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The Small Hours
Looking upon my own contention
Always seems to beg the question
Who am I?
What was I thinking?
Where am I going?
Why. Do I keep living?
Is it that I feel empty?
After all I let be compromised
And all of my being sacrificed
All the such and such I was giving
I am awake in the small hours
I watch the days grow steadily darker
Watch the void send its mist and shadow
Surfacing in the small hours
In the hollow
:icongoji:goji 0 0
Somewhere between the binary
Nestled in the black and white ones and zeroes
Was the soft, warm nurtured center of everyone
That hated me
With ember and passion
Now the world rotates on its axis
At the magnetic north and south poles
It rotates, not dances, or strides through the universe
The leaves change not shade, or tone, or from green to crimson
Or vermillion
The leaves merely exchange their seasonal pigment
Unlike pine trees
Which are by taxidermy evergreen
And the typical homo sapiens heart does beat
But only via electron impulse
With a stagnant emulsion
Or mindless red cells
A clever and inquiring reader might well
Observe that I as the
Writer and speaker of this poem
Am not only using the first, direct
Person but am not speaking
In a stylistic
Or otherwise romantic,
Or descriptive manner.
This is because I am no longer human
I am without soul
I have proverbially 'done whatever it takes'
I've become a machine
Because they don't make mistakes
I am sorry, Connection abort
:icongoji:goji 3 0
I Have A Dream
I have a dream
About your tongue
Smooth, moist and supple
Writhing like a worm between my fingers
Taking its turn in the pressure of the vice
I have a dream today
Where everything is fair
And everyone gets their dues
And happily the pastels of your skin
So madly are painted the only real red
I have a dream
That the two of us joined hand in hand
Finally release the demons and prejudices
The hatred that we two hold within our selves
Will finally be by my ravenous sin released
I have a dream today
Where we hate each other
Just enough to blissfully stop
The lies and the anguish tormenting me
And that day I can think I am free
I do have a dream
:icongoji:goji 0 0
Keeping the Faith
in times of peace I am the Anarchist
during the war I am the Pacifist
you know me as the Evangelist
but all I really am is a Narcissist
this is the doctrine of cows and of sheep
bring unto me the sick and the meek
I'll absolve all your pain
and I'll soothe all your sin
but I will not explain
nor will I heal you within
now, friends cover yourselves
and with the faith keep it up
we'll be on the airwaves
we'll find more to corrupt
in times of peace I am the Anarchist
during the war I am the Pacifist
you know me as the Evangelist
but all I really am is a Narcissist
I'm bringing you something at the end of the day
before i get any smaller I've got something to say
we are the salvation army
we are armed to the hilt
we'll find an end to your harm
with your shame and your guilt
I am the voice of heaven
I am the hand of the lord
but in the end I'm the beast
in Babylon i'm the whore
in times of peace I am the Anarchist
during the war I am the Pacifist
you know me as the Evangelist
but all I real
:icongoji:goji 1 3
"Ok, It's time to begin. I guess there comes a time in every man, or being's life cycle when he has to record everything he knows. Or at least he should. I have no children of my own and by all reasoning no matter if or how I try I never will. Such is the price of being a half-breed. And at your core, you are all Half-Breeds, though not all within circles drawn in the blood of your veins. Remember that!
"That's the first thing I could tell you what I know about: persecution, hatred, all the horrible things people will call you. Mongrel. Bastard. Slime. Animal. Whore's Son. Inhuman. Lower Than Shit. The worst is the most accurate; Half-Breed. But that's not the first most important thing to know. "
"The first, most important thing I have learned in my years on this earth is: If a woman ever says to you, boy 'Hello, Stranger" she will fuck you. Take advantage of this. Take advantage of everything. Be for yourself, Live for yourself, because the next day you may die. If a woman will fuck
:icongoji:goji 1 5
Mature content
The Wickhaven Murders :icongoji:goji 0 6
Steady Ride
Steady Ride
My head's so hollow today
I eat milk over soap flakes
I've got to go out, got to get lost
Gimme the gas, I'll supply the exhaust
Legitimately, I'm feeling shallow
Got to get some rewiring done
So I'm ready for my steady ride
Air will pass through me to the Other Side
Riding with boys in convertibles
Here's a bush of bleeding heads for you
Could you spare some cement for me?
I'm in need of new shoes, you see
I'm steady riding through the void tonight
I've got the crowbar if you've the spare
Hop in my car, I just removed the doors
It's lighter than air, and lands on all fours
Please don't fret over me, Lunch is packed in my skull
We've run out of ice, but the drinks are in back
Can't slow me down, I misplaced the Lead
Steady ride with me, through the hole in my head
:icongoji:goji 1 3
I don't believe the pieces fit
I don't believe a thing you say
I can't make sense of it
I can't stand you in my way
The divergence of yesterday
Is unilateralism of tomorrow
I can't stand anything you say
Mindlessly I fill with sorrow
I see the problems in my life
Inside I know you're to blame
All you taught me to feel was strife
All you taught me to play was the game
I don't believe the pieces fit
I don't believe a thing you say
I can't make sense of it
I can't stand you in my way
Your scalpel-strokes still seem amoral
Against life's clock I appear to race
While people rest upon their laurels
You make the world a different place
Rebellion might be the cancer of youth
Institution may be the temple of blame
Don't give me your point of view
Don't show me that you're humane
I can't believe the pieces fit
I believe illusion is all you say
I can't see any sense in this
I believe I'm standing in my way
:icongoji:goji 0 2
Phoenix Rising Chapter 5
Moats of Ash and Tears
Cold and silt-ridden foam fell upon the aching shoals of Bruder's bones. Like a swift and ravenous wave of vermin, the shocks and impulses of pain swept over his body reminding him of its very existence. He didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he knew from the glaze in his vision that he had been dreaming. In his gut, he felt the vacuous space, and the volatile feelings of nausea and hunger writhing within. Bladed gears turned round and round in his head carving foreign and alien calligraphy into the inside of his skull, and if he turned his eyes around maybe, just maybe, he could see….
He lied painfully awake in a bed that was not his own, in a room he'd never seen at midday. The entire room seemed polished, and milky, and soft to the feel, just by looking at it. Yet still, although he could feel as if he was sleeping upon a bed of sharpened stones, he could tell the sheets were satin and soft, as was his pillow and his mattress was light, and suppor
:icongoji:goji 0 0
Lost Boy's Lullaby
Lost Boy's Lullaby
Between the hill and the night fell a shadow
Where he crawled cold and bare
The lost child dug his bed of the dirt and earth
For a night spent alone in the darkness there
Laying naked and paralyzed without shelter
Cold solitude cut him bitter and deep
He longed for the warmth of a candle
Fear offered the child no respite for sleep
His fingers dug into the welcoming soil
Earth sheets kept him warm from the air
Glow from the sky kept darkness at bay
While tangled roots cushioned his head and hair
The twinkle of stars played the melody
Wind through the glade called the tune
Night's voices sang him his last lullaby
He deeply slept under the watch of the moon
:icongoji:goji 1 14
Welcome Home
The smell of Vanilla and polished wood
In the cool air of encroaching winter, but...
A warm aura, like mother, like birth
A room as a womb
Motherly essence in Phosphorescence
It all spurs a feeling i cannot ignore
But a welcoming charm permeates
Smoked into the wood
Washed into the walls
It is precious to me
:icongoji:goji 1 1
Dark Matter
Clutter, clutter,
Wings a'flutter
Birds trapped chloustrophobic roofs
Cluttered corner pulls you in
Keeps your problems all within
With Grout, rottign in the grooves
:icongoji:goji 0 1
Damage Plan
He calls me tenebrous.
Now in my ample, adequate
Elixer of solitude
I have a vendetta.
Transcend from the literal.
Descend to the ceiling.
I, among the concrete gargoyles
Look down my nose at him.
God! Send some siren, some Calliope
To wrench at his heart and twitch at his eye.
And fill him with collateral temptation,
And purely co-incidental damage.
Because his lifestyle
Determined his death style.
If he walks wihtout rhythm
He won't attract the Worm,
but he cannot shake me.
I cling to this man, apprehensively,
As an adhesive sprinkle
Of hot cheese on broccoli.
Watchign from the blakc recessies of the ceiling,
Preparing for anesthesia
Preparing for pulling teeth.
William Shatner agrees.
:icongoji:goji 1 1
The thrill is gone
It's all left away from here
How can I see them all as real?
While they thaw, and disappear
Walking husks, frozen cuts of beef
Not staying to think just passing through
My reflection in the looking glass
Feels more tangible than they do
Everyone and everything seems so blind
Deaf and dumb, coated in cold
Faithful in perpetual youth
When it carries such a heavy load
There is a ripple in the tide
Change flows in the night breeze
Everything's changing, dynamic
And the idiots don't even know
From the fringes of vision I can tell
This is all hallucinogenic lie
Slowly the artificial melts into the accepted
And is spoon fed into my eye
Apart from this fantasy my eyes avert
I look to the horizon far from home
Apart from this I wish to be
For I already stand alone
:icongoji:goji 1 5
Mature content
GENOCIDE THE TURKEYS :icongoji:goji 2 9
Wine Glass
Some people nowadays
Just don't seem to care about
In the head
Content in the head
They care sometimes about
Content in the Pants
Content, just like clothing
Content, it's like judging based upon looks
Wine Glasses
Who judges the contents of a
Wine glass based around a
Wine glass' shape and make?
It may be half empty,
Stained glass half empty
But, hey, it's such a pretty stained
Wine glass. So much better than that plain
Plastic glass, even though that
Plastic glass is totally full of great wine
Genders are different
Wine glasses are different
But why not judge by
:icongoji:goji 3 4


