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Gonna use this space to list all the chapters of The Malachite Dragon as I write them throughout the month. It'll also help me keep track of my word count on DA, as well. :thumbsup:

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The Malachite Dragon by Goddess-of-Gales


- Chapter Twelve -
The Ancient Ones

        Noxxavier could not see the world as other mortals could. Standing on a cliff near the Howling Summit that overlooked the raging battlefield at Bane's Town, he gazed up at the early morning sky. He couldn't see the light of the stars as they faded with the night, nor the rays of the dawning sun as it peeked over the horizon. He couldn't see the clouds that hid Lark and her friends as they fled Bane's Town on the back of a dragon. But nor was he completely blind. He could see the auras of all things living creations and magical spirits. Each aura was unique from one another, but he could commit them to memory. It's what made him a skilled hunter. And because his black arrows struck at the soul, not the body, he could kill any man in an instant—if he wanted to.
        Unhindered by the clouds, the dark dragon gazed towards the east. He watched Lark's spirit fly away, as she and her friends escaped from the siege on Bane's Town. He knew they'd be heading towards the Templar's grand capital city, Carmine, where even The Shadowed One would not dare to tread. He knew they'd seek the safety of The Dragon Queen's protection. He also knew that he was expected to prevent them from reaching their destination.
        A dark apparition appeared at Noxxavier's side. He didn't have to read The Shadowed One's aura to sense that familiar feeling—the feeling of raw power. A power that made the entire spirit realm quiver in submission to the relentless will of darkness. Having spent most of his life serving powerful entities, Nox did not fear the Shadowed One. He didn't cower away from the dark presence, as other mortals might. Ever since his sight was taken from him, he was beyond feeling—beyond fear.
        Noxxavier didn't have to hear The Shadowed One's command to know what twisted thoughts were lurking behind the mask. He already knew what his orders were, before they were even given.
        "Follow them," the voice commanded.
        In his dragon form, Nox raised his tattered wings to prepare for takeoff, but the Shadowed One held up a gloved hand to stop him. Nox recoiled from the burning essence of the Shadowed One's touch. He could feel the black magic coursing within. He didn't like the feeling of that raw power against his scales.
        "Not alone," The Shadowed One hissed in frustration. "This time, I want to make certain you do not fail me."
        The Shadowed One gazed to the east. Though Nox couldn't see the face beyond the shadowy hood, he could sense a malicious grin beyond it. A smile of madness and hatred.
        "One way or another," The Shadowed One mused, "I will get what I want in the end—even if I have to pry it from that dragon's lifeless claws."
        Nox permitted The Shadowed One to climb upon his back and the two descended towards the east, where a red dawn appeared above The Blackridge Mountains.

