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“Really? After all that buildup, she ends up only barely bigger than a city? What a fucking rip-off…”

I slumped back against the headboard of my bed. “All that time wasted… That’s what I get for not skipping to the end to check how big she gets.” I fished my mouse from the side of my laptop and closed the tab containing the story I had just been reading. I looked back at the search results on the tab that it defaulted back to. Nothing I hadn’t seen already, and most of it not up to my standards anyway. “Never used to be like this…” I mumbled. “Used to be able to find all sorts of new content of what I like.” Of course, back then, there was already a lot of content on the internet. Add to that a steady stream of new content that always seemed to be coming out, and it meant there was a lot out there for me to find. However, I had likely been too overzealous in the past, because now I had pretty much seen all of that, and the new content never seemed to come out fast enough. It just felt like there wasn’t anything left.

“And when they’re well-written, they never go far enough,” I grumbled. Things always stopped way too soon. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t even get into it unless the girl in the story reached a planetary size at least. But it didn’t seem a lot of authors were willing to go that far.

Of course, if the internet wasn’t providing me with the content I desired, I could always write my own. However… I lowered my mouse to the bottom of the screen and selected a window containing a word document. I sighed. 10 pages of great buildup that stopped dead the moment things started getting interesting. And it had been like that for a few weeks now. For some reason, the creative juices just weren’t flowing. Plus, I felt a wave of guilt wash over me considering that my novel was in a similarly unfinished state. And yet here I was, thinking of my smut first, instead of the thing that could get me money.

I sighed. I wanted the content, but no one was providing it, and I just couldn’t seem to find the effort to be able to make it myself.

“I just wish I didn’t need any of this stuff, and that I could experience it for real…”

I looked around, expectantly. After about 30 seconds, I sighed again. Why did I get my hopes up like that? As if some fairy or genie or goddess was going to hear my request and grant all my wishes. I envied those stories, because life was frustratingly never like them. Of course, knowing all that didn’t stop me from constantly going through moments like that one, though. You know, just in case.

But it was starting to get more and more painfully obvious that I was being an idiot in actually believing that something like that would or could happen to me.

I opened a new tab, and did a search for natural breast enlargement methods. I only had to type in about 3 letters, before the search engine automatically suggested the term that I had searched countless times before.

This was a waste too. Just more of the same. Saw palmetto, fenugreek, massages, bovine ovary, all things I had either tried or had no interest in pursuing. Nothing like a new miracle cream or pill that guarantees immediate results, but with a warning to only take one per day, as multiple doses in one sitting would cause some dangerously sexy side effects.

Obviously there was never going to be anything like that. I closed the tab in frustration.

I looked down at my breasts. Not that they were small by any standards. My DD cups probably looked a bit smaller than they should have, given my 38-band-size chest, but they were definitely a good size. And yet, the idea of being able to fill up a room with my breasts was always lurking in the back of my mind. Just once, I’d love to…

I shook my head, stopping myself before I actually tried to expend mental effort on making my boobs bigger telekinetically. Again.

So, this was it, wasn’t it? It was starting to become very, very apparent that nothing like this was ever going to happen to me. Sure, I never really believed in earnest that any of it would. But holding onto the fun idea that maybe, somehow, someday, something like that could happen… it was always a nice thought. There was something comforting about it. But now… could I really keep subjecting myself to disappointment over how mundane reality truly is? It seemed like it was time to finally learn my lesson, and maybe set my sights to more realistic standards. It was hard to stop my heart from being so enamored with the idea of experiencing those things, but it seemed I’d have to give up hope of that ever happe-

Wait a minute.

Something about the word ‘hope’ as it ran through my mind in that instant felt… strange. My mind lingered on the idea, and as it did, a vague awareness of… something began to grow. Hope… just holding that idea in my head caused a warm sensation to begin washing over me.

I was no stranger to that word. The idea of hope was one of the most important things to me. Not only because it helped me connect to a frighteningly large amount of fictional characters and media, but because it was possibly the biggest driving force in my life. I was very adept at avoiding any temptations to slide into despair, just because I had such a firm grasp of hope.

