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Bayformers Drift My design fan art

This my art takes 4 hours. :) 

*Car model - 
Bugatti - Veyron White
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This is a masterpiece! 1000 times better than AOE version!

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way better, specially without the samurai head sculpt 
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THIS should have been the movie version.  I love how it references the IDW/G1 style, while maintaining the Bayformers look. Also, I love your metal rendering and lighting and shading. Did you do this piece in 4 hours straight, or 4 hours broken up?
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Much better than the actual movie version. :D
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This Drift and IDW comic Drift are my top favsssss
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I am all kinds of in love with this~ :heart::heart::heart:
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Looks STUNNING!!! G1 awesomeness roaring from this art just as loudly as the W16 engine on the actual Bugatti Veyron!
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Why couldn't Drift look like this in the movie ;o;
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Clap OMG Jawdrop 

I second the sentiment that YOU should have done the movie designs. 
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keep it up and youll be doing the art for the next 2 movies
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Samuri or knight style?
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how about both. :D
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This..I could have handled this version in the movie. Awesome :) 
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I like this Drift.
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I love transformers but this brought it to a whole new level. 5 stars
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Cool! Looks even cooler than in the movie. But it's better if it's red and black
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This looks so awesome!

IMO, though, Bay should have used that money he spent on the Veyron Vitesse to get a Nissan Skyline instead. You know, something more Japanese. He's wasting trillions of dollars, and he's not even getting the right cars. He picked a French hypercar for a JAPANESE SAMURAI. Sorry for ranting there. ^^; But when I see movie makers making poor decisions based on cars, I get all "eh" about em.
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In another, better world, this is the version that would be on the big screen.

Nice work!
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Looks so much better than the actual design. Very nice!
This version is better.
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