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Nia - 'You One-Eyed Monster'

By Gofelem
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Fanart of best girl Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2:happybounce:!
If you are interested in this artwork, there is also an art pack available for "Free" or "Pay What You Want" if you would like to support me to make more stuff like this:happy:   .

You can get the pack on: Gofelem Shop  |  Gumroad  |  Cubebrush

Art pack Details:
Gumroad-Nia-You-One-Eyed-Monster by Gofelem

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© 2019 - 2021 Gofelem
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TirzahRose's avatar

One of her best moments!

Gofelem's avatar
Thank you cutelovelygirl :la:
cutelovelygirl's avatar
Eriaricheria's avatar
Ah! I love how the eyes look! <3
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you Eriaricheria :happybounce:.
Eriaricheria's avatar
You are welcome :D 
Gamingforglory43564's avatar
nice job on Nia you did a great job
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you Gamingforglory :happybounce:!
KoriNoKitsune's avatar
This Art is just great! Nia is one of the best charakter and you get her perfect.
But I don`t get what you mean with artpack free oder pay waht you want. Okay the price free or pay this is clear. But Artpack? 
Gofelem's avatar
Thanks KoriNoKitsune, I agree that she is one of the best character :la:!
It means you can get the art pack of this Nia fanart containing video process, hd artwork both in .psd and .png, and more. You can get it for free or pay what you want (any amount) as a form of support/tip/donation. I hope that clarifies it, just let me know if you have any more concern :happybounce:.
KoriNoKitsune's avatar
No problem! 

Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand what you mean.
Was a bit confused at the beginning, but that's a really great thing!

S3rb4n's avatar
God I love Nia. She was the loveliest character in all of the game, and I always felt her feelings towards Rex were the purest. What an amazing rendition of her!

Also, that line is pure genius. What a hilarious scene!
Gofelem's avatar
Thanks s3rb4n! Yes, I think Nia is a very lovely character! Nia gave me a lot of fun with her moments :happybounce:.
S3rb4n's avatar
Yeah, I certainly agree.
LederHozen's avatar

Easily one of my favorite Nia scenes in the game haha! Amazing work as always C:

Gofelem's avatar
Thank you LederHozen! Yes, I agree :la:! My upcoming xeno fanarts  will be fun too :D.
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