        Lark gazed in awe at the massive mountain range that spread out all around them far below. At first, she'd found flying on the back of a dragon to be an intimidating experience, considering how high up in the air they were. Not to mention there wasn't anything other than an old leather saddle to hold onto. Yet being wedged in-between her friends Inari and Brom made her feel more at ease. Though she could still hear the old dwarf grumbling in her ear every now and again. Apparently it'd take longer than a couple hours of dragon-flying to put a dwarf's fear of heights at ease.
        Lark looked behind her. Though they appeared to be the only ones around for miles, she kept getting this peculiar feeling that they were being followed.
        "Captain Dynamic, how much farther is it to Carmine?"
        "We're nearly half-way there," the red dragon called back. "A couple more hours should do it. I could fly faster, if you like ..."
        "Don't even think about it!" Brom yelled back.
        The Captain grinned wryly, amused by the old dwarf's discomfort.
        "Is Carmine a very large city? Like Bane's Town?"
        "And then some!" The Captain replied proudly. "It's our Capital city, home of Queen Luminous herself."
        "Do you think we'll get to see The Queen?"
        "Most likely," the dragon nodded. "I'm sure she'd love to meet someone as brave and fascinating as you, my Lady."
        Lark felt her cheeks blush with pleasure. "I've never met a Queen in person before ... What's she like?"
        "Queen Luminous is many things. She is more beautiful than the moon over the mountains, as wise and ancient as the immortal skies, and her wrath is stronger than the mightiest storm."
        "You really admire Queen Luminous, don't you?"
        "I—er," The Captain stumbled over the words, than cleared her throat. "I value her leadership. As well as her captivating strength as a fellow Warrior of Light."
        "She sounds powerful."
        "Indeed," The Captain solemnly agreed. "One of the most powerful dragons this world has ever seen. But she is also good and just. She is a loving Queen who protects and serves her people, just as they protect and serve her. She is a Queen above Queens—a Goddess incarnate, some would say.
        "The world you see before you, was not always green and beautiful as it is now. When The Gale was first created by The Goddess, Obsidian proclaimed himself 'King of The Gale'. He created death and The Under Realm. He created terror and chaos. He created darkness and decay. For many years The Galians lived in fear and torment under Obsidian's tyrannical rule.
        "Until Luminous came into the world. It was she who put an end to Obisidian's tyrannical rule. Blessed by Raze, The God of War, Luminous and her army drove the shadows from The Gale, bringing light and peace to this world. Raze became King of the Immortal Realm, and the dragons made Luminous a Dragon Queen—the one and only."
        "I can see why everyone reveres her then," Lark said. She glanced behind them again. "Does anyone else have the feeling we're being followed?"
        The Captain scoffed doubtfully. "I'd like to see the demon who can keep up with me, even at this speed—which I might add, is far from my fastest."
        "I don't think it's a demon ... I'm not sure what it is, to be honest. Just instinct I guess."
        Inari turned around. "I sense it, too. Something is following us. I think it'd be wise to pick up the pace."
        "Out of the question!" Brom fumed.
        "And what do you think, little green one?" The Captain asked Elijah.
        "Who me?" he asked in surprise. Even when he was human, Elijah had a habit of going unnoticed by others.
        "Yes, you. Should we fly faster?"
        "Do whatever you want," Elijah muttered. "I don't care."
        "In that case, it's two against one, better hold on tight, Master Dwarf!"
        Brom muttered a curse as the stunt dragon flapped her wings, picking up speed. The wind rushed past them, blowing wildly through their hair and clothes. Lark and Inari laughed happily. Even the gloomy Elijah cracked a smile.
        "This is way better than any carnival ride, huh Eli?" Lark asked.
        "Yeah. I guess it's pretty cool. I mean, how many people can say they've ridden on the back of an actual, living dragon?"
        "No one will believe us!" Lark laughed. "But who cares? This is awesome!"
        Feeling bold, Lark spread out her arms. Never had she felt so light and free. As though the wind could just lift her into the sky, and she could sail away into the endless horizon beyond.
        But all of these happy feelings were soon cut short. Far ahead, a giant shadow appeared seemingly from out of thin air. Hovering on the wind before them was a massive, dark green dragon with tattered wings. But it was those two unforgettable black holes where the dragon's eyes should have been, that gave his identity away.
        "Noxxavier ..." Lark said the foreboding name out loud.
        Seeing him recalled the first time she encountered the archer who fell a dozen orcs without any hesitation or remorse. She also recalled what he'd said when they'd gone their separate ways—should we meet again, we do so as enemies.
        "Noxxavier? Who the blazes is that!?" The Captained asked.
        "He's bad business, that's what," Inari said. "Let's turn around, find another route."
        "Alright, hold on," The Captain made a U-turn and started heading northward.
        "We'll head north and then turn around again once we reach The Frostmarked Pinnacle—it's the largest mountain in Gra Rhul. From there, we can head south to Carmine. This way we can avoid crossing paths with Mr. What's-His—GAH!"
        The red dragon suddenly came to a stop, hovering in mid-air. Looming before them was Noxxavier again, staring at them with his haunting gaze. He flew a little closer this time. If The Captain had kept on flying, she could've bumped right into him.
