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Sherlock 2010 fanart
Sherlock HolmesX John.H.Watson

Draw for my friend's Sherlock2010 fanbook (←Yaoi) =3=
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love it! amazing! :D
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This is amazing! John looks just so sweet. :happybounce:
And Sherlock looks totally perfect (like always ^-^).
I love your drawing style! <3
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Imagine this as the start of season 3 XD
Headcase12's avatar
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We have to file a complaint if it doesn't happen.
DragonHaven42's avatar
yes, and we can easily raise a army of fans
Headcase12's avatar
We won't need to RAISE one, they'll all be there. Waiting.
DragonHaven42's avatar
They already are
Headcase12's avatar
Of course, they never left and they never will.
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that is so awesome I love Sherlock :D
cosmicswarto's avatar
So cute ! Love it ^^
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Love the effect of light here.. It's so bright, yet gentle. ♥
artowl's avatar
Love the way you drew the arms and hands especially!
LadyAsher's avatar
just beautiful.
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There are some pictures that make you go, "That's nice." There are some that make you go, "Okay." There are some pictures that make you go, "Wow. That's amazing."

Then, there are some that at the first sight, your stomach clenches, your throat closes up, and you just stare; no words coming at all.

This is one of those. The expression on Sherlock's face is the first thing one is drawn to, and then you want to know why he, for Sherlock, looks concerned. After that, you follow the direction his eyes are looking in, and you go, "what the heck happened to John?" and you are totally drawn into the scene as a whole, while your mind tries to come up with fifty different scenarios at once and you realize this picture is alive.

Thank you for that kind of picture.
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Wow!Thank you for your reply,your comments move me!
I saw you have left several comments for my picture,Thank you very much again!
LadyBethsheba's avatar
Awww, this made my evening!
silkenstarrs's avatar
absolutely stunning! I love John's exhausted posture
Bilou020285's avatar
Excellent ! Very nice atmosphere ! Well done !
remanth's avatar
awww, this is really cute. I love the expression on Sherlock's face ;)
Zoffoli's avatar
Oh dear, you have no idea how I love this picture. Beautiful use of light!
vya's avatar
that´s beautiful!<3
Happy sigh, I just want to cuddle in with them. Wonderful shading and textures, feels so real. Thanks for sharing!
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