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costume swap 17

Snow White in the Prince's clothes.
from Disney's Snow White

I didn't know that the Prince is sometimes called Florian till now I search for his name to write here. I call him the Prince as ever, though.
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Whaaa ily Snow White <3
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If her Prince had of had a blue cloak, she'd look like a Blue Mage here. :D
PieDeLune's avatar
She reminds me of Sapphire from Osamu Tezuka's "Princess Knight"!
QueenMarvel's avatar
She looks exactly like the Prince but with lighter skin more make up.  But she looks great though.  I would love to see this in animation.
piccusia's avatar
love her cheerful and cute expression! ^^
LizzyChrome's avatar
Snow looks far better in this than her yellow dress, and wears it better than the prince.
HoneyBeeGirl94's avatar
Snow looks good in the Prince's clothes! She seems to like wearing them, too.
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So, that would make Snow the Princess of Florian...liable to kidnapping by agents of Guilder!
SharmaGT6's avatar
Technically she is either way because she's married to the Prince of Florian
oogawege's avatar
Yah gotta love nouns sometimes.
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Lovely work with these princesses as always :aww:
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I don't know why but seeing this made me chuckle
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I love this so much--his costume looks so much better on Snow White than her normal costumes!

That's why this one's my favorite costume swap, even though Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is far from my favorite Disney movie.
Sunstruck-Nymph's avatar
the cutest, oh my gosh! Snow White is my absolute favorite and I adore her in your style~
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
You have a genuine knack for recreating the individual animation style for these characters, regardless of their movie's time period. Well done!
mdu-ntr's avatar
So pretty. O.O I like her better in this than her normal clothes.
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So cute! BTW, I've heard that Snowie's prince is called Ferdinand, so that's what I call him.
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