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Hear me out on this. 1st: Before hell is let loose on me from DA, and someday they decide to delete my account, i suggest you follow me on my back up plan which is like most of the artists 2nd choice itaku. So here it is: https://itaku.ee/profile/vipersgts 2nd: with that out of the way, ive decided to create a tip jar where you can find all of my spicier content. Dont worry ill still upload many NSFW content for free, as well ill be accepting commissions! This is created for those that want to support me, as of now only one complete story followed by sketches is uploaded on the tip jar, but im planning to invest more time and effort on it, if DA let me that is.. we'll see how it goes. here it is: https://www.deviantart.com/vipersgts/subscriptions Peace! Im talking to you DA.

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Illustration: @devious3D

Need inspiration ? Come under the mighty oak.

https://discord.gg/K69v85JN2S Want to support my creation ? https://patreon.com/giantesstina Curious ? https://linktr.ee/giantesstina

When this universe spoke, She is what came out. She was creation, drunk with joy,

exploring itself, touching itself, wondering, imagining, tasting…


Then She devoured her writer.

So I’ve exerted my rightful power.

I’ve messed with physics, taught a witch the secrets of this world, granted death to prove a point.

I’ve lived in a modest house and wandered the streets of an ordinary town; I’ve read, drawn, mingled with mortals,

dined and danced, sung out loud. I’ve given sweet caresses.

I’ve fucked, vanished without a trace.

I’ve grown to epic proportions.

I’ve had slaves of all manner: worshippers, bugs, and specks, all swarming around. I’ve had a fighter

wearing my colors; I’ve crushed and healed a slave’s heart. I’ve terrorized, crushed people and cities;

slaughtered and resurrected, again and again.

I’ve learned, learned, learned! I’ve tasted pizza! I’ve hugged a reindeer!

I have had friends.

I have loved.

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Albert camus - la chute
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Chrono trigger
Here here. Keep it close. Curious ones might even find surprises there : https://linktr.ee/giantesstina
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Run run run! ( WIP rush#13 preview ) Well well... this may have been one of the most complex animation I've done yet. For now, I'm not happy. It doesn't look natural. I may... have to take an animation course at some point *nods nods*
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Where to begin. Did this happen before? Possibly. What's certain is that we now know one thing : DA can and will randomly shutdown accounts without further notice. Like Karbo. Like many others. I won't dive deeper into the likeliness of such thing happening or not, of whether having a pro account protects you from being closed... it's happened, and it can happen again. So, if you're a creator : Backup. Backup all your creation like I now have, if only to feel serene. This being said, I want this to be very clear : I love my DA community. I've met some wonderful people in here. And, despise the business people efforts to erase every trace of a design initially meant to connect people... the people are still here, vibrant, commenting, connecting, inspiring. Like nowhere else. So I'll remain here until my account is shutdown because well... I simply love you people here and how involved and curious you are ! Now what happens if I'm shutdown? ( as if they could ) I've explored my
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