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I am now officially starting my 'Pokemon Challenge'

Starting tonight, I will begin drawing and coloring each pokemon starting from 001 and working my way up. I will stream each pokemon as I go and will work on them every night (if life allows and minus weekends).

I look forward to this challenge as well as learning how to manipulate my style in so many various ways.

Gosh I love pokemon *sobs on the floor*

Please note, that I am still accepting commissions at this time. Please see my commission information located on my page or use the link below;…
Back from the con.  Have to say, it was probably the most fun I've had at a convention ever.

Now to sit and wait for the cuties who visited me to message me.

Looking for the young lady who asked for art advice on Saturday!  She mentioned wanting to be in the artist alley and I'd really love to get to know her more! If you are this person, please contact me and I'll cuddle you and we'll learn art together!
Oh Hi!

Next weekend is Anime Evolution (Jun 28 - June 30) and I'm pleased to announce that I will be in the artist alley this year.

I am table 27 along with my sibling :iconboburto:

We will also be along side my room mate :iconkazzie: (not up to date gallery) and :icontofusaurbutt: who will be vending buttons from our site

If you'd like to see some up to date work please pop over to our tumblrs <~Also not up to date currently

We will have buttons, keychains, prints, bookmarks and commission available at both tables.

Please stop by and say hello! We'll all have our 3DS available for friend codes and street passes!
So in regards to Yuko (My bird), we are now officially out of the woods and he's recovering wonderfully! He gets really excited to go for walks now and comes with me and my room mate almost everywhere (on nice days).  Thanks to everyone on tumblr, FA and DA for your help in funding his recovery! I really appreciate it.

I'm currently full for large commissions at the moment but I'm still taking some smaller ones for the next little while for practice!
Sketches are super cheap!
Sketch page - (includes as many doodles as I can fit on a page of any characters you send me) $30
Head shots - $3
Torso sketches - $5
Full body - $15

All sketches are available for shipping!
If you are interested please feel free to note me.

Otherwise! I'm getting ready for two summer conventions.

I'll be making an appearance at Anime Evolution and Anime Revolution this year!  I'm proud to announce that I will have a great deal of new prints as well as some new keychains this summer!
My current list of prints in progress is:
Eevee Evolutions - 100%
Wolf Children Ame and Yuki - 100%
The Cat Returns - 20%

Then we will be having all the other prints make a stunning return. I will also have a few 11 x 17 prints!  I'm excited to see everyone again so if you see this journal, please make a point to stop by and say hello!
Hey everyone, I know I pretty much have no right to do this with how inactive I've been but I really need some help.

As some of you know I have a lovebird named Yuko, whom I adopted from :iconannubrius: over a year ago...the little bugger is now in the vets office getting blood work done because something is wrong.  His feathers are marbled black and he's continually plucked his rear clean..

I can't do payment plans at this particular vet and I've already got a large debt on my hands.  The vet bill has totaled about $600 now and I really need help to pay it off..especially if this turns out to be a permanent illness that I will have to continue treating for the rest of his life..

So I'm offering emergency commissions;……………

I'm offering traditional sketches of the following;

Torso - $10
Full Body - $20
Character Sketch Page (Includes full body and three expressions) - $30

**All sketches are guaranteed to be done in 24hrs (IN ORDER if you are second in line it will be 48hrs.  I need a day for each full sketch! Torsos take much less time!)

Shipping for all items will be $2

I will also offer full digital commissions for


I'm also going to offer chibis (that can be laminate and made in to keychains if desired)

Like this…

Chibi $5
Keychains $7

Anything helps...I really appreciate any good thoughts you send my way.,  If you can't afford one please feel free to repost this and give me a signal boost!
Tumblr: [ART]
Tumblr:… [Reblog]

I post A LOT of WIP on tumblr.  I plan to start working on stuff every day so you guys can tune in on my livestream almost every night!

Livestream: Tune in at 8pm Pacific time and see if I'm working!
I'm just taking a tally on how many people would be interested in getting commissions from me?

I have a bunch of stuff I really need to put up from the conventions still.  I should probably do that this weekend :x Lots of colored work!

If you're interested (even if you can't pay currently) comment on this journal!  I'll create a template for pricing guides and get it up in the next few weeks :D
Omg..I was so stoked the enter and then I realized it has to be a picture from your current all my I can't improve on what I just drew *head drop*

WELL I guess I will just have to do some work for my own happiness.  Such at my mutant project.  I'll upload a now and then of those guys so you can see how much I have actually improved in two so years. Exciting.

Have three commissions to work on.

Working on some mutant OC's

Back tomorrow for more. thanks for stopping by guys
Will be working on some lovely man drawings tonight.

Will be either inking a few more or coloring the one I inked last night.

Will be posting the link close to air time.

Feel free to stop by and just talk.  I love the company and it keeps me motivated to work faster. gallery is so empty it makes me sad...

I will be dumping a ton of random stuff hopefully today.  I have sketches, inks, animals...everything under the son that I've been working on and I'm going to share it all with you!

Then...when you least suspect it I will open commissions %D

*flails about*

I can't wait to show you guys what i've been doing for the last few months.