serr by aroseintheraiin serr :iconaroseintheraiin:aroseintheraiin 1 2 The Memory Remains by OffDutyNinja The Memory Remains :iconoffdutyninja:OffDutyNinja 2 7 +Fucking Love Me - Collab+ by VampMistress +Fucking Love Me - Collab+ :iconvampmistress:VampMistress 3 21 Fish Hater by krazykrissy
Mature content
Fish Hater :iconkrazykrissy:krazykrissy 4 34
+Boom+ by VampMistress +Boom+ :iconvampmistress:VampMistress 6 35 Asuka coloured with MS Paint by roxybudgy Asuka coloured with MS Paint :iconroxybudgy:roxybudgy 29 12
As My World Turns...
As my world turns
I feel so alone.
As my world turns
I find it so dark.
As my world turns
I see no point.
As my world turns
I fade away.
As my world turns
I can't find you.
As my world turns
It hurt's to wait.
As my world turns
I stop feeling.
As my world turns
I fade away.
As my world turns
It's suddenly harder.
As my world turns
I feel the shame.
As my world turns
I can't bare it.
As my world turns
I fade away.
As my world turns
I feel the pain.
As my world turns
I turn away.
As my world turns
I can't take it.
As my world turns.
I fade away.
:iconnagi-tsukiono:Nagi-Tsukiono 1 2
Kiss From A Rose by Mioku Kiss From A Rose :iconmioku:Mioku 6 33 Dog House by Mioku Dog House :iconmioku:Mioku 3 15 Tribal - Flower by OffDutyNinja Tribal - Flower :iconoffdutyninja:OffDutyNinja 8 19 Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole by Mioku Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole :iconmioku:Mioku 8 44 It's Only Love by VampMistress It's Only Love :iconvampmistress:VampMistress 2 34 Happy B-Day Goji by Mioku Happy B-Day Goji :iconmioku:Mioku 1 30 Paint It Black:Version-Conway by Mioku Paint It Black:Version-Conway :iconmioku:Mioku 2 34
In the barren vastness of my soul,
my heart lies forgotten and abused.
The thick, gray atmosphere pervades,
only broken by the trickling tears
that bathed the mound of red flesh,
purifying its duress with a sighing thump.
Every now and then, a figure approaches;
dirty and exhausted from the grueling journey.
Once the heart is reached, tenderly its lifted.
Cradled and caressed with empathic tears,
the slippery, delicate mass is held close
and for a short time the beat is steady.
My soul is a lonely place, so cold.
My heart is a slippery bastard, fragile.
As it is held so close, grip is lost,
and down with a thud into the fog
of even greater pain and loneliness.
When the thick surroundings clear, all alone.
The tears that follow burrow a river of distrust
through the monotony of my soulscape.
:iconpamelaski:pamelaski 3 11
Goji's angel by dark-tourniquet Goji's angel :icondark-tourniquet:dark-tourniquet 2 9