        "Impossible ...!" The Captain gasped. How can the same dragon be in two places at—"
        The companions eyes widened in terror, as they each identified Noxxavier's rider. Sitting atop the massive dragon's neck was a rider wearing black robes that draped through the air all around him—like an ominous shadow. Though dwarfed by his mount's large stature, his dark presence proved to be as intimidating as ever.
        "The Shadowed One ..." Lark named the source of all their impending dread.
        The Captain needed no encouragement this time. Without hesitation, the stunt dragon gracefully pivoted in the sky and started flapping her wings as rapidly as possible.
        "Hold on tight!" she warned her riders. "We're gonna fly at full-speed ahead!"
        Brom moaned, but knew better than to argue.
        The companions clung tightly to one another, as the red dragon continued to gain speed. The Blackridge mountains went zooming past at a mesmerizing rate, until their surroundings were nothing but a blur of light and rushing colors. The Templar flew them as far south as she dared, before finally stopping. Captain Dynamic was panting heavily, as a sprinter would after a running a race. It was clear that she wouldn't be able to soar at her top-speed for any extended amount of time.
        "Ha!" The Captain laughed mockingly. "Let's see those Obsidian-worshiping fools catch up to us now!"
        Everyone looked around cautiously, but this time they didn't see either Nox or the Shadowed One for miles around. The companions breathed a sigh of relief. They were safe—for now.
        Lark gazed at their new surroundings. They had flown somewhere to the south. The Blackridge Mountains were far behind them in the distance. Instead, there loomed a massive forest stretched out as far as the eye could see. Yet this woodland was unlike any other Lark had ever seen before. While some of the trees were the usual green, many of them appeared to be white all around—both trunk and leaves alike.
        "Where are we?" she asked The Captain.
        "We're just south of Carmine," the dragon panted, still trying to catch her breath. "That is the Ivory Grove below us. We'll find our destination a few miles beyond the forest's northern borders."
        "Thank you for saving us." Lark patted the dragon on the neck, comfortingly.
        Suddenly, the skies became unnaturally dark, as if someone had covered up the sun. All traces of light seemed to vanish before their eyes. The Captain stopped short. Fear and disbelief filled all the companions. The eternal darkness that surrounded them was all too familiar.
        "Oh no!" The Captain uttered, still breathless. "Not this again ... Gods help us!"
        "You cannot escape me," The demonic voice echoed throughout the abyssal void surrounding them, so that they couldn't be sure where the speaker was coming from. "No matter where you run, no matter where you fly, the darkness will always find you—as will I."
        "W—what do we do now?" Lark asked, trembling with fear.
        "I don't know ..." The Captain said, overcome with panic.
        Flashbacks flared in the Templar's mind, as she recalled her traumatic defeat, when she'd failed to protect the Keyseekers. Hovering blindly in the dark, she felt just as powerless now as she had then.
        Inari closed his eyes, as if in a silent prayer. His thoughts were of Tessa, wondering if he might see her again in the afterlife.
        Brom put a hand on Lark's arm, as if to comfort her. He did not fear for his own life, but for the young ones he'd sworn to protect.
        Lark held onto Sensu, but couldn't bring herself to summon its powers. What if she couldn't control it? And even if she did, how could she be sure it would do any good? She was just a human girl from Earth. This wasn't her world. She shouldn't even be here ...
        The world seemed to fall completely silent. As if The Gale and everything in it had ceased to exist. Caught in The Shadowed One's eternal darkness, everyone could feel their hearts being weighed down by the overwhelming shadow—losing all delusions of hope.
        "Trust in your inner light," a single, small voice pierced through the shadow's enchantment. "The power that you seek exists within you ..."
        Lark heard the words being whispered inside her ear. And then she recognized the voice—it was Elijah.
        Suddenly a light began to shine. An ethereal, green glow surrounded the miniature dragon's body. Elijah's mystical light pierced through The Shadowed One's darkness, shattering the spell, and freeing all of his companions from the inflictions of doubt and despair.
        Gradually, The Gale began to reappear before the companion's eyes. And though the darkness still remained, they felt enough hope to not give up. To keep on fighting. Elijah closed his eyes, to focus on increasing his glow. This gave The Captain enough light to see where she needed to fly. A  haven where they could escape Dark Ether's relentless pursuit.
        Daringly, the red dragon began to dive downwards, towards the ground below.
        "Hold on!" she cautioned, right before she charged head-first through the forest's canopy, scattering leaves and small branches everywhere. Losing her momentum, the dragon collided through the trees. She eventually landed on a sturdy trunk that held firm under her weight. Her riders fell from her back, plummeting to the forest floor below. Fortunately, the forest was overflowing with flora, and a cluster of plants broke their fall.
        Lark could feel herself losing consciousness, as her blurred gaze stared up at the canopy far overhead. Her head swam with dizziness, as she saw her companions strewn carelessly throughout the area. They had all been knocked out by the crash-landing.
        The last thing she could recall seeing was Sensu, the sealed fan had fallen from her belt. She reached a shaking hand out to grasp the handle, but the key was too far away for her to reach.

