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June 3, 2013
[Stock & Resources] Anime Coloring Tutorial Part 1 by =Marfrey The skills shown in this useful tutorial can be applied to more than anime/manga style art, don't forget to check out the additional parts!
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Anime Coloring Tutorial Part 1



Learn How to color in Anime-style Digitally. PART I.

Without requiring the use of pen tablet! (Yay for mouse users).

Part II - [link]

Part III - [link]

The tutorial is base on my process when making an anime-style artwork.

This tutorial can serve as your stepping stone toward your goal.


Actually this was suppose to be done earlier but, the first one which was
80% done got corrupted due to black out :iconicryplz:. No back up at all.
Lost all the file, I was really depress, but i decided not to give up and
went for another go, I tried to make it much more better than before
(and it did) and really took my time to explain and demonstrate each part
and what i think of what is essential especially for beginners.

Anyway, my advice is learn by trying! There are samples in this tutorial
that you can follow and you will understand how this certain tool works
by trying.

©Tutorial 2013 by Marfrey

My Website:
Marfrey Fantasy Art

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