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Location: Wuhu
The buildings and towers crashed to the ground as Orga made his way through Wuhu. Normally he would wait to destroy things until there was a purpose for it, but he was fond of the new abilities Destroyah and Gamera had so kindly given him. The yellow horn atop his head, the shell covering his back. He felt power. Delightful power that he had never tasted before.

The rampage was nice as well. He listened to the subtle screams of the primitive humans travel down with the rubble as he slammed his fist into a neon skyscraper and chortled with delight.

But as delightful as the destruction of Wuhu was, something felt…empty. Orga was unsatisfied. He owed something a fresh beating. He needed to make something taste his knuckles, he needed the satisfaction of knocking a couple teeth out.

A star twinkled in the sky, almost responding to his wish. The extraterrestrial chimera stared up the sky with wonder in his eyes. The stars weren’t anything to gawk at. Orga did live among them, after all. But this one was special; its purple gleam and massive sparkle evergrowing…

And growing.

Orga leapt back just in time, the peculiar object striking where his feet were just seconds ago. The vampiric alien used his newly gained arms to barely stop himself from hitting the ground, returning to his standing position to stare at the pillar of smoke before him.

From within, a distorted, gargling chuckle echoed. Red eyes peeled themselves open to stare at the mere speck of a kaiju before them, looking Orga up and down. The alien reeled back in fear, something the creature knew well

After all, who could stand their ground in the presence of Bagan?

His black horns slipped out first, followed by his rough snout. A patronizing sneer grew on his bulldog snout as he looked at Orga. Orga stared back. He could feel the evil pulsing off the demon, the raw power. Terror coiled around his bones and squeezed his gut.

Orga wasn’t sure whose teeth were getting knocked out, but he was gonna try and keep his.

Energy began going into Orga's shoulder. A beam of yellow energy erupted from the large hole. Bagan braced himself. The ray had caused minimum damage, but had enough power to push him back. Bagan extended his claws as Orga's laser horn began to glow. The god of darkness rushed into the monstrosity and stabbed Orga in the abdomen before ripping his claws out. Orga chuckled as the large gash quickly regenerated. Bagan was taken aback. The Millenian deformity's regeneration was almost as fast as his own. This may actually be a challenge. A trait Bagan appreciated.

Orga lunged forward, swinging his laser horn. Bagan avoided each strike. The hybrid monster fired its Oxygen Destroyer Beam at the god of darkness. Bagan created a force field; the ray harmlessly washed off. The two charged each other. Orga pounded on Bagan's chest with his massive fists.

Bagan felt nothing.

The god of darkness pierced Orga's hide with his claws. Orga howled in agony before back handing Bagan away. The ground shook as Bagan made impact with Earth. The chimera monster jumped for the fallen gaurdian. Bagan retaliated with his plasma beam. Orga was sent back, crashing into a building. Bagan quickly stood to his feet. He roared furiously before his horns cracked with energy. Static filled the air. Diamonds shining with light formed around Orga. Bagan unleashed hell on his foe. Orga's roar pierced the air.

Bagan's face formed a demented smirk.

Orga emerged; rubble fell back to the ground as he shook his head. His body was smoking. He was regerating, but he was still in agonizing pain. Bagan flexed his claws and ran towards Orga. The hideous beast vanished before Bagan could make contact. Orga reappeared in his Aggregate form.

Bagan chuckled.

Orga leaped into the air. Bagan spun and smacked him back to the ground with his muscular tail. Orga went straight through a building; he left a small crater upon impact. Orga lazily lifted his head. His vision was blurry, but he was able to make out Bagan's figure advancing toward him. The deformed Millenian made an attempt to stand, but his legs gave way and he fell right back down. Bagan remorselessly grabbed Orga's head; energy surged through his body. Suddenly, six tentacle shaped objects of pure energy ripped from Bagan's back. Wings of Light formed. Bagan took flight with Orga in hand, ascending high into the air. Once Bagan was satisfied with the height, he released his grip on Orga's skull.

Orga fell helplessly to the ground, his spiked arms flapped uselessly. Bagan slowly descended toward Orga as he crashed back to Earth. A massive crater was left within the impact zone. Bagan landed and roared triumphantly as he put his foot on Orga's motionless body. The god of darkness turned and walked off before stopping in his tracks. Orga had transformed back into his final form. A weak roar escaped his throat. He wouldn't back down...

Bagan turned and faced Orga; he roared furiously. Orga slowly marched for Bagan. The god of darkness sped toward his foe. The collision shot Orga back. Bagan walked toward his downed adversary. Rubble collapsed; Orga was gone.

A horde of tiny creatures emerged from the ground, it was Orga's juvenile form. Bagan fired his plasma beam at the monsters. Some were instantly taken out, others were severely wounded. They had advanced closer. Bagan lifted his foot before squishing one beneath his massive foot. He grabbed one from his shoulder, effortlessly crushing its skull. The remaining creatures quickly retreated before uniting once more, forming Orga's aggregate form. The smaller monster fired his Oxygen Destroyer beam, striking Bagan's face. Bagan snarled in aggravation. He looked down at the chimera; Orga quivered.

