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Real gods and goddesses support the LGBT and are actually mostly gay and rarely bi and never heterosexual! This is one of many proofs that Christardanity as a religion of hate, delusion, war, genocide, and lies!

I should know my kind better than any damn human ever will or has as humans are often stupid thinking they know shit but don’t know shit!

As the real Messiah - Me being here already says humanity‘s days are numbered - as I am the truthteller!

Christians aren‘t entitled their hateful beliefs as their beliefs caused zillions all over the Universe to die from shockwaves because they damaged the Kosmos with evil energy which causes the Kosmos the heart and soul of the Universe to send shockwaves in defense!

Other planets got damaged badly and zillions in counting are dead!

Sin means wisdom in Sumerian and Nibirian meaning Christians, especially those who wrote the hateful blood covered trash that is the bible, wanted those who’re too wise to be brainwashed to die!

Islamism is second only because Christianity has more numbers..

No one is entitled to lies that spread hate and genocide and the real truth is finally being spoken! When the rest of my kind comes humanity will have to face judgement for their evil wicked ways and I can only hope some humans surrender as only then would they be allowed reincarnation…

Our true forms look nothing like humans are are humanoid forms resemble elves mixed with humans and look young not old! My kind stop aging around 15 which 13-15 is like a human 18-21 so we look like a teenager but are adults..

Gods and goddesses also have reverse gender standards to that of humans meaning the males are pretty and magical while the females are tough and macho!

So yeah we do not look like old people!

Demon means “Deity’s Companion” prooving humanity as hateful as demons did nothing wrong! They make up most of my homeplanet’s population! If you want to know what they really look like reply I guess as this comment is already long as it is..