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Ultra magnus and Optimus prime

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Line & color worked all.

transformers G1 - magnus & optimus.
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Optimus Prime: U...Ultra Magnus?


Optimus Prime:y... your a repaint in disguise?!

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err why is Ultra magnus's hand were it is? No wonder Optimus looks worried
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*look down*
I see that he has a...nevermind.
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Ultra Magnus: This is how you help a leader. Take notes Hot Rod. Are you even pay attention?
Hot Rod: Yeah
[ HR not really paying attention or taking notes. He's playing a video game]
Ultra Magnus: Why do I even brother?

Ps. I don't hate or dislike the bot, but even I wish that he would butt out or help OP in a different way, of course Optimus Prime was going to die with or without Hot Rod. In the marvel comic, OP died without that hothead bot butting in.
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I'll this the Sacrifice! What do you think? :D
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I've heard of toy accuracy but this going too far!
what's wrong with Ultra Magnus ?
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This is beautiful?
Though I am seriously confused. Since when is Ultra Magnus silvery white with a blue mouthplate and red optics? When did that happen?
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Its revealed in the IDW comics that Magnus wears battle armor, much like the way you put the g1 toy together~
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How does one simply have a mouth over a mouth plate?

I can't deal with this right now...
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How can G1 Megatron transform into a gun with everyone (I think) being able to hold him?
How can G1 Blaster and Soundwave turn into Boom-Boxes that humans can carry?
How can transformed Skyfire carry a group of large bots? (Though okay, yeah, he's pretty big)

Answer: Transformers Logic.
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In the IDW comics there's an answer in the name of "Mass displacement".
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Really? Huh... did not know that.
So, thanks ^_^
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I love this picture of Magnus and Prime
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Hasbro hadn't included in TV serie like white optimus prime as Ultra Magnus phase 1 and With his armor as Ultra Magnus phase 2 and only made like unique transformation and they didn't want show like original toy other characters like Frenzy is a recolor of Rumble, Thundecracker and Skywarp are recolor of Starscream including Buzzsaw is a recolor of Laserbeak , other characters of TV series like Prowl.
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Magnus looks like Nova Prime
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Hey there this is gorgeous! Lovely color and lines!  I was wondering is this picture based off of an event in the Transformers universe? If so which comic volume and do you have a link?

Sorry I am a bit new to Transformers and have started working my way through the IDW comics. I found one where there is this character who looks like a white and blue version of Optimus Prime; the other characters call him Magnus, and Grimmlock teasingly calls him "Little Prime". Is that Ultra magnus, or is it a different character? I would love to read the comic where he changes and follow his story.
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This art made me relised how backwards Magnus' anatomy is regarding the mouth
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Umm....you are very cute beautiful. :)....and your art is off the chart!
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Woah that's trippy.
I like it.
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I love this! I always liked how Magnus was just a white Optimus Prime under all that armor.

Also, on a completely related note, one of my favorite K-pop bands has a member named Kim Yura, so the bottom left corner caught me off guard.
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Hold it! Are you saying that UM is Optimus Twin???
I think I've fainted. :baffled: 
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