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Superman and Wonder Woman-Meeting at the Fortress.

This mash-up containing the work of several artists could have had the following caption:

"Alright, people. Let’s talk world domination!"

But that’s the thinking process of lesser minds, like Gen. Sam Lane, Luthor and others. This is a meeting to see the best way to help the world become a better place, inspiring by example, showing new possibilities. Always With the people, never against them. Always asking, never demanding. Trusting each other but fundamentally trusting human desire to live in justice and peace. Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.


Yes. This is a Meeting of HOPE.

No cool heroes here, just the boring ones.
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The two leaders who will guide a new generation of emo brats, lol.
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Cool work;) (Wink) Now THIS is who & what Kal-El aka Superman is supposed to be all about:) (Smile) unlike how he is in the INJUSTICE UNIVERSE!Facepalm   
godstaff's avatar
Superman should round up all the "supers" (specially those closest to him) and guide them all on what it's supposed to be the best way to protect the planet: not by force, but by teaching and persuading. With Wonder Woman to help him stay on course, naturally. That's is my humble opinion.
gibbs615's avatar
Yeah;) (Wink) & that's what has always made Superman a GOOD LEADER of the Justice League:D (Big Grin) along with Batman as the SECOND IN COMMAND & Wonder Woman the THIRD!:) (Smile)  
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I liked better when the Justice League rotated their chairman/woman with regularity, giving each hero the chance to lead. In the field, the story is different, because everybody has a very specific task and they don't overlapped.
gibbs615's avatar
Yeah but it was really Superman's idea for the Justice League in the first place & they all agreed to join him & that's what made him the MAIN LEADER!:) (Smile)  
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In the New 52 version, Supes showed certain reluctance in fully joining the League, even though he recognized the necessity of its formation. N52 Superman was really a loner, unlike Batso who always has like ten people depending on or working with him already. But it's true, the League was, originally (pre Flashpoint) created thanks to his initiative.
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good job i like it
TheRealT-ZER0's avatar
Really, really cool!
artistnut64's avatar
They may be boring but they are the elite,"powerhouses'. Hands down.
BBBBGarden-Golden's avatar
great art! who is the shadow at the background?
Nick-Bray's avatar
This kicks ass!
GabeCurly's avatar
Your works are truly amazing! Y como dirían los entendidos en la materia: esto es verdadero arte :D
godstaff's avatar
El verdadero arte es el de aquellos de quienes tomo prestadas los dibujos para manipular, aunque hay un par de imágenes que son totalmente mías por ahí. :)
MadFacedkid's avatar
Would be great to see Mon in this but great pic. :)
godstaff's avatar
You're right!
Did he come to the present since the new reboot?
MadFacedkid's avatar
I'm actually not sure, He should meet Clark though. In the reboot did he start in the future, cause Mon is 21st century.
joshuahandley's avatar
so who is who.? wow amazing detail
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Left to right:

Wonder Girl
Still unseen in the New 52 Donna Troy
Wonder Woman
Power Girl
Supergirl (floating) 

Detail merit of the original artists (well, I helped a little in some)

Thank you!
joshuahandley's avatar
ok cool thanks you wasn't sure just getting into the superman story line
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