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At its Dawn

A fairly simple tribute to the Command & Conquer series of games as well as a re-imagining of broader narratives present in the 1995 debut production known to fans as 'Tiberian Dawn'; this painting reframes that fiction in a more serious tone for the consideration of real-world issues surrounding warfare and defence.

Photoshop CS2
April 2007

More here: [link]
(Link no longer working)

March 2008 Edit: changed the image to one without the black border, which was only added for wallpaper versions.
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Talk about marching into hell's mouth itself! shit!

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"We are going to have to change, if we want to live in a different world...."

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I don't think I can rightly say how often this picture makes me feel at peace with everything going on.

You're invoking on some childhood memories, man. I'd love to see more CnC realism from you.
Any chance for a TWIII version as decades later some battle another time?
Complete nostalgia. I remember when I had this picture as a wallpaper on my PC some 8-9 years ago. What I love about this picture is that atmosphere - because it actually brings the C&C Tiberian Dawn universe closer to the reality. Not much pictures I've seen were able to drag me into it just like this one. When you just look at it long enough, you will just feel like you were in that battle yourself.
When you were playing Tiberian Dawn, you have just seen some units from bird's perspective, and this picture shows you the battle from the soldier's perspective. 
Not sure if this was your goal or not, but you are truly talented artist that can bring a game into the life, and this picture proves it.
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This is so impressive; I love it.  This was a huge part of my childhood.  Awesome stuff!
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Love how it looks like the 90s. While Nod and GDI where still just military groups and not full on superpowers yet.
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I know that place. Sarajevo. This is where Kane was leading his forces in Temple of Nod.
No, writings are in Slovenian, not Serbo-Croat, so it's one of the earlier missions.
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Them Orcas!~
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That moment when you go looking through your favorites, and a piece like this is the very first one in your list of several hundred. I hope life has found you well and hale, and that you continue to put out, and maybe improve on striking pieces like this!
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very nice! will done!
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thank you for image, i used here:…
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I could almost imagine that tall spire in the background glow an intense, bright red.

On the other hand, it's about to get ripped apart by A-10's so go go go, GDI ground pounders!
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for a sec thought I saw chtulu laying in the town ahead
Hello, i must say i'm totally stunned. This catches the feeling of Tiberian Dawn perfectly. Thank you for this awesome artwork.
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