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from Disney's Frozen

I'm waiting for kristanna's wedding
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Lord Kristoff and Lady Anna, the Duke and Duchess of Arendelle
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Master-of-FIRE1435Hobbyist Filmographer
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Nice drawing! Kristoff is the one for Anna.
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Looks to me as if they'd get married too, but it's Disney's call- or more prescicely, they'd "use disney" to make public their nuptual plans- that's If these were real people.
It *is* a lot of fun pretending that they're real, though, even though they're not.
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Kristoff looks so uncomfortable. Jack from "Titanic" anyone?

You did great capturing his emotions!
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Happy Endings!!!
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They both look wonderful but Kristoff is sweating his guts out, poor guy.
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This is entirely how I imagine anything public going. Anna cheerful and happy to see everyone...Kristoff wildly uncomfortable in the spotlight. :P
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Handsome. :)
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Awww Kristoff looks good in his formal wear
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...And then Anna has to start threatening to use her sister on all of the women there for undressing the very muscular Kristoff with their eyes.

Anna: *grumble* and then I'll sic Marshmallow on them for good measure.
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KawaiiKidDrawerStudent Artist
Anna: Hey yall!

Kristoff: Anna?

Anna: hey- what

Kristoff: Thats a picture...

Anna: No its fricking Joan!

Kristoff *lets go and begins to pout: Who is this Joan?

Anna *playfully hits*: My childhood friend silly!

Kristoff: oh....:| (Blank Stare) 
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star-bite13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww cuties
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JordytheredfoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Kristoff... :)
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JoMiwaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cute!
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I am in love with your Anna art :) She is seriously the cutest princess ever!!!
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MitsouParker Digital Artist
I love this one so much ♥
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planxtafroggieHobbyist General Artist
Anna's ballgown was gorgeous in the movie and I love how you drew it here.  I would love to see her amazing skirt swish around more. ^^
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Yessss! So beautiful :)
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bohgirl11Student Filmographer
this is gorgeous! :)
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I'm waiting too, God your fanart is beautiful!!!! and adorable Frozen hug 
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autsdrawsStudent General Artist
NEEDS. //flails for wedding

This is amazing by the way, I looove it~!
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DagronRat Traditional Artist
Hahaha, he looks so nervous! XD
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