Thinking all that made it feel like this warm feeling was going to overflow out of my body. So much so that I couldn’t stop myself from speaking it aloud. “Hope…”

At that, there was a rather loud pop several inches away from my head that nearly made me fall off of my bed. I looked back up to investigate the source of the sound, but I had to shield my eyes from the bright light that was now emanating from that spot. As my eyes adjusted, I became aware of a small silhouette in the middle of this light, one that seemed to be getting steadily bigger. As soon as I was able to discern that this silhouette looked to be humanoid in shape, the light burst apart into a shower of sparkles that twinkled out as they touched down upon my bed.

In the space where the light had previously been, there was indeed a humanoid figure, eyes closed, floating inches above my bed. It was a woman, and she appeared to be in her mid-20’s, roughly. She was lying on her stomach, her hands folded neatly beneath her chin, almost as if she was sleeping on an invisible surface in the air. Her long black hair was draped around her a tad messily. She wore a simple white gown that went down to her ankles. Her figure was obscured somewhat by the gown, but it was evident that she was fairly busty, with more than generous hips. I quickly admonished my brain for focusing so immediately on that particular aspect of this mystery person who had apparently just come into being in front of me. But to be honest, instead of concern for this odd occurrence, what I was struck by the most was how beautiful she was.

She hung in the air for about three seconds before gravity took over, and she plopped onto the other end of my bed. She let out a shrill yelp, and then tumbled off of the bed entirely, hitting the floor with a solid thud.

I took a few seconds to recollect the shattered pieces of my mind, before peering over the edge of my bed to see how she was.

She brought herself up into a sitting position, and rubbed her head. Her eyes were open now, and I could see that they were a brilliant shade of gold. She looked around, before her eyes finally settled upon me. She broke into a huge grin, and leapt back onto the bed, wrapping her arms around me. “Goddess!! I’ve finally found you!!”

My brain told me instinctively to struggle but there was a larger part of me that didn’t actually mind being hugged so tightly, even if it was by a strange girl that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Especially because I got such a warm feeling from the contact. And also because this girl’s sizable breasts were rather close to my face.

She nuzzled her cheek against the top of my head, then broke away from the hug, shifting so that her head was resting on my lap. She let out a contented sigh.

There were a few seconds of silence. She seemed rather absorbed in her reverie. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out just what to say to all this. Hesitantly, I began, “Not that… I’m especially opposed to the circumstances of a pretty girl suddenly appearing and calling me a goddess, but… I don’t believe we’ve been properly acquainted?” That seemed a bit gentler than going with something along the lines of, “Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” Besides… I couldn’t say why exactly, but I didn’t get a threatening vibe from her. Just a warm, comforting one.

The girl picked her head up from my lap, and smiled. She shifted into an upright sitting position, and said, “My name is Hope. And you are my goddess. I’ve been looking for you.”

I blinked a few times. “Uh, nice to meet you Hope. How… um, how exactly did you get here?”

Hope placed a finger on her chin, and looked upwards. “Hm… Don’t remember!”

I raised an eyebrow. It felt to me like someone who appears in a burst of light should have some idea of how that came to be, but then again, I had never been through something like that myself, so who was I to judge? “Um. Okay. Where did you come from?”

Hope considered this, before announcing cheerfully, “Don’t remember!”

I was beginning to sense a theme. “Uh… what do you remember, then?”

“Let’s see… My name is Hope… You are my goddess… I’ve been looking for you… and… that’s it!” Once again, a cheerful smile dominated her face.

“That’s… all?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Isn’t it kinda silly that I don’t remember anything else? I mean, I remember how to talk and breathe and stuff, but the rest is all a big blank!” Her chipper attitude was beginning to get somewhat off-putting.

“Do you… know why you’ve been looking for me?” Her repetition of this particular phrase had some rather unsettling implications.

“That’s easy, because you’re my goddess!”