        Like a circling vulture, Noxxavier glided around the woodland near the place where he'd seen their targets fall beyond the thick layer of green and white clusters of leaves.
        "The Ivory Grove ..." The Shadowed One whispered menacingly.
        "Shall we pursue them?" Nox suggested.
        The Shadowed One stared thoughtfully at the grove below before answering.
        "No need. They cannot hide in the woods forever. When they come out—we'll be waiting."
        Nox heard The Shadowed One chuckle amusingly, a shrill, mocking laugh.
        "If they manage to survive a night in the Ivory Grove, that is. I wonder ... What will The Worldcrusher think of our conniving Keyseeker and his foolish, little friends?"
The Malachite Dragon - Ch12
This chapter's a little different, as we get a closer look at two of the story's antagonists. But why are they so determined to torment Lark and friends? What could they possibly have to gain? I guess we'll just have to wait and see ... :reading:

Also, be sure to check out this artwork of our two villains, as it kinda goes along with this chapter. ;)

And here's some epic, fantasy battle music if you're into it:

Thanks for reading! :heart:
The Malachite Dragon - Villains
Two of the main antagonists in The Malachite Dragon series—Noxxavier (the dragon) and The Shadowed One (mage). Keyseekers beware, these two will stop at nothing to hunt you down. :stare:

This also gives a better representation of Nox's size. ;)

As a side note, this picture is pretty simple, but I really like it~ But then it has a sexy looking dragon, a black mage—who is arguably one of my favorite characters, and a beautiful starry night sky ~
What more can a Dragon Queen ask for? a sparkle night 
Is anyone else excited about playing Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee tomorrow? I know I am ~


But that's a given, because I'm a crazy fangirl like that. ;P

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- Chapter Eleven -
Shadows in the Night

        The companions returned to their rooms in the castle that evening to go over what they learned. Judging by their faces, Brom and Inari seemed to have faired as poorly as Lark and Elijah. Brom recalled how the temple was full of snobbish priests. Most either thought he was playing a joke, trying to pull some sort of scam. Insistent that they had far more important work to be done than to listen to some shady-looking dwarf.
        "Hmph. If you ask me, they simply didn't know how to remove curses, but were too full of themselves to admit it."
        "So no one was willing to help or listen to you at all?" Lark asked.
        "Well, that's not necessarily true. Some of the lower ranked acolytes were kind enough to hear me out. But when I told them the details of our situation, they said it would be difficult to discover a cure without being able to study the cursed object—the malachite dragon statue in this case.
        "They also said that when it comes to curses, usually the mage that created the enchantment, is the one that has to remove it."
        "I see. I don't suppose either of you know where this statue came from."
        Inari shook his head sadly. Brom scratched at his beard.
        "If we knew who was behind all this, lass, we wouldn't be here trying to find a mage. We'd just track down the villain and make him turn our friend back to normal. But without any leads ... this is proving to be quite the tricky riddle to be sure."
        "I take it you couldn't find any books on a cursed malachite statue either?" Lark asked Inari.
        "Nothing. I'm sorry, Elijah."
        "Don't worry about it. Even if I end up stuck this way for the rest of my life, I will still be grateful to you all for helping me. You're all good friends."
        "Aw, Eli ..." Lark petted the little dragon on his soft, feathery head. "But we mustn't give up! There must be another way to change Eli back. Perhaps there's something we haven't thought of yet. Something we're overlooking ..."
        "Actually," Inari added. "while I was in the library, I did a lot of thinking. And I think I might know someone who can help us."
        "Really who?" Elijah asked, his hopes rising.
        "The Keyseekers. According to Captain Dynamic, the survivors are still at Carmine, trying to recover from their traumatic losses. While Caliber, who's taken charge of things in Kharlos' absence, is working alongside the Queen to search for the key that was lost, as well as any other survivors from Dark Ether's attack. I was planning on joining them eventually—assuming we'd been able to find a cure for Eli. After all, I am still a Keyseeker—no matter what happens, I won't turn my back on them. Tessa would've wanted me to continue in her stead."
        Lark patted Inari on the arm.
        "In that case, we would be honored to travel with you to Carmine, if you'll have us."
        "Of course!" Inari beamed brightly. "And maybe Caliber will be able to help Elijah, too! At the very least, he could give us some suggestions. There are many worlds out there ... surely one has the information we're looking for. As Lark said, there's got to be another way. We can't give up—not after coming this far."
        "We're all in this together." Lark declared, and everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "Good. Alright then, in the morning we'll go talk to The Captain. I'm sure she'll be willing to give us a Templar escort to Carmine."

