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TF MTMTE fanart

XD :love:
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I alays wondered, how will Skids reacts if he finds out, that Tarn was Damus the whole time?
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This works so well.
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This is absolutely gorgeous, amazing!!
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Magnus looks waaaaaay too friendly. XD
Caiobella's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *falls over*
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Absolutely beautiful work!
SuzyLin's avatar
I could just "SQUEEE" over most of them!! OwO
(I can't even describe them, I'm too speechless xD)
Cattibrie76's avatar
Rodimus perfect!
TheVisoredMelon's avatar
Awesome! omgnoes Tailgate looks kinda distracted by something and he's curious about it.
KUWANG3R-Prime's avatar
Rodimus, Drift and Chromedome look awesome here
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Wow! That's one of the best pictures I've ever seen :) :) :)
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Amazing and lovely~ :love: :D
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Absolutely golden.
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So much emotion in the eyes.
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This is amazing
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Rodimus, Drift, Ultra Magnus, Skids, Whirl, Cromedome, Cyclonus, Rewind, and last and definitely not least Tarn


Why is Tarn on there? he never joined the lost light crew. did he?

ZepheraC's avatar
isn't the one on the bottom right Tarn
i recognize Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Drift and Cyclonus but who are the other five? reply
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in order;
Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Drift
Skids, Whirl, Chromedome
Cyclonus, Tailgate, Tarn
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Aww, I just adore Magnus and Hot Rod. So great :D
Kaizer617's avatar
I cannot identify 2 of these charaters. The guy in the middle & the guy on the bottom right.
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Will you make any more of these? :D Or prints? Man i'd love to have a collection of these for posters. :D
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