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Tegeolepis and Dunkleosteus



Date: 2009
Medium: acrylics on card/digital

c.365 million years ago, Late Devonian (Famennian), Cleveland, Ohio

Tegeolepis clarki, at about a metre in length, was the biggest, weirdest of all Devonian actinopterygians. It had a grotesque skeksis-like head with a beak-like snout, massive fangs, huge eyes and wing-like projections attached to a long sleek body. Clearly a voracious mid or deepwater predator, it was nevertheless dwarfed by the giant placoderms that shared it's habitat, notably the famous predatory Dunkleosteus terrelli. However the reign of the placoderms was soon to draw to a close...
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do you know what the scales looked like? im finding a lot of microscopic actinopterygian scales in a microfossil project, and i want to rule this one out.