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Fluttershy -hoodie-

Vector No. 48

Applejack is next! ^^
Green hoodie:Hoodie Flgreen by Godoffury
Inkscape SVG file:Hoodie F

Mane six in hoodies
Rainbow Dash -hoodie- by GodoffuryApplejack -hoodie- by GodoffuryRarity -hoodie- by GodoffuryPinkie -hoodie- by Godoffury

Fluttershy  from MLP Friendship is magic

                                                                            "Thank you all for the COMMENTS and FAVES"
                                                                                               -I really appreciate it-
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I was wondering if it's possible for you to reupload the SVG file?

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Thanks for letting me know, appreciate it.
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You're welcome
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She looks super cute here! Heart 
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Pretty fly, for a shy.
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That's a nice hoodie, would be nice to have a model of it.
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i was pretty sure we already had one of those. Or at least i thought i saw :iconsourcerabbit: wearing one. 
edit ... seems someone already made one.…
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
That's not what I was talking about, I know of that one it's for the medic and not the style i was looking for.
caramel-pegasus's avatar
hmmm   not sure i follow .... what is it missing or needs?
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Well aside from not looking like an actual street hoodie, it doesn't have much extra detail, like a color-able collar or a zipper, other than that personal preference, that one is a jack with a shawl and such and looks more formal.

This looks like an actual hoodie.

I dunno, I just think there should be more variation in what we have access to is all, maybe it's a stupid idea.
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not a stupid idea at all.  
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She doesn't look amused. =)
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Hello, it appears :iconlovecatfluttersy: stole your artwork:  b8PsoWpRb0 by LoveCatFluttersy
MeowMuffin's avatar
She's so cute! OwO Can I use her for my icon on instagram?
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Im just saying but someone recoloured this without your permission, they did credit you but I am just warning you, would you like me to link it?
PersonaRescuerEscape's avatar
Can i make this into a base?
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Don't worry , it's ok :D
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