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Skycloud was a kittypet.
ThunderClan was starved of warriors, so they went to see if anyone would join them. Yarrowstar was not against kittypets, unlike most warriors.
He sent a patrol with Greyclaw, Sandcloud, Gorsepetal, and Redtuft, to try and find eligible kittypets, and maybe loners.
They saw Skycloud, or Cloud, as she was called at the time, being carried by a Twoleg monster. They couldn't bare it.
They chased after her and traced the scent of it. Greyclaw was the one who insisted. He was taken aback by the beauty of the she-cat.
They followed, they found. They found her being held by her Twoleg on the way out of a strange Twoleg den. They attacked the Twoleg. At first, Cloud was angry, then she noticed all the cuts and bruises, and her eyes softened.
Greyclaw was staring...
Cloud was sassy.
Eventually, they invited her back, because she was obviously very eligible. After all, she had jumped on Redtuft, because he was the one who bit her twoleg on the hand, with fierce determination. She fought very well, for a kittypet. 
When they took her back, Yarrowstar asked her if she would join, and she said yes.. Mostly because of Sandcloud and Greyclaw.
She started as an apprentice even though she was old enough to be a warrior, and Greyclaw trained her in the way of the Clans.
Her warrior name was Skycloud, Sky because of her lovely blue eyes, Cloud, because of her kittypet name, and because of her sheer white pelt. Of course, she had gotten to know Greyclaw in the time that passed between Skypaw and Skycloud. She had very obviously fallen in love with him, and Greyclaw loved her. Everyone expected kits, and even the oldest elder's eyes softened when they saw them walking together, heads tilted so that they almost touched. 
Then, the bad news came.
Something had happened. Skycloud was infertile. She had been sent to the Cutter already. It was too late.
They hoped for so long that something would happen.
And something probably will.
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AnimalLover670 Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm interested in all honesty!
god-compIex Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Have you read the first couple comic pages? It's not that interesting yet.
(I forgot I don't have core anymore, ANNOYINGGG)
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