        That night, Lark awakened to the sound of a ringing bell. Her first thought was being home in her bed back on Earth, with her alarm clock waking her up to get ready for school. She blindly reached for the snooze button, and ended up smacking Elijah in the face.
        "Ow, hey!" The miniature dragon growled softly. "Open your eyes already!"
        Lark opened her eyes, and remembered that there were no alarm clocks in The Gale.
        "What's that loud ringing?"
        "I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be good."
        Elijah climbed on Lark's shoulders and the two peered out their bedroom window. The sun hadn't even risen yet, but there were hundreds of people flocking into the streets. Most bore armor, weapons, or torches. Mounted officers from the backs of raptors shouted orders to their troops and civilians alike. Saddled stunt dragons and their riders filled the skies above, their lances and bows drawn. Lark's heart pounded fearfully in her chest. It looked as though the troops were getting ready for a battle.
        An urgent knock sounded on Lark's door. She opened it and Brom burst into her room. Lark had come to know Brom's worried face all too well.
        "What's happening?" she asked.
        "The city's under attack. An entire army is headed this way."
        "An army? Of what, orcs?"
        Brom shook his head. "I'm not sure, but we'd better find someone who does. The fox and I are already packed, in case our trip to Carmine comes sooner than planned."
        Moments later, the companions gathered in the main hall as a platoon of Templars passed. The men had their helmets removed, and Lark saw a familiar face.
        "Cornelius!" She waved to the soldier.
        "What are you lot doing here? Didn't you hear the warning bell?"
        "We know, the city's under attack."
        "Then go back to your rooms, and let the Dragon Templars do our jobs."
        "We can fight, too, you know."
        The Sergeant smiled, recalling how she'd used her wind-powers to defeat the feral wyvern.
        "Cornelius ... it's not Dark Ether, is it?"
        Cornelius nodded grimly. "Worse than that, they have a hoard of demons at their command."
         Brom cursed under his breath. "They must be getting desperate, to attack an entire Templar city."
        "How can we help?" Lark asked.
        Cornelius opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by a voice of higher authority.
        "You must finish what the Keyseekers started."
        Everyone's gaze fixated on Captain Dynamic. Cornelius saluted his commanding officer as she approached, but she nodded dismissively, telling him to stand at ease. The Captain was fully dressed in a suit of armor, from head to toe. Like the rest of her men, she was armed for battle—a sword at her hip and a large shield at her back.
        The Captain's fierce green eyes fell upon Inari, and she bent down on one knee, as a knight might kneel before his King.
        "Key or no key, I swore an oath that I would get you to Carmine safely. And that is exactly what I intend to do. The mission, must not fail."