I blushed. Normally being called a goddess was something that I was all for and in fact encouraged (probably more than I should), but with how earnest this girl I had just met was about calling me that, it was beginning to get a little embarrassing. “I mean… that’s really nice of you to say, and believe me, there’s no one who likes to see me as a goddess more than I do, but… I’m afraid I’m not… actually a goddess.” Something about saying it out loud was more depressing than it should have been, considering it was the truth.

Hope furrowed her brow and set her jaw, bringing her face closer to mine for inspection. “Hmmmm,” she said, then immediately slipped back to the cheerful expression. “Nope! You’re definitely my goddess! Of that I am 100% sure!”

I was getting the feeling she was expressing a genuine familiarity with my face. “Does that mean… you already know me?” The stalker vibes I had been getting earlier certainly weren’t going away now.

“Of course! You’re my goddess, after all!”

“Yeah, you mentioned that… But, as far as I know, I’ve never met you. How is it that you know me? Have we met somewhere before?”

Once again Hope adopted a thoughtful expression. “Well, I know that I know you. And that I’ve been with you before. As for where that was and how we met… well, I don’t remember! These memory issues are getting to be a real pain, huh?” That last question might have seemed completely legitimate, if her tone and expression hadn’t been a continuation of her overall chipper demeanor.

“Yeah… so, you don’t know where you came from, how you got here, or where we’ve met before.”

Hope nodded enthusiastically.

“But you know without a doubt that I’m your goddess?”

“Of course! No mistaking it. I’d know my goddess anywhere!”

“But you don’t know how we met?”

“Nope! Boy, you sure do like asking the same kinds of questions over and over!” Hope accentuated this by swaying gently side to side while giggling.

“Yeah, I’m funny like that…” I said distractedly. My brain was trying frantically to make sense of this situation, but it was impossible. This was completely outside the realm of normal. I was beginning to think perhaps that this was a dream.

That was disproven quickly by another sudden, tight hug from Hope. Something like that definitely would have jolted me awake if I had indeed been dreaming. Hope brought her chin to rest on my shoulder. “I’m so happy to see you again, goddess. I’ve missed you so much…”

Absently, I wrapped my arms around her as best I could with the upper portion of them pinned at my sides. My mind was busy following a new thread of thought. “Have you… been looking for me for a while?”

“I think so. It feels like it’s been a long time. And I don’t know if I’ve done much of anything other than looking. That part is all fuzzy. But it doesn’t matter! Now I’ve found you!”

I nodded, trying to take in this information. “So… now that you’ve found me… what do you intend to do?”

Hope released me, then kissed me gently on the forehead. “Whatever my goddess wishes.”

I blushed again. “Uh, that’s a rather broad idea. Especially since I don’t really know you…” Of course, my mind was already starting to go unbidden down some dirtier paths. Even in a strange situation like this, my mind can’t stay out of the gutter around a pretty girl. Good job, brain.

“That’s okay, I remember all the things my goddess likes. OH!” The suddenness with which she said this last part nearly gave me heart palpitations. Hope seized my hand with an unexpected roughness. “That’s another thing I remember! I remember the things my goddess likes to do with me!”

My blush darkened. “Um… what kind of things are those?”

“Silly, you already know the answer! My goddess likes to grow!”

My face was practically a tomato at this point. “Um. How. Did you. …know about… that stuff?” I was trying not to admit anything outright in case I was misunderstanding, but the more my mind wrapped around what she had said, the more apparent it was that the thing she was talking about and the thing I was thinking about were one in the same.

“Because, my goddess, we’ve done it so many times! There’s no way I’d ever forget the fun we had with that!”

My impulse was to point out that she technically had forgotten that up until now, but that wasn’t really the important issue to address here. “I… really think you have the wrong person. I’ve never done anything like that before.” As much as I’d love to have…

Hope pouted. “You don’t remember? Well, that’s okay, we’re both having memory problems!” With that, her pout dissolved back into that smile of hers.

I was slightly offended by being lumped in the same category as her as far as memory was concerned. At least I could remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. …though I hadn’t actually eaten a breakfast this morning… “Trust me, I think it would be hard to forget if I had done something like that.” And if I had, then it was proof that we live in a cruel reality.

