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Cherry for Growl

By Gocom
Cherry notification style for Growl. Compatible with Growl v1.3. At minimum requires Safari 5.1 and Mac OS 10.6.

The icon in the preview is by Umar Irshad from his Build icons set.

Update May 1, 2012:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the style from installing correctly. This was caused by incorrectly placed property list file. My apologies for any frustrations caused.
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Hurray, your fix worked! Thanks!!!
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Glad to hear :)
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No matter what I do, I won't show up in Growl. The weird thing is that when I double-clicked to install, Growl says it's already installed when I know you just released it and I just downloaded it for the 1st time. Did you use another style as a starting point and it might confuse Growl to think it's an already installed style? Thanks!
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Thank you for reporting the issue, wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.

I've fixed the issue, and the style should now install correctly. You may have to restart Growl after re-installing/updating the style.

If you are unfortunate to get into situation where the Growl preference panel interface breaks (which can happen, due the way Growl is build unfortunately), you will have to delete ~/Library/Application Support/Growl/Plugins/Cherry.growlStyle file and quit/relaunch Growl.

The issue was caused by accidentally misplaced plist file. Didn't catch the issue as Growl doesn't report errors, and it caches package meta data, never picking up the accidental change in file structure middle of the development.

Thank you again for bringing the issue up, and my apologies.
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