Orga reverted to his final form; the air surrounding him hissed. Static had once again filled the air. Several diamond shaped objects formed. Without hesitation, Bagan sent each into Orga's body. Each projectile ripped through the monster as if he were made of paper. Although he had already began to regenerate, Orga cried in agony. Bagan sent another wave of diamond projectiles through the beast. Orga fell to the ground; Bagan ceased his assault. Pieces of Orga's flesh had been blown away, but within minutes, he would rengerate. Orga soldiered through the pain; he stood erect.

Bagan looked straight at Orga. Had he not given him enough torment?

Orga seperated his chest plates. He let out one last roar before unleashing his Mana Blast.

Bagan generated a force field. The beam of unforgiving fury penetrated the shield causing Bagan to backpedal, then fly back. Severe burn marks were left on Bagan's chest. His body smoked. Orga wasted no time in keeping the god of darkness down.

Orga whipped his tail forward. The pinchers tightly grasped Bagan's throat. Orga began sending energy into the beast. At the same time, he fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam. Orga was ready to end it...

Bagan had always been a hard monster to inflict pain upon. Orga had succeded.

The god of darkness rose slowly. Orga's laser horn began to glow. Bagan's eyes focused on the light; it sliced through him. Bagan screamed in agonizing pain. He had never felt anything like that. It was true pain. Orga took pride in what he had done. He made Bagan howl. It was music to his ears.

Orga charged for Bagan. He forcefully grabbed his throat. Orga swung his elbow forward. A pair of spikes dug into Bagan's chest. Bagan cried in agony.

Orga chuckled with glee. Things were looking good for him.

The monstrosity released his grip on Bagan's neck. The monster fell to his knees. Orga opened his chest. Orange energy built up; it erupted toward Bagan.

The Mana Blast struck Bagan in the face. The god of darkness wailed in pain as he was hurtled backward. Chunks of flesh exploded off of Bagan's face. His face was smoking. Another cry escaped his throat.

Orga walked for Bagan. He was ready to end it all; the world would soon be his. Orga leaned forward. His laser horn once again sliced through Bagan's body. A cry of agonizing pain was released from Bagan's mouth. Orga's tail clamped on to Bagan's throat. Energy began being dispersed into the god of darkness; he bellowed in pain. Orga released Bagan's neck before firing his Oxygen Destroyer Beam. The attack struck Bagan in the face. Orga marched for him. The chimera monster grabbed Bagan's horns. With a mighty flap of his wings, Orga was off the ground. Bagan's tail cracked on Orga's back. Orga howled. Within a moment, Bagan's wings of light appeared. The dragonic beast wheeled forward; his horn jammed into Orga's chest. Orga screamed in pain before swatting Bagan away.

The two were airborne.

They both fired their respective beams. The rays collided. An immensely bright flash appeared at the collision point; it closed in on Orga. Orga's eyes widened. A bright flash. All went silent. Everything blackened.

Bagan landed and approached Orga; he didn't move. The god of darkness bellowed triumphantly; he filled the air with diamonds. Before Bagan could execute the assult, Orga had sprung up. His laser horn pierced Bagan's black heart. The beast screamed in pain. Orga swung the horn side-to-side, causing even more damage. The monster fell to his knees; Orga's laser horn slit through Bagan's chest and throat with ease. Bagan's body was motionless, with the exception of occasional twitches. Orga bellowed victoriously, he had earned himself a new form.

Bagan's body had rengerated entirely. In a display of raw strength, he immediately ripped Orga's bottom jaw clean off. Orga tried to scream, but nothing came out. Bagan mercilessly stabbed Orga in the abdomen, he ripped his fist through Orga's chest. The god of darkness shoved his horn in the rengerating wound.

In an act to save himself, Orga fired his Oxygen Destroyer beam. Bagan felt nothing; he was being fueled by bloodlust.

Bagan stabbed his claws into Orga's chest; he effortlessly ripped it open. A plasma beam tore through the monster's back. Diamond projectiles were sent through Orga's body. Bagan howled in rage; he wasn't satisfied. He rushed for Orga. The monster was shot back.

Orga was propelled into the ground. Bagan didn't care. He just wanted to kill.

Orga's body ached. He could barely move. The hybrid monster struggled to even breathe. His body regerated, but it couldn't come fast enough.

Bagan's eyes burned with hate. He closed in on his foe. His maw separated, revealing a white glow. Orga lifted his head. Just before Bagan could fire his plasma beam, Orga bounced back up, slamming both his fists into Bagan's lower jaw. Bagan backpedaled.

Orga's face cracked a smirk.

The god of darkness hurtled toward Orga; his massive fist clouted Bagan away. Bagan looked curiously at Orga. How had he succeeded in avoiding such an attack?

Orga flew directly toward Bagan, his claws extended outwards.

Bagan, out of pure instinct, summoned his white diamonds from the heavens.

Multiple projectiles tore through Orga's body, but one in particular caused a fatality. A diamond shot through Orga's head, rendering the creature dead. Orga's body went limp as he dropped to the ground.

Even though it was nothing more than a lucky shot, Bagan still took the victory. A victorious roar escaped his maw before looking off into the distance.

He would see more desolation yet.
Winner: Bagan


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