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JRPG Classic Heroines

By Gofelem

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This is an artwork to celebrate 1000+ followers on twitter and 10+ patreon supporters. Thank you ヽ(^Д^)ノ ! !

You can get the art pack(contains high-res multiple .png, .PSD, Video process, etc.) for "free" at 
Characters featured are:
Katt(リンプ) from Breath of Fire II/ブレスオブファイアII使命の子 
Lyn(リンディス) from Fire Emblem Blazing Blade/ファイアーエムブレム 烈火の剣
Tifa(ティファ) from Final Fantasy VII/ファイナルファンタジーセブン
Elly(エリ) from Xenogears/ゼノギアス
Nanami from Suikoden II/幻想水滸伝II

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© 2019 - 2021 Gofelem
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Suoniko's avatar
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you Suoniko :la:
ShikiyoShirou's avatar
I love this drawing, it's so nicely done !
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you ShikiyoShirou :la:
MissHatsuneDaria's avatar
I know Katt from BOF and Lyn from FE, it is good to see someone else who likes Breath of fire
Gofelem's avatar
I love BoF, probably one of my most favorite classic jrpgs :happybounce:
Gofelem's avatar
Thank youSonDoi1295 :la:
kaze26's avatar
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you Kaze26 :la:
kaze26's avatar
JordanWagenet's avatar
Very cool! I don't know these girls but I like some other JRPGs like Tales so kudos!
Gofelem's avatar
Me too, I love the Tales series too, Abyss probably being my favorite! and Thank you :happybounce:!
chichichichipndale's avatar
Where's Mint Adenade?
Gofelem's avatar
I will make her someday :happybounce:
Amazing! Glad to see best girl Elly from the best game ever!
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you gokubac, love xenogears, very deep plot, and Elly best girl :la:
slightly-shotgunned's avatar
Glad to see Nanami! More art of her is needed! 
Gofelem's avatar
Yes I agree, Nanami is lovely afterall and must protecc :la:
Ruyc's avatar
Great art
I only knew of the first three
Gofelem's avatar
Thank you Ruyc :la:
bluchevalier's avatar
Nice art but Nina is better than Katt lol dare to force attacks to the weakest defense and not the party tank. What a joke.
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