“Well, why don’t we do it again? Maybe it’ll help jog your memory!”

I sighed. “Look, I don’t want to diminish the fact that what you just said is a really solid, quality suggestion, and not gonna lie, one I’d be really down for. But the problem is, I can’t actually do anything like that. Believe me, I’ve tried…” It was slightly embarrassing to admit that, but this girl seemed oddly aware of my fantasies, so there wasn’t much point hiding it.

“Really? You used to be able to do it so effortlessly!” Hope’s disappointment was palpable.

I shrugged. “I would certainly know by now if I could. I mean just a few minutes ago, I was seconds away from literally trying to…” I was still very careful to word things ambiguously, just in case, “make something like that happen through sheer force of will.” Something I would never admit to anyone outside of this incredibly specific set of circumstances.

Hope tried to smile, but it was apparent that her disappointment was still very strong. “Maybe you just forgot how to use your powers properly?”

“If I ever knew to begin with, I’d have figured it out by now.” I looked at Hope’s pout and sighed. “I appreciate your expectations, but I really think that means I’m not your goddess. As flattered as I’d be to accept the title-”

“STOP SAYING YOU AREN’T MY GODDESS!” Hope shouted suddenly. I was stunned into silence. Tears began to well in the corners of Hope’s eyes. “I’ve been looking for you for so long. I know you. I know every last inch of you. How you look, how you smell, how you feel. I could never make a mistake on something this important!” She buried her face into my shoulder once more, grasping me by the shoulders more than hugging me this time. “It’s okay if you don’t remember! There’s lots I don’t remember. But I didn’t make a mistake. I know you. Even though I forgot everything else, you’re the one thing I still remember.”

I couldn’t think what to say. I had been working under the assumption that this couldn’t be anything other than mistaken identity, but… I could feel the conviction in her voice. It was getting hard to argue with her. She seemed unflinchingly certain about this. I still wasn’t exactly convinced myself, but I was willing to play along, for her sake. I gently stroked her hair, and said, “I’m sorry. This is all so sudden and new for me. A cute girl suddenly manifests in my bedroom calling me a goddess and promising me all the things I’ve fantasized about… it’s a lot to take in all at once.” And sounded like the description for a shitty fic I would probably read the hell out of. “But if you say that I’m your goddess, then I believe you.”

Hope looked up at me, her cheeks wet with tears, and I felt my heart melt. “Really?” Her voice made her sound so fragile that all I wanted to do was wrap her up and keep her safe forever.

I smiled down at her. “Really.” And even though my common sense still defied it, in my heart, I definitely felt like I meant it.

“YAY!!” Hope shouted and pulled me into an actual hug, this one even stronger than the previous ones. My face was immediately buried in her chest. It was hard to complain about this though.

Until it became hard to breathe. Gently, I pried myself out of her grip, and leaned back against the headboard of my bed. “So, you remember us growing together? Like…” I looked around, conspiratorially, which was dumb because she was the only other person in earshot. “….like, giantess kinda growth?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

Hope nodded. “Yup! And my boobs, and my butt, and your boobs and your butt and all sorts of things!”

Hearing someone state a sentence like that on its own would normally enough to merely bring the blush back to my face, but the nonchalance with which she had said it was enough to set my face to neon levels of red. I could barely hear over my quickened pulse. “Like… a lot?”

“Oh yeah, every day! In fact, it feels kinda weird to be with you and not be bigger than a planet, since that was how we spent a loooot of our time!”

I had to fight through my traitorous brain and libido to form my next thoughts. I really, really wanted to believe her on this, and yet… “So, you remember us doing these things? Like, you have specific memories of it?”

“Well, not exactly. I wouldn’t say I have specific memories. It’s more like… ooh, like an 80’s style montage!” Hope laughed ecstatically, very amused by her analogy. “Hmmmm, what would be a good 80’s song to play over a montage like that? I usually defer to ‘Take on Me’ but do you think that fits the situation?”

