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NaruMiko: Kiss From A Lovely Matriarch (Clos-up)
Android 21 Bikini
Akame Vs Blake Belladonna - DEATH BATTLE!
Morrigan Aensland: Alright darlings, the combatants are all nice and ready to battle, so let's settle this little feud once and for all shall we?~ Is everyone comfortable? Good! Guts: It's time for Death Battle. Yang Xiao Long: Hey guys I'm back! Turns out I can't watch, whoops. LET'S SEE BLAKE KICK SOME ASS! Go for it, partner! FIGHT!Abandoned City, Night The Moon was full, and the streets were empty. Earlier they had been populated by packs of Grimm here and there...however, they had been crushed by a passing group. A team of heroes who were exceptionally trained and still training. A team who would face any challenge with the utmost co
Death Battle: Bodacious Busty Blonde Babes
Hydro Frez: The flames have been lit and the cat is out of the bag! I can see the ending! Tempest: It's time for, a DEATH BATTLE! --- Outside of Beacon Academy The academy for training new Hunters and Huntresses was relatively empty. Most students had gone into town or on missions while the remaining few elected to stay inside and study. Along the outer walls however, a man in a black tuxedo tugged at his neck nervously while a relatively young girl with blonde hair crossed her arms and glowered at him. "Well Junior? I don't see what was so important that you had to come all the way to my school to tell me." The man, Junior, wiped his b
Traitorous Heroes: The PRELUDE!
Guts: When you're fighting for a cause you've believed in, sometimes you pussy out and switch sides last minute. Thus betraying everyone you've been raised to fight on the side of good. How fucking fantastic. *Silence* Guts: Where the fuck is the bimbo? ???: She's in the stands, cheering on one of the today's combatants, Guts.~ Guts: And who the hell are you? Morrigan Aensland: You can just call me Morrigan. I'll be Co-Hosting with you today.~ Guts: Hell no. I never agreed to- Morrigan Aensland: Today's combatants are Blake Belladonna, the secret faunus from RWBY.~ Guts: ...and Akame, the Red-Eyed Assassin of Night Raid. I'm Guts, and
Prelude: Bodacious Busty Blonde Babes
Tempest: The heavy bruiser of the team may not always be a muscle bound beefcake, but rather a young blonde girl who loves nothing more then settling things with her fists! Hydro Frez: Like Leone, an assassin of Night Raid! Tempest: Or Yang Xiao Long, the big sister of RWBY! Hydro Frez: *blinks* Am I seeing double or... Tempest: Nonsense. One of them has cat ears, so they're clearly different. I'm Tempest, he's Hydro Frez and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle! --- LeoneAlias: N/A Age: Early/Mid 20's Height: 5'7" Weight: Unknown Occupation: Masseuse (former), Night Raid Ass
Heroes-Son Goku
Heroes-Pegasus Seiya
New World!
October 28, 1999
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Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1378)
I AM NOT ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ON THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE MY ACCOUNT!! ATTENTION: An anonymous hacker has entered DeviantArt. The corporation themselves will delete any accounts that appear to be fake. Protect your accoun ...
people who i don't like or care for in my opinion  part 2 10. RasenganLucario (reason overreacting and overemotional moron.) 11. MonsterIsland1969 (reason a very very stupid person.) 12. rolandwhittingham (reason very creepy person)
people who i don't like or care for in my opinion 1. seththeprogrammer (reason too much bias and butthurt over goku lose to superman or buu lose to kirby.) 2. MetaMaster54610 (reason too much butthurt over characer he want to win because he/she lost ...
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