So here's my report from COS and EFFECT 2012,

First off I'd like to say the con itself was a gong show…We came from langley (my sibling and friends from aldergrove) and got there at 3pm for set up.  The person who was supposed to sign the artist in did not show up for another hour or so and they said 'well she's late because she is coming from aldergrove/abbotsford area)…so yeah that was not a good start..nothing happened all weekend..I think the highlight was getting to see Little Kuriboh wandering around the convention.  Coat check was also a gong show…artists got to store their stuff there (WHILE PAYING) and then when we got in to pick it up the following morning…turned out no one would be at coat check until 11….when artist alley opened at ten…YAY

SO yeah…did not enjoy the coordination for the convention in the slightest…for a con wanting to show up Anime Revolution…they were very unorganized…registration didn't start until 5 and it was supposed to start at 4…there was like no staff…

My highlights…

I had one person come from tumblr looking for me….and they told me what a wonderful artist I was and…and…I totally feel like a heel for not giving that person a hug and sobbing into their shoulder.

I really hope you message me watcher…because you really made my life and I want to thank you again!

Got to spend the weekend with my sister and my friend Annubruis.  Met a whole bunch of awesome people and drew pony*sona's for them.

Got commissions from the ever awesome Jakface and you know what…I think I'm more in adoration of this lovely lady than ever. She took my art display home for one night to keep it safe for me and…well she is just so wonderful and I wish her all the best and cannot wait to see her again in the future.  I would love to get to know her even more personally as well..she is just…so caring and thoughtful and wonderful to be around.

Anyone who took my card at Cos and Effect and wishes to contact me, please do!

There are two people I want to meet so badly who went to the con: The person who came to meet me from Tumblr and the lovely gentleman who bought a blue pegasus pony and a chibi of himself.

Come flail and be awesome with me on the net guys! I love you all so much.
It's that time of the year again!

Hello everyone it's a pleasure to meet your for the first time and a pleasure to have you back with me now that I've moved accounts.

I was previously Metalic-devil.

This year I'm proud to announce that I will be attending both Anime Revolution and Cos and Effect  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

At Anime Revolution I will be table #108
And Cos and Effect I will be #14

I look forward to meeting all you lovely people in the area!

EDIT: omg....table 108 and table favorite number and the number of my old gundam character.  Lol <3 so much nerd and joy yay
Alright guys,

So I'm prepping for two conventions this summer.

I'm going to Anime Revolution and Cos and Effect in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I will be running artist booths at both conventions.

For Anime Revolution I am table #108 (near the exit) Come and see me there!

Cos and Effect (Still waiting on information)

So in anticipation for the conventions I am offering badges at $5 a pop. Laminated and with a cellphone strap to each.

You give me:

1) Reference
2) Mood
3) Your Address
4) Paypal address (I will invoice you. DO NOT SEND THE MONEY)

If you are going the conventions, I will keep the badges with me and you can pick up there.

If not I will charge $3 for shipping (I will have to go out and buy envelopes and such to ship it to you)
Ps I've been posting art here %D

Badges may resemble… these
Or be head shots of your character with fancy writing %D

Edit: Badges will be completely spontaneous. But if you want to request chibi or not you may

1) :iconnecronekochan: Tsuritama Badge (Laminating and sending)
To my watchers and to the people visiting from the Cos and Effect web page;

I have sneak peeks of all my work for the conventions over on tumblr

Please stay tuned for the uploaded versions of available prints and keychains for the summer.

Please feel free to drop me a line anytime

See you in august
Did i mention to anyone that I got to meet Jakface? <3 What a wonderful artist.  Bought Groose merchandise and now I get to look at him every day on my desk at work <3



I'll be posting WIP and Sketches there

Come find me.  I promise I'll keep you up to date.  It takes less time to post there than DA and FA combined XD

I am done with Sakura Con.  My Rin Okumura costume was fantastical and I can't tell you how much fun it was to have a tail that moved with me (it was hilarious to see me dance with that thing)

So without further adu,

I'm back to art.  I have a new job and I will be more stable from this point on.  I'm home the same time every day and I have the weekends off.

Art will happen every day.  A tumbler account is surely going to follow shortly
1) Finish more art work (Currently working )
2) Man up and deal with things before they get too far out of control
3) Devote more time to my three beautiful birds (Yuko, Kiki, and Freddie)
4) Rekindle lost friendships

I owe refunds to two people and I will be issuing them as soon as I possibly can.  If anyone I owe money to (You know who you are) would rather art work...I am available to complete at least one piece of artwork before I am too busy again.

Thanks for the watches and favorites everyone.  They are much appreciated.  please stay tuned for new things.
Hi everyone;

Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with an artist under the name of the-sushi-monster?

Back on February 2nd I put down a $75 dollar deposit on my Gomamon wig with this commissioner. The last reply I got was on February 4th saying that my deposit was recieved and that I would recieve pictures of the work in progress.  I still owe money on the wig but not until it's complete...

I have been trying to contact her since, but to no avail.. Is anyone else having issues??
I'm settled sorta. :D Will be updating over the next few days with doodles from work and so on