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costume swap 14

Mulan in Shang's clothes.
from Disney's Mulan
faq, tumblr

Honestly, I tend to want her to be girly though I like Ping.
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In the original ballad she rose in ranks like captain and even general and gained high honors.
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:D (Big Grin) Ha! Same thing here! LOL.
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Mulan looks awesome in Shang's clothes!
BorussiaMacau89's avatar
....y'know, back in the day, Men's clothes were not to different fro  women's.
Kwanilla's avatar
looks the same to me lol!
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Not much difference for her original armor, except for the fact that she has a cape.
Emersonian's avatar
She does remind me of the armor that Mulan wore in ONCE UPON A TIME.
Kitty9992's avatar
Somebody has been raiding Shang's wardrobe!
xXArtIsTheWeaponXx's avatar
Not much of a change lol
Sonixnight's avatar
ZeldaTheSwordsman's avatar
Not quite as big an impact, considering the armor she war was very similar in appearance, differing mainly by ornamentation.
grapeshotmemory's avatar
Not much of a change when you think about it, just adding a cape. But I really like it!
inginuyasha's avatar
I thought the same thing >_<
grapeshotmemory's avatar
Still pretty cool.(:
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SHE'S MY FAVORITE omg thank you i love you
AutumnSkull's avatar
Still my favorite Princess... Besides Belle... yeah... I LOVE IT!! >////<
cbugnet2's avatar
HobbitGal1's avatar
She is badass. although. Aurora is my favorite because she's kind of the overlooked disney princess. =)
RiikoChick's avatar
she looks pretty badass. and she's so COOL!! *__* awesome job, I love this drawing!! :la:
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