I wanted to suggest that ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ would be a more natural choice, but once again, that wasn’t the most important matter at hand. “So, why don’t I have memories of it? And why can’t I do anything like that anymore?” I really didn’t want to suggest once again that I wasn’t Hope’s goddess, but it was hard to think of any way I could be. Even if I was suffering from amnesia, I didn’t have any lapses in my memory that would account for the time lost on something like this. And amnesia wouldn’t account for the sudden manifestation of supernatural abilities I had never had at any other point in my life.

Needless to say, something weird was going on.

“I wish I could tell you, goddess, but I don’t know. Hmm, let me check something…” Hope placed her hand on my forehead, and I felt something akin to that warm sensation that had filled me right before Hope appeared. “Well, the potential is definitely there! That hasn’t changed.” She took her hand off of my head, then leaned back, placing her palms flat on the bed behind her to prop her up. In doing so, she lifted her chest a bit. “Here, try making my breasts bigger!”

I looked down at Hope’s already sizable chest, which I estimated to be roughly in the E range. For most people, that would be considered big enough already, and then some. And for the sake of practicality, I’d have to agree. But my libido was anything but practical. The amount of pictures I had saved on my hard drive of women with tits bigger than the moon was proof enough of that. I bit my lower lip. This seemed way too easy. Once again, I began to consider that it was a dream, but I remembered that the sensations were far too real. Plus, my dreams were never this consistent. Hope would have unnoticeably morphed into at least three different people I knew by now, and we’d probably have seamlessly transitioned from my bedroom to like a theater or something.

So… was that it? Was I really some goddess with size-altering powers without knowing it? Could I really allow myself to consider that something so far-fetched, yet so greatly desired, could actually be real? Especially considering that mere minutes ago, I was in the process of renouncing the idea that something like that could ever be a reality for me?

Then again, what did I have to lose?

I closed my eyes, and focused on the thought of Hope’s boobs getting bigger. I furrowed my brow, letting this thought fill me entirely. I pushed out any and all other thoughts, focusing solely on this one desire. I tensed my entire body, contorting everything towards this one idea.

I opened my eyes. Hope’s boobs remained unchanged. I sighed, “Sorry, I can’t do it.” Figures. Girl pops in out of nowhere, gets me hyped up about the possibility of having supernatural powers because y’know, appearing suddenly out of a flash of light is pretty supernatural, only for it to be nothing. This was just my luck.

Hope was very confused. “I don’t get it! The potential is still there! You should be able to do something that simple without any effort!”

I shrugged. “Well, I just put in all my effort, and nothing happened.” Her continued insistence that I had these powers only made the lack of them sting that much more.

Hope tapped her chin lightly, and rocked back and forth. “Hmmm, it’s almost as if you’ve lost the ability to draw the potential out of your mind and into reality. OH!” Once again, the suddenness of her outburst nearly made me fall over. She lightly hit her palm against her head. “Duh! I’m fairly magical! Even though I don’t have your potential, I could probably draw it out of you with my power!” She grabbed both of my hands, and scooted a bit closer, adopting the same cross-legged pose I had, our knees touching. She took a deep breath, and said, “Okay, try again. Make my breasts bigger!”

I frowned. “Listen, Hope, it’s wonderful that you believe in me so much, but I don’t think-” I was cut off by Hope’s breasts ballooning outward with an audible BWOOMPH. They were instantaneously big enough to spill out from the top of her low-cut gown, and settle gently into both of our laps.

In that moment, I lost the ability to make words.

Hope, however, definitely hadn’t. She let out a triumphant laugh, slid her hands out of mine, and raised them above her head. “We did it! I mean, you did it, but I helped!”

My mind was desperately trying to reconstruct the very reality of my world which lay in a shattered heap on the floor. I hadn’t even been concentrating on making her boobs big, the thought had just intrusively entered my mind, and then, well, bwoomph.

Hope placed her arms gently atop her breasts, and her chin atop her arms. She then leaned forward, her breasts rolling up my body, bringing her face right up to mine. She kissed me tenderly on the lips, and I felt an almost alien amount of comfort wash over me. Hope is a really, really good kisser, I noted. The list of things I liked about Hope was only getting bigger. …much like other things, apparently.