joseph(jose) schafer
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: toledo, OH
Favourite genre of music: Oh i love it all, but especially Heavy Metal and Techno. Garage is nice, but not Punk
Favourite photographer: Robert Cappa, Krissy
Favourite style of art: none
Operating System: win XP
MP3 player of choice: none
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Favourite cartoon character: asuka langley soryu (sooooo hott!!)
Personal Quote: congradulations all you people, now you know a drag queen
how we forget about the things we used to care about?

now, that was rather cynical. I've had the past two, three months of my life, mroe than the beginning part of this year ABSORBED by my future. it's insane, what people in publich schools, especially gifted kids, are subjected to. For the past two eyars of my life i've spent roughly an hour a day, each shcool day, preparing for a test i will take tomorrow, for what? nothing, really, it's not going to affect who i am as a person, or my fuutre that much, but i've put so much effort into an hour of multiple choice questions, and 2 hours of essay writing on nuggets of history i really have no emotional attachment to.

i did it earlier this week with English, actually. it's easier than you think. Still i've got my SAT's on saturday, my real ones, and my ACT's the next time after that, when all i really want to do is be with my friends, because i've realized something. With so many firneds of mien going off to college after this summer, like, going AWAY, a good friend of mine leaving me a week ago, and another good friend of mine moving to colorado later this summer,  time is precious.    

Time is oh so very very precious, and can't be wasted, and i need to be with the people ic are aobut most while i still can. this year's passed by so fast, and i've ignored DA to give myself more time for other, more 'important' thigns. Maybe i should ignore things like this less....

I've got a bunch of short stories and poetry saved on the school computer, but no way to transport them sicne i lost my zip drive, but i'll get them onto this goddamn dell if it's the last thing i do!

Darrin,  the teacher i respect the most (but don't like the most, he never changed my life like good ol Kimberlyn did) said i haven't learned hwo to love anyone yet. my experience says he's wrong, but maybe he's not. have YOU learned to love people. no, not like when you say you lvoe them,when you think you love them, when you beleive you love them. worshipping someone and thinkign they are better than other people isn't love, for whom it applies. So, maybe i have learned how to love someone. hm, it's a fun thoguht.

in the meantime, go pick up the new Green day album. i don't care if tis pop punk, or emo, or all the music i really hate, it's such a fun little CD, you should all give it a lsiten, especially if you like to bash Bush.

current mood: no clue
current music: Green day - 'Holiday'


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