometheus vs Pink Guy by GojiBob



Chin-Chin thoughts on your friends by GojiBob


b0ss please i have a cancer by GojiBob


Filthy Mario by GojiBob


Mama Max by GojiBob

Body Paint

Ramen Devil by GojiBob


Frank being drowned by GojiBob


Nyes by GojiBob

Expanding Boobage

Mediocre by GojiBob


Change things up by GojiBob


My dick gets bigga cuz I'm a crazy... by GojiBob

Shoe loss

help pls by GojiBob

Suit and tie

Steve Harvey1 by GojiBob

Masculine girls

SandyReaction by GojiBob

Mind control

tumblr mgwqwhvDFT1s3kny7o1 1280 by GojiBob


iDubbbz Content Cop by GojiBob


Hello Darkness My Old Friend by GojiBob


Meme Orgy Gets Nasty by GojiBob


Fronk by GojiBob


The Mask Smokin by GojiBob

Multiple body parts

The Kennel-Thing - The Thing (1982) by GojiBob

Partial Nudity

The Shaman Awakens 2 by GojiBob

Full nudity

Teenage Filthy Ninja b0sses by GojiBob


Rip and tear by GojiBob

Daddy daughter

Who's Your Dad? by GojiBob

Mommy daughter

Hold The Fuck Up by GojiBob


Reinhardt Hold The Fuck Up by GojiBob

There you fucking have it. I tag :bademoticon: in the name of the dark lord, Chin-Chin (I'm aware that's not even an account, that's the joke, fuck off cunt). I'm clearly aware that I didn't even answer to any of the fetishes listed above and all I did was shitpost instead because fuck you. Also, spread the word....

"LordGojira is a gay nigger faggot who touches little 10 year-old boys with a fat ass."

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Yeah, gonna be out at sea again, but this time for about 3 months. I'll be back December 17. 
However, there is internet here on the ship and I will be hitting 3 ports so I may show up on here a little bit. However, internet is only available during certain hours on the ship and I'll only be in those 3 ports for a couple of days and whether we even go to those ports could change in a heartbeat. Plus, take into account if they'll even have decent WiFi. So all I can say is assume the worst and hope for the best.
But trust me, this WILL be the last time I go out to sea in my entire Navy career as I only plan on doing the minimum 4 years and I'm already at my 1 year mark. After this the ship will literally sit in port for, at the longest, 5 years.

Have an awesome "Netflix and chill" because there is no "Netflix and chilling" where I'll be going.

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The Shaman Awakens by GojiBobThe Shaman Awakens 2 by GojiBob
Yup, it's this shit again. Gonna be out at sea for 3 weeks, I'll be back August 7.

Have an anal-tastic meme orgy you autistic child-touchers because I know God abandoned me n' shit.
Dat edge, bruh.
Meme Orgy Gets Nasty by GojiBobBbb3f9ccce5f by GojiBobShall we do it, Guilmon? by GojiBobRenamon's wish for her fanbase by GojiBob
Homosexuals Are Gay by GojiBobTherapy by GojiBob
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Salamander Man Delivers Bad News by GojiBob
Title says it all pretty much. Gonna be out at sea for said amount of time because I'm in the Navy n' shit and, according to the Navy, we as sailors don't do anything important in our own lives. I'll be back July 2. 

Have a sexy time you ass eaters because I know I won't.
Robotnik on Furries by GojiBobHERVEY DERNT by GojiBobDon't Trust Dr. Sack by GojiBob
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Bon voyage, crouton! by GojiBob
On September 8th, I'll be leaving my little Florida home and be going to Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois for Navy boot camp so that I'll have a fakin' job and be makin' bank. So, what does this all actually mean?

:bulletgreen: I'll be gone for approximately 8 weeks and be graduating boot camp on October 31st.
:bulletgreen: During those 8 weeks I will have absolutely no online presence. Which means no art and not a single word from me during that time.
:bulletgreen: Even after graduating boot camp, chances are that my online presence will be extremely limited as I'll be going to 'A' School at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi for my job training which will last about 6 weeks.
:bulletgreen: What happens after 'A' School is still kind of a mystery to me. I'm assuming I might get 2 weeks of 'leave' or something and then get deployed for 6 months or more.

So wish me the best of luck, guys n' gals. I'm really gonna need it. :iconsaluteplz:

I was never a fan of these, but everyone must have their first time for everything I guess.
I've been tagged by :iconzestalicious:.

Here are the...


1) You must post these rules. 

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal. Screw this rule!

5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. This one too!

6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".

