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Rules and Guidelines for GoCrazyCOSPLAY

Before submitting, please take some time to read through these rules/guidelines! These are to make sure everyone that is a part of the group has a fun and safe experience.

:bulletblue: Submissions limited to 2 per WEEK.

:bulletblue: If your deviation submission EXPIRED, please re-submit. This group gets a lot of submissions and I have real life obligations too.

:bulletblue: ALL cosplays are welcome here! This includes WIP/Costests too.

:bulletblue: We only accept COSPLAY related photos. Please no fanart!

:bulletblue: If your submission contains anything of a sexual, excessively violent, gory, or disturbing nature, please submit to the Mature Cosplay folder. (If it has a content warning, it probably needs to go there. If you're unsure, submit it there anyway.)

:bulletblue: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER. I cannot express how important this is. Look through the folder list carefully before submitting, and if you can't see a folder for the Fandom that your cosplay belongs to, there are 'General' folders to submit to.

:bulletblue: If you submit to the wrong folder, your deviation will be declined. This is simply because we receive so many deviations, it's difficult for us to be sorting out deviations into the correct folder.

:bulletblue: If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to drop us a comment or message.

Thank you very much for your co-operation, it helps us out! Enjoy GoCrazyCOSPLAY, and get submitting! :heart:




:star: WELCOME COSPLAYERS !!!! :star:

:la: This group is about Cosplay. The catagroies will be:

:bulletpink: ANY Anime Cosplay
:bulletpink: ANY Comic Cosplay
:bulletpink: ANY Game Cosplay
:bulletpink: ANY Movie Cosplay
:bulletpink: ANY Original Character Cosplay

I decided to make this group because I hated that you try to upload your cosplay pictures in some groups and they decline them. Like WHAT THE HELL?! :pointandlaugh:

If anyone agrees with my, join. ^_^

:bulletpink: I will not turn away your art! :D






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