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Crazy for you

from Disney's Tarzan
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Omg Tarzan WITH PONYTAIL I've been looking for this T_T thank you so much is so cool and cute and AAAA

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Oh my gooooddddddd *squeee
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Damn, you are the author of the best works with Disney's Tarzan on dA! Fantastic! :)
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I'm sure Tarzan's parents (human) would very proud of them when his parents are in heaven
Men who put their dreadlocks into pony tails are totally hot SOMETIMES it depends on the dude
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Well if they're just trying to do some stupid trend, then it upsets me but if they doing it because it is what they like (like me) then I'm more accepting.
You get upset about trends? are you a rebel? :-) yeah I agree with you! do what you like not because other people are doing it do it because you like it.  
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Yes, I never follow trends.
I don`t ether 
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True, sometimes it's ARGH but other times it's good for you bro!
why is it sometimes ARGH? and why is it good for you? :-)
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I cant help but feel like their eye colors are switched
other than that, its so perfecttttttttt, dat ponytail!
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This ponytail just gives me life! <3 <3
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awwwww cute!!Squee Bounce 
This is beautiful! :) <3
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This is super sweet!! :happybounce: 
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