Hope broke off the kiss, and smiled. “I knew you could do it.”

I couldn’t help but smile too. “I’m glad one of us believed in me.”

“Alright, now do yours!” Hope said, reaching for my hands again.

“Wait, hold on! As much as I desperately want to just accept this and see where things go from here, I can’t just ignore how… impossible all of this seems! How did you do that? How is any of this possible?”

Hope didn’t seem to understand. “What do you mean ‘how’? You’re a goddess. You can do anything. Well, as long as you have my help, apparently. But I’m sure you’ll remember how to use your powers on your own eventually.”

My brain wanted so desperately to argue. Outright accepting that I was a goddess was just too much all at once. But… then I stopped. Why did I want to argue this? Why couldn’t I just accept this? This was everything I ever wanted, right? A cute girl who worships me as a goddess that can actually make boobs instantaneously bigger… why the reluctance?

“Maybe… I just don’t want to be disappointed,” I mumbled.

Hope tilted her head. “Disappointed about what?”

I blushed for what had to be the twentieth time, realizing I had actually vocalized my thoughts. I looked at Hope, who was looking at me with an overwhelming amount of reverence, and in that moment, my heart decided for me. “Nothing. I have absolutely nothing to be disappointed about.” Even though I had just met her, I leaned in and kissed Hope. I mean, she had already kissed me, so I figured it was okay to do the same. I’d normally wait until a proper date, but when a girl magically appears in your bedroom, all bets are off, apparently.

Did any of this make sense? Of course not. But it was kinda hard to care at this point, when so many interesting possibilities stretched out on the horizon before me.

I grabbed Hope’s hands. “Alright, my turn.”

Hope nodded, excited, and backed up a bit to give me more room.

I closed my eyes this time, trying to focus, and not let my thoughts get away from me. I told myself to just focus on making my boobs as big as Hope’s, and not to think about them at any other size. You know, nothing ridiculous, like big enough to overflow my bed.


This BWOOMPH was much louder, and accompanied by a muffled yelp as Hope became buried in my cleavage. I let out a cry, and without thinking, slipped my hands from out of hers, trying to move my breasts off of Hope. This was incredibly difficult due to their sheer weight. I tried to will them smaller, which is when I noticed I was no longer holding her hands. Eventually, Hope managed to worm her way up through my cleavage, her head poking out rather adorably. She gasped for air, then flopped her head down on my left tit. She giggled. “As enthusiastic as ever, my goddess. Just try to warn me next time, okay?”

I laughed sheepishly. “Yeah, sorry, I’m still getting the hang of this. My brain seems to have something of a hair trigger.”

Hope nodded. “That makes sense. If you were doing it yourself, you’d have control over it, but since I’m acting as a conduit, it’s a lot harder to control. I can try scaling back just how much of your power I’m drawing out of you at a time. That way only the thoughts you’re actively focusing on will pass through, instead of any ol’ thought that pops into your head!”

I still didn’t have any clue how any of this worked, but I had decided to just roll with it at this point. “That sound like it’ll be better, yeah.” I looked down at my now-expansive bust. My brain was still having a hard time accepting the validity of the situation. On top of that, it was beyond surreal to have a fantasy of mine for so long become reality in such a casual way. I slid my hands up and along the top of my breasts, as far as my arms would allow. They didn’t come close to being able to reach my nipples. That alone was enough to make a big grin spread across my face.

This did not go unnoticed by Hope. She watched my every movement and expression with a quiet excitement. “Are you starting to remember now, goddess?”

“I wish I could say that I did… but I’m still getting nothing.” It wasn’t as if I could run through every single moment of my entire life, but I could vaguely recall each year well enough to know I wasn’t missing any significant gaps. It was possible that this was more complex than I was thinking, perhaps some kind of a past life situation, but Hope seemed to recognize me by looks as much as anything else. As hard as it was to find an accurate explanation, I was more than willing to believe Hope now that I had tits big enough to fit a person between them.

