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1. No nudity. No exceptions. Period.

2. No pictures that are sexual or sensual in nature, nor overly suggestive or fetishistic at all. There are other groups for that sort of thing if that is what you seek. This is NOT a fetish group in ANY way. It's meant to be fun, innocent, and G-Rated. So if you've come here with that in mind, please go away now and save me the trouble of blocking you.

3. All subjects/models in submitted pictures must be barefoot (Ah-Duh! lol ;) ). Preferably related specifically to the very notion of going barefoot in and of itself or the enjoyment of it. It would be nice for whatever picture you submit to relate to that concept in some way or another. It's perfectly okay to submit artistic pictures of feet, too. Pictures that are creative in nature, that is. i.e. Something drawn on bare soles (i.e. smiley faces or something), painted toenail designs, etc.... Get innovative, imaginative, and creative with those little piggies! :)

4. Have respect for yourself and each other. Let's keep things pleasant here.

5. Complimenting someone's feet is perfectly fine, but keep it respectful. No inappropriate comments will be tolerated if you wish to stay a member of this group.  

6. Snapshots of just feet (or just plain feet pictures, in other words) are okay but should at least be edited decently, taken from a good angle/perspective, clear quality, etc....  

7. There is no limit to how much you can submit. The more pictures, the merrier.

8. Pictures of yourself posing or modeling in bare feet for the sole purpose of showing yourself barefoot or showing off your feet are fine, but again nothing fetishistic or sexual in nature. Keep it classy and tasteful.

9. This is a group for ALL ages and therefor all ages of feet are welcome: Everything starting from little baby and children's feet on up to older folks and senior citizen's feet and any and every age between those two points. Male and/or female. Young and/or old. All are welcome as long as they are in decent context and follow the rules of the group closely.

10. If your Favorites are full of nothing but nude/fetish related material (Bound, gagged, vore, giantess, various pornographic material, nothing but naked people, etc....), then don't even bother Watching this group. Let alone trying to join as a Member. You will be blocked ASAP. It should have been made clear in all the previous rules, but if not I'll say it once more so there is no misunderstanding: This is NOT that sort of group and people looking for that sort of thing are NOT welcome here AT ALL. It's meant to be fun and innocent. Nothing more.

11. This should go without saying, but apparently I need to spell it out even further since some people are not taking the hint: DO NOT WATCH THIS GROUP IF YOUR GALLERY AND/OR FAVORITES ARE FULL OF NOTHING BUT PERVERTED/PORNOGRAPHIC/FETISH RELATED MATERIAL. LET ALONE THINK OF ASKING TO JOIN. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Jeez.... It is a waste of time on your part anyway seeing as how I check up on anyone who watches or requests to be a member of this group, and doing so with galleries/favorites full of the previously mentioned material will only result in your immediate and permanent blocking.

Other than that, have fun and please contribute! :)
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