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Superman and Wonder Woman: Ramming kiss

Manip after Kenneth Rocafort's art for Young Romance, Valentine's Special cover, DC Comics.
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You have to admit the red and blue with silver accents fits perfectly together in this!
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Premium quality!!
Cool pic! Thats how the kiss shoulda looked after all there both superheros
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This is beautiful artwork. Superman and Wonder Woman are my two all time favorite superheroes ever and it's even more awesome to see them finally get together at long last. Anyways, this is awesome and beautiful
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his suit looks a lil like ironman armor
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Thank you, guys!
Since I first saw that image their position and attitude suggested me this variation. It only took a little tilting and tweaking. Glad you like it.
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You must have read my mind, because this is EXACTLY how I imagine Diana being with Clark: her being the aggressive, nail-him-with-a-kiss-and-who-cares-if-he's-ready-for-it type. I always picture her ramming him into walls, pillars, fences, and (in the case of the fan-fic series I'm working on) school lockers just so she can lay one on him.
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Hee,hee! Reminds me of the scene in Ben Hur where he's a rowing slave aboard a Roman galley, and the taskmaster is beating out a rowing cadence, and all the rowers are huffing and puffing to keep up, and the centurian orders - "RAMMING SPEED!" with half the rowers ready to keel over! :D
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