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Ch 13 More bang for your buck
Richard was the first to leave the crippled structure with the other under him and some standing on the inside of the legs. The clones charged out and lunged at the Covenant stunning them for a moment allowing the real Naruto and Sheila to sneak out into position.  Richard inside tried to read the translated Covenant signals through his broken visor, enough was legible to where he could read ‘Shield Amplifier’ and activated it. A visible shield showed around the locust and he fired the plasma cannon scorching the aliens and continued to move forward with the other underneath him. Covenant plasma rounds hit the vehicle’s shields weakening them but Richard continues his onslaught and checks to see if Sheila and Naruto are in position.  Suddenly the locust legs stumble and its shields fail as a line of hunter’s plasma cannons slam into them. Richard adjusts to fire at them but they are soon blown away by a bombardment of arti
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Ch 12  Assault on the Base
The weak voice echoed throughout the base rattling those who heard it, another sound soon consumed Richard’s. It was the winding of the base’s fifty caliber Gatling guns warming up, the sound of footsteps followed heading towards them. Then turning the corner of the corridor was at least six and a half dozen men charging the entrance were they were standing. Leading the was a middle aged man with a mangy beard with a mix of grey and black hair, he stopped where they were standing and ordered the ninjas into fighting positions.“Who are you?” Naruto asked.“Captain Moshi of the three hundred sixty third battalion we’re here to save your asses.” The Captain said rudely.
        “Where are the rest of the reinforcements? There’s supposed to be hundreds of you, this can’t be all you have!” Tenten says shocked.“Well your little evac didn’t go so well the sons of bi
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The Best in Action by GODWHY The Best in Action :icongodwhy:GODWHY 6 2
Ch 11 Believe part 2
        The two hunters look side to side dazed by the smoke, they then look at each other not knowing what to expect.  One then has two blades crossing its neck and is decapitated with its head sliding off the other is shock and steps back charging its cannon. It then receives sixty-four blows to the back the last one having the most aggressive and is fatal, the hunter stands for a few seconds before collapsing. Richard is confused by the events that just happened before him, all he knew is he was facing six hunters earlier and now he wasn’t. As the smoke clears he sees to silhouettes appearing from the smoke, as it clears he sees a young man with byakugan as well as a young lady with her hair in buns. He then recognizes them from Naruto’s fight with Hinata’s dad, they were Team Gai.
“Thank you for the help.” Richard thanks.
“You are welcome sir!” Lee shouts rushing right in front of Richard saluting
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Ch 11 Believe part 1
          Richard throws the bloody tweezers to the ground and tightens his fist even more, now his muscles grew and his veins begin to bulge through his gel layer. The others saw this and looked back at the Arbiter who still stood there staring Richard down. Richard walked over to the warthog and placed his assault rifle and magnum in one of the seats; the others looked at him puzzled as he discarded his firearms.
"Guys stay put,I'll deal with him." Richard solemnly says.
"What, why it's just one elite we can take him?" Kiba questions.
"No! I'll deal with him!" Richard says raising his voice a bit.
"Richard it'll be easier if we all take him so let's just-" Naruto suggest walking toward the elite until Richard shoves him back knocking him down.
"I said no! He's mine, and I don't want anyone interfering!” Richard now shouts.
Richard what's going on…do…do you know this elite?” Hinata asks helping Naruto up.
“…Yeah I do, so don&
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Only way out. by GODWHY Only way out. :icongodwhy:GODWHY 7 5 No Hope? by GODWHY No Hope? :icongodwhy:GODWHY 4 4 Serria-117 and Sheila (Spartan Machine) on Reach by GODWHY Serria-117 and Sheila (Spartan Machine) on Reach :icongodwhy:GODWHY 2 5
Ch 10 Spartans Love their Toys
It had been two weeks since Kira's death and Richard had isolated himself from the others only coming out when there had been an attack on the base. He remained in his quarters with the door locked and not allowing any disturbances. The others became worried and wondered why he was taking her death so hard, sure he'd known her but no more than three to two months. The others decided that he needed help getting over it, so Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura decided to talk to him They went to his quarters and sure enough it was locked, Naruto then pulled out a kunai and began to pick his lock until he was stopped by Sakura.