        Once they made it out to the courtyard, Lark got her first glimpse of The Shadowed One's army of demons. Though the ground-based ones hadn't yet breached the city, there were a great number of winged demons that were able to fly past the fortress' walls. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some had mutilated bodies, bat-like wings, sharp teeth, and horned heads. Others were little more than dark puffs of cloud. Others still wore dark robes, like mini versions of The Shadowed One himself. But the one thing all the demons had in common, were their beady, piercing red eyes.
        The demons screeched and howled as the Templars on their flying mounts fell upon them with lances or arrows. Some of the dragons could breathe fire or beams of ice, and could easily fell the demons with a well-aimed blast of their deadly breath. But the demons showed no fear or mercy. They pummeled into the mounted knights like missiles. They clawed and bit at the dragons and their riders, or blinded them with spells of impenetrable darkness—like the master that commanded them. Some of the more aggressive demons even self-detonated with a fiery boom like that of a firework—often taking both rider and dragon down with them.
        However, as soon as one demon fell, two more always seemed to take their place, until they eventually filled the sky like a flock of giant blackbirds. The Templars continued to fight, not backing down, but they didn't have the numbers to ward off so many demons, and several were able to swoop down into the city to prey upon unsuspecting land-walkers below.
        Captain Dynamic drew her sword and shield. Lark opened up Sensu. Inari readied his staff, while Brom had a collection of knives and daggers on hand. Cornelius and a number of other Templars also had their weapons drawn and were ready to fight.
        "We need to clear the courtyard!" The Captain called to them. "As soon as the perimeter's clear, we can make our escape! Get ready, here they come!"
        As the demons catapulted from the sky, The Captain sliced one of the leads in two with a fierce swipe of her sword. Then turned to slash at another. Like a dancer, she slashed left and right, felling one demon after another.
        Inari used his staff to send branches of blue lightning and balls of light at the demons, taking down several before they could even land. Not only that, but his magical attacks lit up the night sky, illuminating the battlefield, improving the vision of his comrades, while blinding the demons—who hated the vibrant streaks of color.
        Brom, who appeared to have better night-vision than the rest of them, preferred to stick to the shadows. He'd find the demons that tried to hide in darkness in order to sneak up on an unsuspecting victim. But Brom was able to out-stealth the stalking fiends, and stab them in the back, or slice their throat before they knew they had been out-witted.
        Lark, surrounded by Templars, felt unsure of whether to use her powers or not. Afterall, West could get a little carried away. If she did summon him, there was no telling whether or not he'd do more harm than good.
        Suddenly, a demon lunged down in front of her, Lark ducked with a scream. Inari appeared by her side in an instant, hitting the demon with his ligtning-staff. Like all the others, the demon disappeared in a puff of smoke—back to the abyss from which it came.
        "Are you alright, Lark?" Inari asked, looking up at her with concern.
        "Yeah, I'm fine."
        "Good. Stay close to me, I'll protect you!" He thumped his furry chest with a proud fist.
        Lark petted him on the head affectionately, earning her a smile. Before the kitsune returned his attention to the fight, using his lightning-magic and staff to ward away the demons.
        Watching all her friends risking their lives for her ... Lark felt touched by their bravery and determination. Lark raised Sensu and began to wave it back and forth in small, furious strokes.
        "I can fight, too," she said quietly. "I'll protect you, Inari. I'll protect everyone!"
        As soon as the wind began to pick up, Lark called out to the Western Wind. Perhaps there was a way to get West to focus his attacks more, so he'd only attack the demons—without harming the dragons and Templars.
        West appeared almost instantly, as though he'd been anticipating the call. He was smiling at her mischievously in his boy-like form, hovering in the air. He appeared to be completely oblivious to the chaos that surrounded them.
        "Hey, it's been a while! Are you ready to play with me now?" Lark heard the wind's voice say to her. That gave her an idea.
        "Yes. Let's play a game, West. It's called ... Demon Blaster!"
        "Oh, that sounds like a fun game!" Filled with excitment, West did a backflip in the air.
        "But there are rules!" Lark cautioned. "You earn points by hitting demons, but if you hit anyone other than a demon—it's game over and you lose."
        West snapped his ghostly fingers arrogantly. "Pah, I could win this game with my eyes closed!"
        "Please don't," Lark said trying not to think of such a disaster. "Now, just aim your winds wherever I point Sensu—the fan, that is."
        "You got it, Lark! These weakling-demons don't stand a chance against me!"
        "Good. Now go ... there!" Lark pointed at an incoming swarm of demons. West disappeared and his laughter rang out as a powerful gust of wind blew them off-course. The demons tumbled helplessly to the ground below, where a cluster of Templars were waiting for them.
        Lark gazed around the battlefield. Inari was closest to her, but he was surrounded by a large number of demons, desperate to put an end to the kitsune's bright attacks that hurt their eyes.
