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Tegeolepis and Dunkleosteus

Date: 2009
Medium: acrylics on card/digital

c.365 million years ago, Late Devonian (Famennian), Cleveland, Ohio

Tegeolepis clarki, at about a metre in length, was the biggest, weirdest of all Devonian actinopterygians. It had a grotesque skeksis-like head with a beak-like snout, massive fangs, huge eyes and wing-like projections attached to a long sleek body. Clearly a voracious mid or deepwater predator, it was nevertheless dwarfed by the giant placoderms that shared it's habitat, notably the famous predatory Dunkleosteus terrelli. However the reign of the placoderms was soon to draw to a close...
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do you know what the scales looked like? im finding a lot of microscopic actinopterygian scales in a microfossil project, and i want to rule this one out.

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This is a great picture!
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I just LOVE the Dunkleosteus, just a behemoth in the background, swimming peacefully. 
True-Leveller's avatar
Absolutely stunning! The composition, the colours, the fact that Dunkleosteus is only seen as a dark shadow..
Gogosardina's avatar
Thanks! Yeah - I compose my images as if a time travelling diver with a camera has taken the shot, thus the Tegeos are illuminated by a flash while the Dunk remains in shadow.
ravengurl11's avatar
These lovely beasties of the past remind me of the goblin shark, a favorite animal of mine :heart:
Gogosardina's avatar
Goblin sharks are definately cool, if somewhat freaky-looking, animals.
ravengurl11's avatar
They get a lot less freaky when you realize they're pink
zillatamer99's avatar
You made this perfect in the sense of dark gloomy dangers of the ancient sea. It gives off that vibe you know? Not to mention the detail and artistry is amazing. Have you ever contributed these to a mueseum? If not DO SO
Gogosardina's avatar
Heh, my work is already on display in a couple of places (Museum Victoria, WA Museum etc) but this particular piece is the cover for the latest edition of John Long's "Rise of Fishes".
zillatamer99's avatar
:O I looked up that book, it's true! Dude that is sick :D you must make a lot of money
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This is incredible! I love the combination of these animals and the way you drew the Dunkleosteus!
Mr-Nike's avatar
Great work! I always loved the Dunkleosteus, it's just one of the most kick-ass predators nature has ever created.

Love your paleoart :) Added you to my watchlist ;) Keep up the good work! :D
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