"Naruto what are you doing?!" Sakura questioned still holding his wrist.
"What he's probably not going to open it so we're just going to open it ourselves." Naruto tells Sakura pulling his wrist away.
"Do you have any idea how much trouble we could get in for breaking into a superior officer's room?!" Sakura shouts at Naruto.
"Shh, he might her
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Ch 9 The Road to War part 2
"Maybe the deserted like you said in your speech." Kira proposes.
"Maybe but why they all would be gone, plus look they left nothing behind." Richard replied.
Richard climbs out the front of the trench to look for anything into the woods ahead; he's followed but Kira and Naruto.  They stumbles through the woods and came upon a horrifying sight, scattered around all the ninjas had be cut open with their organs hanging out. This made Naruto sick and Kira hid her eyes in Richard's chest, he calmed her down patting he head and used his visor to check for any vital signs on any of them. He panned through seeing none but there wasn't one, he the thought he saw one move and enhanced his visual on her vitals and saw she was incredibly weak. He moved Kira and went over and kneeled beside her.
"Hello?" Richard asked unsure if this person was conscious.
"*Cough* T-t-th-they came… in the s-st-storm. T-took u-us *cough*  b-by s-s-surprise… i
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Ch 9 The Road to War part 1
They all stared out the phantom at the swarm of drop ships on the horizon.
"There must be hundreds of them!" Ino gasped.
"We need to head back and report this to the Hokage." Shikamaru said.
"We're heading back now." Richard responded.
They rushed out of that area as fast as they could; they were in such a rush that they didn't try to conceal their return to the village. They went to the Hokage tower and waiting their outside were the village's top anbu with jutsu's ready to be activated on Tsunade's order. The phantom doors opened and out came Richard and the others which aggravated Tsunade and the anbu.
"Richard why the hell are you coming back in this thing?!" Tsunade shouted.
"Tsunade are those defenses I asked for ready?" Richard asked changing the topic.
"W-what, why are you asking this all of a sudden?" Tsunade asked puzzled.
"Tsunade answer my damn question! Are the defenses ready?!" Richard questioned the Hokage demanding an answer.
"Y-yes, I was go
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Chapter 8 Remember why we fight Part 2
He immediately got out of his resting position and saw in the distance a Covenant carrier heading their way. He told Naruto and Hinata to sit back down but they couldn't hear him so he put on the artificial gravity on.
Naruto: "Ow! What the hell we were just…" His mouth was covered by Richard's hand.   
Hinata took a peak out the cockpit and gasp, her mouth was too covered by Richard. As they floated there watching the massive carrier pass by them they were dead silent. Their heads followed it as it flew by. Richard motioned them to head to the transport seats in the back as he got in the pilot seat, then two banshees came towards them from the carrier.
Richard: "Shit hold on!"
Richard hit the accelerator and they flew back into the atmosphere with the banshees in pursuit.  The banshees open fie with their plasma cannons and fuel rod guns, every time a fuel rod would hit the ship would shake and buckle. Richard opened
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Chapter 8 Remember why we Fight. Part 1
Richard opened his eyes and stretched out his long body, he didn't really sleep he just let his mind rest. He found out that resting the mind is better for your body than sleeping from a monk who treated him in the Eurasia Theater in World War III. He took off his helmet and looked at his reflection his beard was growing and he decided he needed to shave and wash up. He took off his armor and left it in his room as he walked up stairs to find the bathroom; he opened the wrong door and saw that Naruto and Hinata were fast asleep. He smiled and quietly closed the door; after he had cleaned himself he heard Naruto talk and thought he was awake so he checked on them. He opened the door and saw that neither of them were awake but both were talking in their sleep and apparently fantasizing about the other.
Naruto: "Why yes Hinata I would love more ramen."
Hinata: "Of course Naruto I'll have another cinnamon roll."
This gave Richard an idea and he went
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Ch 7 Chaos and Destruction, a Spartan was here.
