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Counter Break - advance wars

She is helping the Orange Star to defeat Sturm, using her glasses from the japanese version lol.
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I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SEEING AW CONTENT IN 2019. Thanks so much for brightening up my day.

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To this day I STILL open AW2 to play a few levels lol.
There is nothing like it. The characters, the gameplay, how colorful everything is, the music...
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Oh sure, when she does a Counter Break, she gets fanart, but when I do a Counter Break, Mom tells me to get out of the kitchen.
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lol I feel sorry for ya
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Always nice to see some Advance Wars. I liked her glasses from the Japanese version. I was always curious why they took them out for the North American release.
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I was bothered because there is not much Advance Wars art, so I made one myself xD
And yeah she having glasses hakes so much sense, since her ability is enhanced vision lol
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the tank turned out really nice, and love how the trees are and color balance is. good work
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Thanks a lot!
I tried the original game color pallete, but I ended up adding some filters to make it look nicer lol
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you're most welcome, and ah it's cool yeah sometimes the palettes don't transfer from official sources 1 to 1 need to tinker em a bit to balance in your style
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