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Hand comparison

"You're so big, Kristoff!"
"Me? I think YOU are small."

I abnormally love the physique difference of the sexes.
Because of that, I have the bad habit of describing exaggeratingly.

from Disney's Frozen
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Kristoff's fingers look more like kielbasa sausages.
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*wiggles eyebrows suggestively
AnnieMadeIt21's avatar
that's what she saiiiidddd... literally
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This is absolutely adorable...
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XD I feel like this is what happens to me and my boyfriend, he's 6'3 and I'm 5'3
AnnieMadeIt21's avatar
lol that could've gone a lot of places
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If you watch Steven Universe, try comparing Steven's to Connie's...
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OHHIm so sorry it had to be said

funny picture though!
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I love thus picture because it's so true for me. I'm 5'5" and my boyfriend is 6'5". His hands are literally twice the size of mine lol
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You know what people say...big hands, big feet, big.....heart.....
Kristoff's face is awesome, obviously he's not thinking in hand category @.@
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on the naughty side to this joke, I imagine Kristoff would be pretty big down there
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Big Hands need big gloves...

Thatswhatshesaid I'mSoSorryButWeWereAllThinkingIt
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THATS WHAT SHE SAID okay I'm sorry.
But the artwork is fantastic! You've earned my fave!
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*loves* they're too cute
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aaawww... I don´t particularly like this couple, it doesn´t attract me at all. But your work is SOOO beautiful!! I juts can´t say no to this!!
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