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Materpiscis birthing



Date: 2007
Medium: acrylics on paper card/digital

c.380 million years ago (Frasnian, Late Devonian), The Kimberleys, Western Australia.

A birthing mother placoderm strains to expel her young. Materpiscis attenboroughi (Sir David Attenborough's mother fish) was ptyctodont placoderm whose remarkable fossil remains preserve an unborn embryo along with a mineralised umbilical cord. This represents the oldest evidence for live birth among the vertebrates.

This illustration originally appeared in:
Long, J. A.; Trinajstic, K.; Young, G. C.; Senden, T. (2008). "Live birth in the Devonian period". Nature 453 (7195): 650–652.
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the character and life you put into these organisms is incredible
i feel like im looking at an aquarium specimen collected out of the deeps of time.  amazing!