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Sacrifina is gonna have a kiddo which name do you like? 

6 deviants said Kasriel
1 deviant said Lucius
1 deviant said Xaleb
1 deviant said Zeral
No deviants said Zamnas
No deviants said Tekur


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Sophia Tews
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Im Atheist but I respect all religions. so, if you have a problem with it, get lost. Also, I was born in a Christian family but I don't believe god nor do I believe in God's. I'm an atheist but it doesn't mean I 'support' the devil or Satan himself. I do NOT believe in him either. I believe death is just an empty void and you go nowhere after death.

1. i take point commissions
3. i can draw humans, fan art, some blood and gore, some nudity,etc.
4. please do not harass me if i DECLINE your commission.
5. if i feel UNCOMFORTABLE to do your commission, i have the right to DECLINE IT.
5. point commissions can range;
traditional head shot commissions are 50 points
planet commissions are 10 points
gladiax commissions are 30 points
MLP OC commissions are 40 points.
6. PLEASE BE AWARE that i may use a BASE for MLP OC commissions.
7. PAY IN THE DONATION POOL. do not use the commission widget or the give tool to donate the points.

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Hello everyone.. if I may, I'd love to bring up a topic that I made long ago around possibly four years ago in 2015…


Note; I had a guilty pleasure of forbidden affairs honestly… and I got no regrets cause I’m still a slut for that shit heh heh now many have I done... *mentally counts* .....oh... shit damn.. XD

The topic? This old journal:  shipping someone's OC's with your OCOpinions are allowed here!! 
Okay, before I start off, i DONT intend to HURT SNYONE. 
I've shipped OC's and so have you. Okay that good. Good for you. But, then you ship your OC with another character. Alright, nothing wrong, but what if? What if the person you shipped your OC with first is hitched to it and find the other shipping? They "over react" and make fanart of it, journals, etc. 
I've  been there and done that. It was with my OC Vapor, and myself. Vapor was Shipped with Laly, a Character that belonged to a friend im still good friends with, a OC called Sunny from another friend I know. Then from a blind angle named Blue. Sadly, im not shipping blue x vapor anymore. My friendship with the person who made her isn't my friend anymore.. But we talk here and there. I also ship vaoor with a friends OC named stacy. 
Now, with me, I was a 'Angel' OC and shipped with three characters. One named Nathan, the second one named Ari, and the last one named Xavier. Ok

Now… how do I start this…. Ah, okay my characters are multi-shipped. And I see NO harm that. Why? Because they are FICTIONAL. But I know that not everyone will agree.

Let me start off with some character I own and who I shipped them with and what THEY WERE and the type of shipping it was 

Teal - Angel = forbidden and non forbidden 

Vapor - demon = non forbidden

Sacrifina - Angel, demon, nightmare, creepypasta, xenohybrid =forbidden AND non forbidden 

Scarletpelt - neko = non forbidden?

Sol - demon =forbidden and non forbidden 

And finally the newest member of the group being Mezir Who I have not yet to post.. but already shipped him. (BTW supper cute ship X3) - demon hunter = non forbidden or forbidden not sure

Okay runner up: Teal
Teal is my angel OC, first ever Angel OC for that matter.. he has been shipped with this one of character named Jennifer, a friends oc that know for nearly over five years. I don’t recall shipping him with anyone else. Wait! I remember one other oc her her name was Cryill. An angel oc who hunted demons (TEAL HIDE YO BROTHERS HIDE YO WIFE YOU DATED AN ANGEL ASSASSIN// imnotsorry) those two ships lasted a long time but they were forgotten years ago but none the less it was an adorable shipping. But my God was he an innocent Angel bean…

Next up is: vapor
Oh boy…. Vapor has been shipped with FOUR different characters and their names are Blue, Laly, Sunny, and Stacy. Each character owned by four different creators. Vapor dated this Angel named Blue. The person who owned her has since then deactivated.. but it was a cute ship as Blue was blind and Vapor although a demon.. broke the rules and did a forbidden ship. Next is Laly and boy..  do I enjoy memory lane with those two… the ship was practically cannon until we deciced to stop shipping them because of unwanted drama.. Sunny was some furry oc I believe I’m not entirely sure but I believe something between me and the owner of Sunny happened because she blocked my sister and Me.. but whatever it’s been like six years now since I’ve last spoken to her.. anyways! The last character is Stacy and she belongs to the person who owns Jennifer! Not surprising honestly as Stacy was a demon like him and I had no problem with it.

Third runner up is Sacrifina;
Now feel free to call her a fucking whore cause that’s what she was and boy…. Do I regret parading her like a stripper? FUCK NO CAUSE SACRIFINA IS A SUCCUBUS IN A SENSE AND IS MY PERSONA SO... Anyways…. Many guys... many many many many guys have dated via Roleplay.. okay who have dated her..  okay Evil, Ari, Nathan, Xavier, Jeff the killer, Xero and many other guys that are either OC’s or Cannon characters..  God damn did I make her a slut… well.. I'm horny by nature so SORRYNOTSORRY. Anyways Ari, Nathan, and Xavier belong to the person who owned Laly and the beautiful Cryill. And Evil belongs to the person who Owned Blue. And Xero…. He Belonged to me but was shared with a friend of mine (hey she knew more about AvP than I did so I allowed her kay?) Didn’t wanna fuck up. Anyways Sacrifina went through many designs in each rp I did.. she was a literal Angel, Xenomorph hybrid, a creepypasta, and I believe I made her a Nightmare only once but I don’t remember.