The group stood there confused, they didn't mention any demon further more they were surprised that this thing was responding to them. The group then looked at Naruto who was glaring straight at the elite, he thought that it was referring to him and he snapped back.
Naruto: "Who the hell are you calling a demon?!"
Elite: "The menace that has been plaguing the quest to the Great Journey ever since the war with you filth began."
Kiba: "Can someone tell me what this nut is saying." He then looks at the others who've come to the realization on what the elite has been saying.
Kiba: "Guys?"
Hinata: "You're lying, he is no demon!"
Sakura: "Yeah if anyone's a monster it's you and the rest of the Covenant!"
Elite: "Fools! He's killed thousands of us."
Naruto: "And how many of us have you killed?!"
Elite: "I can tell you not enough for you stand before me, but don't worry this world will be cleansed of you soon enough."
The elite had gone invisible
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Ch 6 Life is an Explosion
They all run to town until they reach the gate of it and Richard tells them to take cover, they all hide behind trees and are very quite. They all are wondering why they are hiding but say nothing, then Richard gives off theses hand signals that none of them understand. Richard slaps his visor and picks up a rock and pulls out his combat knife (hint: his sword and combat knife are two different blades) and starts to quietly pick some words at it and then throws it at Naruto's head. Naruto snarls at Richard but he reminds him to be quite; Naruto then picks up the rock and reads the carving on it. It said 'stay low and quite, snipers at the gate.' Richard then adds a silencer on his magnum and takes out the snipers; he gives the signal to move up at the gate. Once there up there Richard tells them the plan.
Richard: "Alright this is probably going to be our one time of silence so listen up, we are going to be split into pairs of two Hinata and Sakura will scout
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Ch 5 Different Worlds Same Ideas
The room was filled with complete silence, Naruto was looking at Shizune who was in shock, and Tsunade sitting in her desk calmly with her hands folded. Tsunade then backed out of her desk and turned around to look outside her window.
Tsunade: "A war you say?"
Richard: "Correct ma'am."
Tsunade: "And whose war is it?"
Richard: "My war ma'am."
Tsunade: "Is it now? Then why do we need your help?"
Richard: "I'm sorry let me rephrase that I meant to say our war."
Tsunade: "I don't remember receiving a proclamation of war, do you Shizune?"
Shizune: "N-no Lady Tsunade."
Richard: "Well that is partly me and my comrade's fault you see we accidently…" Richard explained before blocking one of Tsundae's kicks. She turns around to forcefully punch Richard in the gut, but Richard deploys his shield and blocks the punch.
Richard: "Ma'am, hokage please if you'd just listen I could…" Richard says until Tsunade interrupts him.
Tsunade: "No you listen to me you
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United States
Hello DA I'm GODWHY, i would like to keep my name anonymous. I enjoy making fanfics but i can admit i'm not the best at it, i'm still kinda new to it.
The type of fanfics i wannt to make will be chaptered, and a series kinda. i wish i could try but sadly i can't to save my life. i enjoy the Naruto series, but i'm am also a fan of Halo as well. another thing about me is that i am a Spartan fanatic and i don't just mean the Halo Spartans, i mean the old ancient greek Spartans.  

Current News: I have uploaded Dimensions Ch 12 and 13 after a year of nothing. Hopefully someone still wants to read it out there.

What is Dimensions?: Dimensions is my own fanfic crossover featuring Halo series and Naruto series. In this fanfic cossover all the characters in the Naruto series remain the same, but i have tweeked the characters in the Halo series a bit. For instance the original Master Chief John 117 has been swaped for my OC Richard, also he commands his squad which are the last of the Spartan II's and also his friends since childhood. At the beggining of the series they are sent to destroy new type of jump-drive from Covenant forces threatening to glass them. Richard manually destroys it and the jump drive create a dimensional explosion sending him, two Covenant carriers, and one super carrier into Naruto's world. After a rough start Richard befriends Naruto and his companions and they plan to eradicate the Covenant forces there. As the story plays out Richard and Naruto will find new enemies waiting for them and they will figure out what it mean to be a Spartan.

What's Next?

Naruhina fanfic: Eviction

Dimension prequel: Richard's Past

Finding the Chief: (How My version of halo 4 would turn out.)

Surviving the War: (WWII series)

Sparta's Legacy: (Post Finding the Chief)
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