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Pocahontas in John Smith's clothes.
from Disney's Pocahontas
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I like John Smith so I'm afraid to watch the sequel.

Now, I finished drawing this series except the characters in the movies which I have never seen. I cannot draw anymore at the moment. If I watch the rest of the movies in the future, then I will start drawing again.  I did some pics of the films I saw recently!
I have absolutely no plans to do boys version, by the way. I'm sorry if you expected it.

I have never expected I receive so many responses, even though I just draw my favorite things. Thank you very much for watching!  
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Cool!! I hope you add Pocahontas dressed as John Rolfe (from "Pocahontas II. Journey to a New World")... please!
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I watched the sequel once, but I never liked it. I think she was better off with John Smith! (I don't care what happened in real life)
And this is great!
It really fun to see the drawing gallery of a a very talented Deviantart artist that isn't traumatising.
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she looks good!!
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Is it just me or do the girls pull of the outfits better then the guys? Jensen/Dean Wink ~ Free to use! Bonnie Mckee Wink (Emote)  
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Would you consider drawing Nakoma in Thomas's clothes? I know they aren't a couple in canon, but they do have the connection of being the primary (human) sidekicks to the hero and heroine. 
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Man, she can really pull off that outfit
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I'll admit that I prefer the Pocahontas/John Rolfe-pairing, but this is really good.
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muy genial tu consepto y tu idea de cambiarles la ropa
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You have every right to be afraid of the sequel 8I But this is badass! I love it!! >8D
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Wow, she looks so cool!! Though she actually did marry John Rolfe in real life and she never had a thing with John Smith, she was just a little girl and he was a grown man :/
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And in real life, John Rolfe described her as his 'strange wife [that just made me get all pissed off at him]
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He did? Then he's the strange one >__<
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If you like John Smith, don't watch the sequel; the first one is better anyway!
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Good emulation of the original artwork! : )
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I haven't seen Cinderella yet... Unless you're doing her. If not, you should. You're so amazing!!! :D
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This has to be my favorite.

As for the sequel, I liked it b/c it was more historically accurate (I almost prefer it to the first one).
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