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costume swap 12

Aurora in Phillip's clothes.
from Disney's Sleeping Beauty
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Honestly, that's a far better incognito outfit than the actual one that she got in the movie.

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This makes me think of a character you'd know on a computer game series; Carmen Sandiego.

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I made this cosplay! :D your art is amazing
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I love how you play with clothes Is sooo goog idea:D
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She looks like Robin Hood!
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Oh, that is awesome!!
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I was thinking the same!XD 
Wow, it looks so good on her!! <3
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I hope you don't mind that I featured your work on my cosplayer page: because I'm making Aurora's and Phillip's outfit for me and my boyfriend, and I'm going to try on his costume as well because of your art :))
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Not a huge fan of the movie, but damn do I love Phillip's outfit.  The designers and animators did an excellent job (and Maleficent was great).
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I recently read a genderswapped version of Sleeping Beauty, so this is really a great visual for that. She looks more adventurous, which I think suits her personality from the film. There is still an element of grace in her positioning, which is really emphasized with the way the cape flows behind her and the way her right hand is poised. It's a lovely image.
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This is my favorite of all your costume swaps.  Aurora was my favorite Disney character for a long time when I was a kid, so it's great to see her drawn like this.  You stayed very true to the original movie's art style, too (actually, you did that on pretty much all of them).  Awesome work.  :)
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It actually really suits her. :)
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I love this one and the one with Rapunzel! They're my favorite. 

And by the way, I agree with LeDaLe14 and cbugnet2 :D
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She's looks better in his costume then Phillip does.
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Well, Phillip looks like kind of a doofus anyway, so that's not difficult. But she looks absolutely fantastic here, I agree!
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I second that! :)
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