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Lucinna and Renata

Drawn By the Awesome Drachea Rannak :D

 Part one:
The Story Created by :iconilantiis: tweaked by :icongoddess-of-the-moon1:
The Creator (the dying planet named Renata - Latin for "reborn or rebirth") created the first Dark Matter Senshi from a Black Hole born after a nearby star died lon
g ago. Renata sent the first Dark Matter Senshi into the solar system to absorb a nearby healthy and young planet and all it's life. The Dark Matter Senshi did as commanded, but when the Dark Matter Senshi returned with the power and material from the planet it had absorbed with her Black Hole powers, Renata quickly realized that the Dark Matter Senshi had no way of giving up the power and material that was absorbed.

So, Renata, who was determined to not die yet and become a black hole herself, sought the powers of a White Hole (white holes are the opposite of black holes and spew energy and material back into the universe). From the White Hole, Renata created her White Matter Senshi and anchored her to the planet's atmosphere. Renata named her Lucinna (name meaning Illumination: the mythological Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns).

Lucinna was able to pull the power and material out of the first Dark Matter Senshi and combine it with Renata, the dying planet and her Creator. But in doing so, the Dark Matter Senshi began to fade and change. Lucinna could see the haunted look on the former Dark Matter Senshi. The haunted senshi turned away and went to fulfill her first and only mission - to absorb stars/planets full of life and bring them home to her Creator, Renata.

Renata and Lucinna knew this could not be done by a Haunted Senshi and so Renata was forced to use more of her life force to create more Dark Matter Senshi. As each Dark Matter Senshi completes her mission and has her collected power transferred to Renata through Lucinna, she become Haunted and incapable of fulfilling her mission (but the Haunted Senshi don't know that and leave anyway to continue to absorb more and more planets and stars).


Renata was once a very happy child living on a small lush and lively planet, but as is tradition on the planet, as the original host starts to die, the planet's energy begins to fade and die, so a new host is chosen from it's inhabitants. Women from all over the planet are brought forward to the small statue of a feathered lion, refered to as AmuSek (AmumSekhmet) and if the woman was not to be chosen as the next host the statue would do nothing, but if chosen, it's eye would glow red. The chosen woman would then have her hair cut short and be dressed in fine robes, and crowned as the host and treated as a deity her self.
Her life force is then melded to that of the planet's and the planet feeds off of her and her emotions, she was ultimately responsible for all seasons and any occurrence on the planet, so many feared/ and respected and tried to appease her at all times.

One day however, a black stone monolith fell to the surface and struck in the surface, and slowly everything on the planet, died. As the people died and the planet was hurt, her energy was sapped to help the planet to heal, but it was in vain, she and the planet were going to die all alone, and become a black hole. 

The black feathered lion statue however had a different plan in mind. 

Renata came to the statue begging for a miracle, or some solution to her problems, as she was determined to save herself and the planet. 

The statue's eyes glowed red, and renata heard a voice speaking to her.

"Go, and for your self make a team warrior women, your protectors, your saviors. They will rescue you, like the guardians of the moon in years long past. They will gather enough energy to make you whole again, eternal, and resurrect your people.
You need the galaxy cauldron, and they will be able to save you with it" 

She then took some of the remaining energy she had and created the first dark matter senshi.

Eventually in the end Renata will be defeated in a joint effort by the sailor cadet academy (won't give away it entirely) and her body will waste/crumble away into dust and drift off. This will leave her creations the dark matter senshi to a similar fate. However the white matter senshi Lucinna will be spared due to a white holes property to continually bring forth new matter into space. 

Lucinna and Renata share a special bond of superior and underling but Lucinna genuinely cares for and wants to protect Renata. I'm not sure if it's necessarily 100% romantic love but I do (secretly) kind of ship them. I can imagine Lucinna crying bent over holding Renata as her body starts disintegrating and fling off as Renata wipes away a tear from Lucinnas face and and says it's not good bye. She'll be re born in the galaxy cauldron. But lucinna busts out crying anyway. 

I always kind of pictured them like Haruka and michiru in a way.... 
Only they are the yin and yang, dark and light and though at first Lucinna was nothing more than renatas life line at first she grew to care for her as she was the only one always there for her. And vise versa

Sorry for the shipping ramble there!!!!

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Emotional. Like it. 
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This is seriously making me sniffle. Lucinna's despair is coming through very strongly.
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God this is so perfect! It is really exactly how I imagined Lucinna would grow to love and admire her creator. You have done such a fantastic job with this!!!