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September 22, 2010
Phoenix by ~Gocilla is one of the best BS.player skins i've seen. check out this deviant's gallery and you'll find a completely black version there as well.
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Finally, here it is, my second skin for BS Player! :D Thank you all for your comments!

Update 11.10.2010.

Thank you all, this is my first DD and it really means a lot to me! :D

For those of you that asked me about permission for porting this skin to another media player, here is the composited .PSD file (PS CS4). It's not the final version because I couldn't find that file on my HDD, but hopefully this one will do the work. Here is the link for rapidshare:


I just wish that you send me a link for ported version, I would really like to see the result :D

Thanks, Goran
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I hope that always, but whenever a new version of BS Player comes out they can share it ... of course it is with its respective key ... thanks
Thanks! I do have this one. I like it a lot
OMAR1978's avatar
very nice thankssssssssssssssssssss:)
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Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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i like this skin mate... :D
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Holy nuts. Amazing. I felt in love with Black Cat, but this one is really cool too. All right, now I need to alter my previous statement. It's not 1 usable BS Player skin out there, now it's 2 of them! Geez, thanks!

Best Regards,
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Can I make an Aimp3 skin using your design ?
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Sure, you can find the rapidshare link for the .psd in the description ;)
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Although it's not my style, this is amazing skin, possibly the best I've seen for BSP.

Keep it up! :)

Can't believe there isn't more comments.
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May i port this? This is so great :love:
Gocilla's avatar
Yup, no problem! ;) Just send me a link when you finish porting
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Er, can i get the PSD file if you don't mind? Thanks :)
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I have included the link for .PSD file, it's in the info section! ;)
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Could you make the same for Winamp? I'd like to keep the equalizer when using the free version :)
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Thank you all, your comments are much appreciated!
@smilingbooger: No, this skin was created for BSPlayer only. Thanks btw!
@DenSeaCat: great, I'm also AIMP2 user, please send me a link when you're done, I would like to see how that looks like. ;)
@adni18: great group, thanks!
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Excellent work! :thumbsup: It will be great if you join our group DA Premium [link]
DenSeaCaT's avatar
But I don't have BSPlayer. So, I'm gonna port this skin to AIMP2

Thank U.
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Do you make a skin for this for WinAmp? This is really good! :)
LisaGorska's avatar
excellent skin, great playlist! ;) :)
JavierBA's avatar
Bayushi-Tai's avatar
Awesome !!
I'll use it for the rest of my life !!
ProfZamn's avatar
Good style, U should make 1 4 Winamp :-D
Also link plz ...
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