        Lark pointed the fan at the demons surrounding her friend. West skillfully spiraled around them, creating a small tornado-like current of air, that sucked up the demons and tossed them far away from the fox. While the demons were stunned, Inari then used his magic to finish them off. Afterwards, he gazed at Lark with an impressed grin. He gave her a friendly salute of gratitude.
        By this point, most of the courtyard had been cleared of demons, but more kept raining down from the skies above. Their numbers seemed endless. The Templars were holding up well, but eventually they'd run out of stamina. If the demons never ceased their attack, the Templars would lose the battle from exhaustion alone. Lark decided to trust in West's skill.
        "Alright West, show me what you can do," she muttered a quiet prayer to the wind. Using Sensu, she made a sweeping motion over the entire sky surrounding the courtyard. Hoping West would understand her message.
        Right on cue, the gusts of air began to twirl in place until it formed a small sphere of wind-power. The wind-sphere coursed high overhead, snaking left and right, it blasted swiftly through the air, hitting one demon after another. It bounced off their misshapen bodies, the same way a ball would in a pinball machine. Each target the sphere hit was launched out of the sky, causing them to crash into the hard ground below. What demons weren't instantly killed upon impact, were easily picked off by the Templars waiting below.
        Lark felt someone clap her on the back. She turned to see The Captain smiling down at her from underneath her helmet.
        "Well done! Cornelius told me you had saved him and his men using some sort of wind-magic. Yet seeing it with my own two eyes makes it all the more impressive. You are full of surprises, young lady."
        Now that the courtyard was temporarily free of demons—both above and below—the companions huddled close together for The Captain's orders.
        "Is everyone here?" Brom asked, looking around.
        "I think so ... Wait, where's Eli?" Lark realized the little dragon wasn't in his usual place wrapped around her shoulders. "He's probably hiding under a rock somewhere ..."
        "Actually, it was under a bush, for your information." The the little dragon said, scuttling out of a nearby flowerbed. "It's far more comfortable than rocks."
        Lark stooped down, allowing Elijah to climb back on top of her shoulders.
        "Okay, now we're all here," Lark said to The Captain. Yet, when she turned around The Captain was no where in sight. Where'd she been standing a moment ago, there was now a stunt-dragon, heroically posed before her. She was the size of a large horse, with a beautiful, silky mane similar to Elijah's feathery one. In the dim light, Lark got a glimpse of gleaming red scales.
        "Don't be alarmed," Dynamic said. "climb on my back. Hurry now. The demons have broken rank for the time being, but I doubt we've seen the last of them."
        Inari climbed on first, no questions asked. He used the dragon's muscular hind-leg for a boost, then waited for the others to follow.
        Lark hesitated, gazing around at Cornelius and the other Templars who were busy making preparations for the next wave of demons.
        "If the demons are coming back," Lark said her thought aloud. "Shouldn't we stay and defend the city?"
        The Captain shook her head. "That's what The Shadowed One wants. Don't worry about Bane's Town. She's well equipped to handle a siege. Fighting the forces of evil is what the Templars are trained for, after all. Besides, it is you that Dark Ether is after. Once the Shadowed One discovers you've escaped, his minions will most likely cease their attack in order to pursue us. Until then, my men will do their best to keep them preoccupied, hopefully it'll be enough to buy us time to reach Carmine."
        Admitting The Captain made several good points, Lark climbed on behind Inari with Elijah still clinging to her shoulders.
        "Are you sure you'll be able to carry all of us, Captain?" Lark asked anxiously. "We're not too heavy for you, I hope?"
        The dragon shook her head. "Not at all. On the contrary, you're all much lighter than any of the Templars—what with their battle armor and all. Rest assured, you're all in safe hands—or claws, I should say."
        The dragon turned her head curiously, realizing that Brom was also hesitating.
        "Hop aboard, Master Dwarf." The Captain said invitingly. "Quickly now, before the demons return."
        "No, thank you," Brom said stubbornly to all of their surprise.
        "Brom, aren't you coming with us?" Lark asked, worried the dwarf might get left behind.
        "I'd rather take my chances with the demons. At least that way I'll have a chance of defending myself."
        "What are you talking about?"
        "Dwarves aren't meant to walk above ground, let alone fly above it."
        "Please come with us," Lark begged. "We all promised we would stick together. You can't turn your back on us now, we still need you."
        The old dwarf made the mistake of glancing at the pleading young woman who's eyes were on the brink of tears. Finally his adamant expression softened with surrender. He grunted unhappily.
        "Well ... don't blame me when we end up crashing into a tree."
The Malachite Dragon - Ch11
Lark and her friends make plans to head towards Carmine to reunite with the surviving Keyseekers. But there are many dangers that lurk in the darkness of night—shadows that will stop at nothing to prevent our heroes from completing their mission.

Thanks for reading! :heart:



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