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December 1, 2010
the suggester said: "Estacado start page by *Gocom is a very nice & ellegant start page that allows you to have all your favourite websites in one place." ... you can group any amount of your bookmarks on as many pages as you like. that and the fact that you can add your own website-representing thumbnails is making this a highly flexible start page to be personalized for your very needs and preferences. in addition it's visually pleasing and can be used in many different browsers.
Featured by OtisBee
Suggested by emey87
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Estacado start page

Estacado is a start page / speeddial for web browsers. The design was inspired by Orman Clark's latest postings.

Estacado uses jQuery, CSS3 and valid XHTML. Has subtle effects, dark colors and supports newish WebKit and Gecko builds; Safari 5, Chrome and Firefox 3.6.

The package comes with instructions (Readme.txt) that explains how to add sites to it. Basically, it's just matter of writing a list of plain URLs into a text file and the script takes care of the rest.

Update 2011/03/20:
  • Now multiple URLs that share the same domain can have different thumbnails. Reoccurring URLs will be suffixed with an ordinal number.
  • Added font definitions for the search field and the button.
  • If the browser doesn't support CSS3 gradients, solid background color is used instead.

Update 2011/02/02:
  • Updated jQuery library to version 1.5.
  • Changed Favicon's link element's type value to image/png.

Update 2010/11/30:
  • Now keyboard navigation hooks to different event, and works on WebKit.
  • Resets cordinates if the page scrolls or opens in odd location.

Update 2010/11/26:
  • Fixed the small thumbnail dimensions typo in the readme, thank you informing me mattpoonani.
  • Added hash/anchor URL support. Now navigating groups appends hash/anchor to the URL, and if the page is loaded with an anchor, the particular group is shown instead of the default first one. Especially good if you are creating thumbnails and want to refresh the view, or want to bookmark the groups.
  • Added -ummm- better hover states to the buttons.

Update 2010/11/23:
  • Added keyboard navigation. Left arrow takes to previous group and right to vice versa.
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I would like to change the rows from 4 thumbnails per row to 5. Which file do I need to modify to do this and where abouts in that file do I find the value that I want to change?
Nice clean design and easy to customize. Is there a way in the style.css to add an image background for the page or pages?
JaY2g0's avatar
Looks very nice, but I'm looking for a way to show the name of the websites instead of thumbnails.
Y-N-1-F's avatar
The buttons on the bar (Open Shown, Open All, I'm Bored).....seem to have the hover-state look as default, and the normal-state on hover. In other words, they look pressed before being hovered over, and they look raised (normal) when you hover/click.

Not so with this one, as an example:…
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Love it.. Just the thing I was looking for. Thank you for the great work! Fav+ EXO : Kyungsoo Fangirling 
Dcodexlol's avatar
Hey guys, quick question: is the dark gradient background a .png?
Dcodexlol's avatar
Hey guys, quick question: is the dark gradient background a .png?
Sosat's avatar
Is this possible to run this page in IE??
Thorero's avatar

Okay, compose mysel-- hahahaha--myself. I can do this.

You want to run something that's made to a certain, high standard, on IE? Hahahahahaha. Oh God. You're quite the comedian.
Sosat's avatar

I was originally going to run it on a washing machine but someone told me to wait for a helpful answer like yours!

I had my reasons to test it in IE....

Next time help people and don't criticize them.

I am glad that i made you laugh though!

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Great job!

I felt free to do the following modification for my own usage:

- inserted line 126: "img = img.substring(0,10);"

I have adresses like, where : can't be used in file names.
Same problem with
Sosat's avatar
Hi mais88,

Currently i am using the above start page which is great, but i am facing the same issue with ports using the : symbol so i cannot use thumbnails..
Can you please share it?
That would made me happy! :)
Sosat's avatar
I figured it out...

Thanks for the js line info!

Heimdyll's avatar
got it working on my system :) But I dont like the thumbnails I could find :/
johnniekim's avatar
It looks really good.... Thank you very much....
Kidvicious18's avatar
How do I shift the web pages to the left instead of the center?
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Really cool. But I have a problem. After I created every thumbnail for my sites and everything was done I went to bed, the next day the folder had deleted itself.. :S I put it in the firefox folder in program files.. I don't think it's something to do with your start page. Have you ever heard of this problem before?
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Gorgeous start page :D thank you for sharing
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
How I can define what happens when I click "I'm bored" button?
MegaWiggle's avatar
It opens a random page from all the Websites you added !:)
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Very nice page this is. One thing that would make this awesome is if you could use the scroll button to switch sections. Would it be possible to add this?
capedape's avatar
Liking this. Thank you

Dax Monson
Arfaz's avatar
I just love this and want to thank you for this greatness!

Also, if you could help me out with the bored button?
I want to replace the link of the bored button to [link]

Just again thank you soo much
ayucyruz's avatar
Just finished configuring it. Nice work, thanks for sharing!
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