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Rainbow Dash -hoodie-

Vector No. 47

Season 5 is out April 4TH !!  I am a dummy!  HYPE!!!

Inkscape SVG file:Hoddie

Mane six in hoodies 
Fluttershy -hoodie- by GodoffuryApplejack -hoodie- by GodoffuryRarity -hoodie- by GodoffuryPinkie -hoodie- by Godoffury

Rainbow Dash from MLP Friendship is magic

                                                                            "Thank you all for the COMMENTS and FAVES"
                                                                                               -I really appreciate it-
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Somebody recolored your vector and claim that it's hers  My second OC: Pinklight Heart by NewbieDashVN
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Well, that's gone.

Besides, colors can't be copyrighted. Otherwise chars with color schemes reminiscent of each other couldn't exist.
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Where's Derpy's hoodie?
MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif 
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can i make a base with this?
I can actually imagine her having this to make sure she stays warm after practice with the Bolts, no sense in catching a cold due to being cocky.
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Beautiful! Can I do base? I'll credit you.
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GREAT job! :D
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I feel like this is a reference to infamous 3
freaing Rainbow dash is ssssooo awwesoe!
aww sho cute! so beatiful! : )Nod La la la la :D (Big Grin) 
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Hope you don't mind but I used it for my own OC… :3
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Oh soooo wonderfull! I love it! I sew at the moment a sitting RD ... Maybe I can it sew up a Hoddie. :D
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Woooooooooow this is awesome!
Can I use this as a base for my Ponysona? :3
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sure, go ahead :D
Koyolein's avatar
YAY thank you <3
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Dash Wallpaper by PandaaChuu  I made a wallpaper, I will make one for fluttershy and applejack to. :) hope you like it.
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