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Yes, just yes. This is gorgeous. I love the simplicity and minimalism. Wallpapered.
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Amazing, I loved this wallpaper! Can I change the triangle color for using it as my wallpaper and sharing it here?
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This is awesome! I'm using it right now...
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very nice & simple
This is actually one of the best wallpapers I've ever seen. I have an eclectic taste... fantasy scenes, nature landscapes, and super minimalist. This, though, tops most of what I've seen. It's such a simple yet powerful statement and one (as a budding engineer) I can definitely appreciate haha.

Great job! :D
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love that one. well done.
I thought I'd tell you something you already I know. Eye Heart This
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holy shit man, scuse the language but love everything about this. Colors, shape, omg like this is my favorite wall in the world! And thats no joke... I have seen thousands! Brilliant!
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hehe really glad you apreaciate.
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yes. I agree. Nice & clear
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True! And a perfect way to say it :D
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