7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. Nope.avi :iconengineernopeplz:

8) No tag-backs. Fak u Gooby! :iconfakuplz::iconmiddlefingerplz::icongooby-plz:

9) You can't say that you don't do tags. WRRRROOOOOONNNNGGGG! :iconwrongplz:

10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Here are 10 facts about me:
1) I am a high school graduate as of May 30, 2014.
2) I have been recruited into the Navy since January 14, 2014 and will be shipped out on September 8, 2014.
3) I have an older brother who is also here on dA.
4) My persona is not an accurate representation of myself (obviously).
5) Half the people here on dA disgust me. I'm pretty sure I don't need to elaborate on why.
6) I never liked pickles. :iconchrischanplz:
7) I am somewhat a troll. :trollface:
8) I have never dated throughout high school as it's just a waste of time, money, and emotions. I have a whole life ahead of me, dat shit can wait. And as of right now, BEING SINGLE IS THE WAY TO GO! :headbang:
9) I facepalm every time fanboys complain about Michael Bay.... but yet, they'll still watch everything he makes. Bottom line, his moronic haters are the reason for his success which makes him laugh behind his desk. :iconmichaelbayplz::iconmoneyplz:
10) I used to consider myself a furry in the days of old (before I joined dA).... but then I realized fandoms/fan bases are GAAAAYYYYYYYY! :iconhagayplz:

Now for the questions:
1) What is your quest?
    >Shrek is love, Shrek is life. :iconshrekedplz:
2) What is your favourite color?
3) What is 1 divided by zero?
    >DED. :icondedplz:
4) Between FemScout and FemPyro, which one you like more?
    >Can I just like them both?
5) Are you a heretic?
6) Do you praise the Emperor?
    >Do I have to?
7) Did your moma teach you not to play with matches?
8) We'll bang, ok?
    >I must go now... :|
9) Do you like apples?
    >applz m8 :thumbsup:
10) When was the last time you farted?
    >Yesterday in the middle of Teufort, my flatulence ended up destroying half the town because I have nuclear properties. :iconexplosionplz:

My questions:
1) Do you think it's time to oil up? :icontimetooilupplz:
2) Have you ever been shreked? :iconshrekedplz:
3) Do you have a passion for the crust? :iconuncle-crusty:
4) Which fandom/fan base do you think is the worst?    C'mon, it's obviously one of these two==> :iconsonicthehedgehogplz::iconmlpfimplz:

5) Can you count to three? :icongabenplz:
6) Do you think a marine iguana will mutate or die of multiple cases of cancer when exposed to radioactive fallout? :iconzilla-plz:
7) Painis or Pingas? :iconpainisplz::iconpingasplz:
8) Do you want to slap my titties? :iconmichelangeloplz:
9) Do you know how to expand dong? :iconexpanddongplz:
10) You tryin' to start shit wit me bruh? :iconcomeatmebroplz:

And here are the secksee fucks I tagged: :icongabenewellplz::iconmorganfreemanplz::icongodzillaplz::iconainsleyharriotplz::icongameraplz::iconshrekplz::iconpainiscupcakeplz::iconhandsomesquidwardplz::iconfidgetplz::icondonkey-kongplz:

Fak this tagging shit, you all are gay niggas!

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I uploaded this picture:… to my gallery as it is something I made myself. It was deleted twice in which I got a 6 day suspension for uploading it the second time. I really don't know what's wrong with it. They just sent me a policy violation note saying:

"The administrator who deleted your deviation added the following:
A member of staff has reviewed this deviation and has determined that the theme itself, or one or more details present in the scene, has made the work unacceptable for submission here.

As such this deviation has been removed in accordance with our policies and should not be resubmitted."

What is it about the theme that makes it inappropriate for this site? If it's not the theme, what specific details (that no one would probably see as offensive or even care about) in the scene would make it inappropriate? I even clearly stated in the description:

"I'm not insulting/defaming anyone with this. I'm just making a joke out of what someone said that sparked a conversation. I have nothing against the person, this is nothing but a non-serious joke. It's not supposed to be taken literally."

Even after reading the submission policy, nothing still amounts up. I see a lot more things just like it that are allowed here. Plus, when I submitted the picture to :icontgwtgandcmfanclub: a lot of people loved it. That begs another question.... Why would they also take something down that people admire? I did send a request to the staff about this confusion:… . I hope they get this mess figured out soon and tell me what's wrong, or if there was anything wrong to begin with. So yeah, feel free to say your thoughts on this.

Update 8/6/2012:
Well, the mess has been figured out. Unfortunately, I'm still not allowed to reupload it. But at least the admin, :iconkozispoon:, gave me honest answers as to why I can't reupload it.

By the way, I noticed that everyone waits a long time, like a couple of months or so, to reupload something that was previously deleted by staff. I also noticed when they reupload something after that long no one, including the staff, seems to care or notice for some reason. Maybe I should do the same. After all, my bud :icondinodude75: has done the same thing a million times. I don't know, just a thought.
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