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Godzilla Fights Back by GodzillaSonicTitan
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"I want to be like you someday, Grim,.. KNOCKED OUT!!"
-Billy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy video game
Godzilla Fights Back
Just a drawing of Godzilla fighting Gigan. Just like in the movie, "Godzilla vs Gigan," Gigan had beaten Godzilla up pretty badly, by cutting him with his buzzsaw chest and metal hook hands. Even after taking all the punishment, Godzilla got back up and started kicking some serious butt. Now Gigan is on the other end of pain. The gray streams on Godzilla is supposed to be his blood from his wounds. Now Gigan is taking a hit to the face by Godzilla's tail, and cracking his visor, and losing some teeth too.

Godzilla and Gigan belong to Toho Co Ltd
Drawing done by :icongodzillasonictitan:
My Friends Aren't the Only Ones....
Dino: "My friends aren't the only ones with a mischievous side! Muhahahahahah!!"

Yup. That's right. My creation Dino has finally gone rogue. This is bad. And he stole my pencil! When I get my hands on him, I will make sure he is disciplined and fixes any damage he causes. But for now, it looks like he is on the loose. So, guys, man your pencils and erasers, because Dino is pulling a Code Doodlebob!

Dino and drawing belong to :icongodzillasonictitan:
Doodlebob is from SpongeBob, which belongs to Nickelodeon
A New Addition to One of My Decks
Bought this a few days ago at my local comic book store for $10.00, built a deck to add this into, and now going to challenge my best friend to a duel with it. He doesn't know that it's this card. *Shhh*;)

Chaos Emperor Dragon belongs to Kazuki Takahashi

Photo taken by:icongodzillasonictitan:
This is a small journal discussing on how and why Venom would be attracted to Dino and successfully bond with him. Also, gives a little depth into Dino's character.

As the mahogany fox laid beaten and bruised, grasping for breathe after being pounded by the Destructix, and black star-like organism crawled out of the shelter of a palm tree. As the sun set over the horizon of Seaside Hill, the alien quickly bonded to Dino, in order to survive. As Venom entered the Fox's mind, it heard a voice out of nowhere say, "you're crazy!" And then another voice came out, saying "I'm not perfect!" The Venom symbiote then saw an orb with a motion picture. It was Dino's memory bank. As the symbiote watched, it was amazed. Inside the memory, it showed Dino's fight that he had with some of his closest people.
Person 1: "Get out of here Dino!"
Person 2: "If you can't see the good in people, Dino, you will be alone for the rest of your life!"
*As Dino leaves*
Person 3: "Don't expect us to forgive you if you come back!"
As Dino walked away, he bit his lip, and choked on his tears to avoid crying from what he had heard. His heart had shattered into billions of pieces, his stomach tightened, and he felt like dropping in an agony of defeat.
Dino: "I do see the good in you all. That's why I call you out when you need it. Because I know you can be better, for yo and for those around you. You moan and groan about what happened in your pasts, and forget that there are people who love you and that are counting on you. You just mercilessly crush them." *Dino then changes to anger* "you don't care who you hurt! You don't care who stands in your way! You never suffer the consequences and learn a bloody thing! Well now.. I think it's time someone took you down a peg or two.. or four!"
*Venom feels Dino's pain, and grows from it*
Venom: "Dino Valentine."
Dino: " who said that?!"
Venom: "we.. are Venom."
Dino: "THE Venom?!"
Venom:"Don't be afraid. I don't bite."
Dino: "B-but you tried to kill Peter Parker!"
Venom:" kill? Oh no. Humiliate him! He rejected out gifts. We only wanted to make him stronger! But now that we are here, we want to offer you that same gift."
Dino: "No! Why should I trust you?!"
Venom:"because what do you have to go back to? A bunch of ungrateful people who can't even see when someone is trying to help them because he cares about them."
Dino: *stops and falls to his knees*
Venom: "I know it hurts, Dino. Feeling betrayed. Unappreciated. Not being wanted. But that's why we're here. Join us. With our power and your brains, imagine what we can do. No one will think of pushing us around. No one will ever treat you or I like dirt! WE will be a force to reckon with. Join us Dino."
Dino: *feeling helpless, empty, sorrowful, unfulfilled, and shattered, extends his hand forward and lets Venom bond to him*

Venom Dino: "We will stalk the night, bringing terror to those who dare hurt the innocent! We, will be at the top of the food chain!!!!!!!!! *Laughs maniacally*

Venom and Peter Parker belongs to Marvel Comics
Seaside Hill belongs to SEGA
Destructix belong to rightful owners

Dino belongs to and story is written by :icongodzillasonictitan:
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Dino (Deeno) Valentine the Fox
United States
I'm just a guy who loves Godzilla, anime, drawing, Sonic the Hedgehog, Teen Titans Animated Series (2003-2006), and being with my friends.


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FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018
thanks for the watch
GodzillaSonicTitan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018
You're welcome. Saw your death battle reactions and some other reactions. They were pretty cool, and my condolences about your grandmother.
FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018
thank you
GodzillaSonicTitan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018
You're welcome
Strykeforce2005 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So...That Godzilla and Venom trailers from the last two weeks...
GodzillaSonicTitan Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
What happened about them?
Strykeforce2005 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They are both amazing!
GodzillaSonicTitan Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
Yeah they are. I'm mostly set on Godzilla.
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AsylusGoji91 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Say, can you draw Heisei Godzilla, Godzilla 2000, Godzilla 2014, Shin Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla and MechaGodzilla 3 aka Kiryu?
GodzillaSonicTitan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
I think I'll do that. All in one pic or separate? I've been meaning to draw KiryuGoji
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