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The arms mechanical is my custom design.
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OMG! THIS LOOKS SOOOO COOL!!!! :la::la::la::la:
freekaboo's avatar
oh my god his face this is true moe
Gweey's avatar
awesome art of Genos :dummy:
SomeFancyWhale's avatar
If it wasnt fanart, it would be in a museum.
AARV's avatar
I love that metal    <3
Ammelda-Aini's avatar
Great to see another OPM fanart :dummy:
Neechole's avatar
THAT METAL IS AMAZING! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET GOD?!? I seriously love your proportion too! great job!
Chakrafox21's avatar
My first thought on seeing this was "Man, this Genos looks like a woman..."
TheUnknownDutchMan's avatar
my god this is so.dam nice. i f-cking need a art designer for a forgotten character >_<
shushiboi's avatar
Blast's identity has been confirmed!…
AVFireBlade9472's avatar
You know what, I'm gonna draw Genos and Mumen Rider, my favorites in terms of character, along with Saitama and Tatsumaki, the best comedians.
teacakesandplums's avatar
joeFJ's avatar
So much detail
Teal-angel's avatar
Awesome! I love Genos :love:
Sandhiyudha's avatar
Its beautiful...really awesome...
HoneyedSpleen's avatar
I love Genos! He's so cool La la la la 
Blackvegetable's avatar
dizzandesigns's avatar
i love how you take the time to make the movable parts look to be to spec
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
this is some good stuff right here! keep drawing plenty of stuff like this! keep going! really dude this is awesome!
RazzieMbessai's avatar
Awesome! :D
I hope he does not punch me - my little head would break off! :slap:
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