Speaking of…

“Er, are you okay in between them like that? It isn’t hard to breathe or anything, is it?” I couldn’t speak from experience, but I felt like the situation could potentially be very uncomfortable for her. Plus, I hadn’t felt her moving around all that much in there, so for all I knew, her movements were completely restricted.

“Not at all! I’m perfectly fine in here.” Her head still resting on my tit, she began rubbing her cheek against it. “I’ve missed being between my goddess’s breasts, it’s always such a comforting feeling. Although you’re usually a lot bigger than me overall when we do that.”

I blushed at the thought, and then was suddenly very glad I was no longer holding Hope’s hands, lest I burst out of my house entirely.

Hope yawned. “Mmm, seems like handling your power like that has taken a lot out of me…” I could feel her stretch her back as much as she was able.

I glanced at the clock. 3am already? I really needed to stop these late night fetish searches. Unless they were going to yield more cute girls out of the ether like this. “Might be a good idea to sleep now.”

With closed eyes, Hope pouted. “But I just found you, goddess. I wanna play more…” It sounded like she was fighting through fatigue with everything she had just to say those few words.

I laughed softly. “We can play more tomorrow, don’t worry.” And hopefully figure out what exactly this is all about, I mused to myself. “Now…” I looked down at my twin-sized bed. “Kind of a tight squeeze, here…” Sure, it was enough to fit two people, but we’d have to be packed in fairly close to each other. While I was sure Hope wouldn’t mind, there was still a part of me that didn’t quite know if it was okay to sleep in such tight quarters with a girl I had just met. Or, just met from my perspective, at least.

Her words barely coming out above a sleepy slur, Hope said, “I told you, s’fine, my goddess’s breasts aren’t too tight…”

I failed to stifle a giggle. “I was talking about my bed. It’s a bit small for two people.”

Hope opened her eyes, looked down at the bed, then looked back up to me. “No worries, I got this.” She closed her eyes and suddenly her head began getting smaller and smaller. Between my breasts, I could feel the rest of her body shrinking in accordance. Once she was around one foot tall, she popped out of the chasm of my cleavage, her boobs still comically large in proportion, and then flopped back down to rest atop my right boob. “I can’t do nearly as much as my goddess can, but I at least have enough power to make myself small…” she slurred, and with a yawn, promptly fell asleep.

I looked around. My boobs were still ridiculously huge. “I, uh, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep like this…”

The only response I got was the soft sounds of Hope’s snoring.

“H-hey, Hope, don’t fall asleep yet, I still need you to help me make my boobs small enough to sleep.”

Hope was out like a light.

I gently prodded her with one finger. She shifted in her sleep slightly, but otherwise didn’t stir. I considered shaking her awake, but… it seemed a shame to disturb her when she was sleeping so soundly, and looking absolutely adorable while doing so. I sighed. Sometimes I could really be such a doormat. “Some goddess I am,” I muttered, rolling my eyes. I adjusted the pillows behind me to support my back and reclined as much as I was able with my legs pinned beneath my way too heavy tits. “I really need to dial back my imagination,” I yawned as I tried my best to push away the billions of unanswered questions and lewd thoughts swarming my brain and settle into something resembling a good night’s sleep.
A Growing Hope - Chapter 1
Oh hey look, I'm finally posting on here again. What a concept. This is the first chapter of a story that will have some number of subsequent chapters. Still not sure how many yet. I want to have something resembling a steady release schedule for this story though, so fingers crossed on that. This idea has been churning around in my head for a while, and I got most of what you see written down probably... a year ago? Possibly more? (Jeez, time flies.) Decided it was finally time to dust it off, finish the last part of this chapter, and put it up for everyone to see! Don't worry, there will be more size and expansion content in subsequent chapters, this is just an intro. Plus, our "goddess" here tends to have a rather verbose narration style, so it does kind of fill up a lot of the space (she's totally not based almost entirely after me or anything, no sir). Anyway, yeah, hope (heh) you enjoy this first chapter, and look forward to the rest!


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