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RX93 Gundam my illustration

I imagined the situation after the movie [Char's Counterattack] ending scene and drew it.
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I remember it and nice job artwork.

Doesn't look so nu to me.:D (Big Grin) Also very good did you do this all on digital or star with paper.
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Awesome! Great job!
StrictlyMecha's avatar
Absolutely stellar artwork, can't wait to see more! 〔´∇`〕
RazzieMbessai's avatar
Wow, I love all the details and shading! The perspective also shows how huge this robot is :thumbsup:
andyx181x's avatar
If only it ended this way, what Armuro could have contributed and guide the future gundam pilots...
Snukastyle's avatar
Couldn't resist-it's kind of cool and evil that Tomino left the end up to the viewer...
dalkor3228's avatar
Doesn't Unicorn prove that Amuro and Char are dead, though, since their spirits appear in the end?
Snukastyle's avatar
I'd forgotten about that!  I guess their "unknown fates" are just Tomino's headcanon now ;)
dalkor3228's avatar
Well, Amuro was also said to have died in the CCA novel, but I'm not sure how canon that would be.
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Good job to the authour and I love this post.
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I can just feel the emotion of this picture. Nice job :thumbsup:
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Mind blowing patience and passion
rizegreymon33's avatar
Is that amuro and his haro?
Rose-Hunter's avatar
this is so detailed and well done  :clap:
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
I like this style you have here! Yeah keep work like this comin' alright?
trav3000's avatar
this kinda reminds me of a scene in the credits of gundam Unicorn RE:0096
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