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Fans of Toho's Godzilla (a.k.a. Gojira or ゴジラ) series and some other Toho Kaiju! (other kaiju and giant monsters are also welcome)
Read the rules FIRST!!
And let's not be selfish here.
Because if not, Speedynat3 will have a kaiju-size cow that will eat you! :mwahaha:...and then kick you out....Fufufufufu...
Sidenote: Critique is not your enemy, remember this kids.

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:bulletred: We do not affiliate with any hate groups, whether they be anti character, kaiju, series, etc.

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As you all probably have heard already, on August 7, 2017, Mr. Haruo Nakajima passed away at age 88.
Nakajima was well known for his roles as the suit actor for many notable kaiju, specifically the original Godzilla for 12 films during the Showa era.
As put by Cinemassacre, "an era has passed".

He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. :(
R.I.P. And thank you for all that you've done for the Daikaiju Genre.

Now excuse me while I watch some Gojira (1954) in tribute to this great man. :salute: :'(
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