Fourth runner is:
Scarletpelt…. She was shipped only twice and that was it. I don’t remember the second guy but I do remember the first and it was done wolf person guy that if turned into a wolf he’s on fire and name was Heat. Heat is or was owned by the owner of Blue.

Oh boy the fifth runner up is:
Sol…. Where…. Where the fuck do I start with him…. You know I’ll say it straight up… dude was a straight up fucking CHEATER short and simple I can’t even count the times I shipped him.. but the main character I so remember Sol dating cause I and the other owner actually CRIED from one RP we did with the said two characters… (when the ship was so good that is hurt to actually to the two breaking up…. I did that for the vapor x Laly ship but it was bound to happen) but after that… we vowed to NEVER do that again in a Vid call via Skype.

The last character is:
Mezir. Mezir is a demon hunter. Now you maybe wondering why I’m using a fairly new OC for this journal… well.. to tell you the truth it’s only because my best friend and I deciced to ship him with her persona Arcang3l who is a Assassin now how's that for a ship? 

Now…. Let me say this the ships are gonna be ships. Yes my characters a multi-shipped and I don’t care if it’s a gay shipping, a straight shipping, if it’s fluff, platonic, it can be ANY type of ship. And if you ship my characters with your characters that’s fine by me. Sure I have done OC x OC ships that became cannon (ex: Vapor x Laly, Teal x Cryill, etc) and in all honestly I say don’t flip your shit if you think the other shipping isn’t cute or they won’t work out. People can ship who they want with anyone you can’t stop that.
Here’s an example of a story that actually happened to me when I was weee little thirteen year old girl until now.

This was around the time the Vapor x Laly ship was soaring. And it was around the time I was trying too work out Vapor and all to the fine young devil he is. But I shipped him with the other three girls well WAY before I met Stacy’s creator that is… so I was role-playing Vapor x Sunny and I honestly forgot what the plot was in that RP… but I remember seeing screenshots of the ship by the owner of Laly who took them I obviously took one look and ignored it and continued on shipping Vapor x Sunny. But after around a week or two I sent a note to Laly and I kinda told her off. To lay off and it was just a shipping. She apologized and we went on our way. Continued too ship Vapor x Laly until maybe 2015 Late 2015. Here’s another story. Since I started shipping Mezir X Arcang3l. Now who is Arcang3l? Well it’s my friends Persona(and a good friend on dA her name is legit in her username). Two characters who are being worked out bio Wise. And we are going through Trial and Errors with this ship probably cause Mezir tries too kill her best friend Sacrifina on a daily fucking basis for being a demon… anyways time to end this journal
(I swear this journal isn’t making sense… I’m so sorry… continue on)

So my characters are multi-shipped and I want people too respect that. If you don’t I respect that and your opinions are allowed. This is only my opinion of shipping OC's with other characters. In fact tell me what you think about shippings.



You know what I hate? Data. Why? Because I have too use it in my house as my mother can't really afford the wifi. But what I ACTUALLY  HATE about my data is that it cuts out an random intervals. For example: when talking to my friend via discord I send my message only to see it cut out when I do. Or times I send it but dumps out so hard I have too resend my message to know it glitched out or painfully waiting for shit too load...  oh well that's life blargh 
Keka- Fanart request
The character DOES NOT belong to me. She belongs to KekaKoopa Keka
Drawing = me
Oc = KekaKoopa 
Ironic enough I don't really like Mario games that much but her OC was too cute to not say no to draw!so yeah X3
*blocked a creep on instagram*
*few weeks later they make new account*
Okay this is just STALKING...
Welp great start to second period, music...

Bashed hip on a xylophone that was made out of wood... thankfully it was broken already so I at least won't need too pay.. right? I hope.... 
Meryn - OC redesign
Character belongs to = lenathekiller22
Redesign by = Goddess-Ajattara 
I was looking at Meryn and I pictured her with a hourglass siulloute infact if she doesn't like all three designs I'll gladly make all three a new OC cause I'm already attached too the three of these beautiful girls. Definitely characters who deserve better.
Original image:  My horrible sister's by lenathekiller22


Goddess-Ajattara has started a donation pool!
11 / 188,000
I just need points for contests I am doing that involves points being donated to the winners who need it! ^^ I would gladly take any amount of points even 1 point counts!

I am also taking commissions now and I can do OC's which will be drawn traditionally and coloured in digitally by me! Or if you don't have the points needed for my commissions then my Adopts are cheap the lowest will be 3:points: for my Adopts.

:points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points:

Total balance: 827:points:

❤️ You can pay for commissions here! ❤️
planet commissions: 40 :points:

traditional head shots coloured: 50 :points: (with only one character)

gladiax commissions: 30 :points:

mlp base edit commissions: 40 :points:

If you donate :points: to me for no commission, you will get:
-a llama badge

If you pay for commissions, you will get:
-the commission

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