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Baby Plant

Baby Plant. [link]
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привет. мы хотели бы использовать замечательную картину на нашем сайте о светодиодного освещения. Вот ссылка на страницу…
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awwwwww  x3 
Hi! Wonderful picture, is it a bean of some sort?

I would love to use this picture on one page at my new website on mindfulness (in swedish), would you mind that? 

The website is

Please send me a mail at if that is alright with you and keep exploring the wonderful nature around us!
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Nature at its best.. I'd say!!! :D
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It reminds me of Wall.E
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Hey really amazing photo mate! Gonna use it for a poem I did about a plant growing. Will credit and link in description but if you still want it removed just reply to this comment.

[link] here.
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Oh wow. I love the heavy contrast of the new green from the baby plant, and the dark tilled soil. Wow, that is breathtaking. This is one of those photos that says far more through saying less, it is so symbolic on so many different levels, it is just amazing.
Wonderful, wonderful photo.

i think this is a miracle..i really like it..congratulations :)
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Life is always beautiful :)
realy cute wallpaper
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I really like the colour on this picture. Also the focus is great how it only has that one strip in the dirt and on the plant and then the rest is blurry, it is awesome!
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Amazing color and such awesome detail, I love this
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