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An offering, one to another.
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i like the space marine logo on top of the papaer
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i dont see a "thneed" option
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hey do u mind if me and my friends make some posters like this and hang it up round town
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I'm hoping people will. This is a pass it on type thing. Repost, flier, whatever.
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This is....excellent. I shall have to make one of these to hang in my community.
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LOL, I didn't even notice the Zelda crest at the top! So appropriate...!
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How many can one person take? Becasue I'm stuck between courage, hope, and freedom if I can only have one...
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going to make one and post it up on my way to school :D
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PLEASE, do. Message is more important than messanger.
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Wow this is so creative and awesome!.... I would take COURAGE and STRENGTH and BEAUTY XD
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Outstanding, my friend!
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Thank you so much.
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This is very extaordinary, may people don't see what they NEED. Heres wheat I would take X3 HOPE, COURAGE,PECE, FREEDOM,HEALTHING and Strength. This is an epic piece of art
xXheartsarebrokenXx's avatar
i would take the love
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so simply and yet so touching
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Please copy and spread. Maybe it will help.
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I really love the concept ! It's original ! :D
I think I would take everything ^^
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I wish it was so easy...
Nice idea ^^
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Me to. Just try and be as good to everyone as posible. Give no place for jealousy or envy. Above all, don't judge.
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