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an old old oc from 7th-8th grade. Adrian. (I actually have another oc named adrian....WHAT? I LIKE THAT NAME OKAY?)
yes, this is a 'she' not a femmy guy XD she's just flat as a board and not necessarily 'pretty'
in fact, if she doesn't have cutesy accessory indicators, many people mistake her as a guy. She's so used to it, she normally doesn't bother to correct them, which sometimes leads to amusing situations.
She has a twin brother that looks a lot like her, and they are in a band. she mostly does bass work, but sometimes sings too. She's an alto. She likes learning how to play new instruments and can somewhat play drums, trumpet, piano, and violin. She's picked up the basics for a few languages, but cannot speak any of them fluently. She's really bad at math, and is horrible with remembering dates, like history.

randomly sketched her today and was liek 'ooh yeah! I remember you!" lol. gotta love oc's that randomly decide to remind you they still exist.

used this screentone: [link] border screentone info left visible purposely.
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