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I do not want to keep repeating myself when people ask questions that have already been answered below


Stock Love by Lyastri   My Nature and Background Stock is UNRESTRICTED Stock Love by Lyastri  

:bulletgreen: Which means you may use any of my photographs (as part of your artwork) offsite & for commercial work. I would still love to see the result though, so send me a note or comment on this account with a link to where it has been used.
Model Stock may be used in any artwork as long as we are notified of its use and sent a working link to the page where it has been used.

DON'T ASK ME 'Can I use it?'
YES YES YES YES YES YES you can. I feel like a broken record.



What is acceptable stock use?


Please CREDIT :icongoblinstock: where possible* by providing a link back to either my main page, the goblin-stock gallery or the stock image you used. I don't mind which option you choose, as long as the credit is clearly visible.
Refer to FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

*I understand that if an image is used in an artwork offsite then it may not always be possible to link back, but please NOTIFY me of stock use :pray:


Please SEND ME A LINK to your work.
I love to see the results and I promise to :+fav: if it meets these stock rules. Leaving a link to your work as a comment on the stock used will give you the most benefit as more people are likely to see it there
If you submit an artwork offsite then it would also be beneficial for you to submit it to DA as well...that way I can spread the word through features in my journal. This is simply a suggestion, not a requirement (except when using the model stock; refer to RULE #1 )


Absolutely. If you want to try & sell a print of your artwork then go for it!
If you want to sell your artwork for a book cover, CD, advertising, on a Tshirt, a puzzle, a 10 foot high poster... I salute you and wish you well. Making a living from art can be extremely difficult and alot of very hard work so if you create something beautiful and want to try to make a few dollars good for you :clap:

Remember to tell me if you have a print for sale or a product with your art on it... I may want to buy one! Or I can tell my friends about you & they might all buy something from you!

Do you need a model release form or a formal piece of signed paper stating permission to use my stock? Contact me via email (you'll get a faster response)

Write 'Model Release Form' or 'Permission' in the subject line so I don't accidently delete your message


Do Not Repost ANY of the raw stock images as your own Please! That is stealing and is very bad karma :police: These images are MY work...for your inspiration.
When you download a stock image to your computer you are entering yourself into a contract with the stock provider to use their image respectfully and following the rules they set out. Make sure you save each image with a name that will direct you back to the stock gallery you downloaded it from.
For example:
SAVE AS: "boat stock_goblinstock.dA"

This way you will be able to credit the stock provider when you submit your finished work.


Yes. Go for it. Follow the rules mentioned here and try to be innovative & I may just give you a big hug for being so clever =D

Really, I don't mind if you use and reuse my nature stock to create backgrounds. It's a good skill to learn and if this is what motivates you then feel free to take my boring stock and make it pretty =D


This rule should really be #1.

Be as creative as possible! :boogie: These images are here to inspire you. I want to give back a little of the same generosity that the dA community has given to me as an artist... These stock images are FREE STOCK IMAGES that you can use anywhere. Do you know how lucky you are to have found them? ;)

:star: :star::star: We understand that some people are just learning but that does not mean that you should not make an effort to submit your very best work... and do not just cut & paste, change the colors or add a bit of text over a stock image & call it a finished artwork. This is not acceptable stock use. Images like this are not to be used commercially.Not that you are likely to ever sell something of this nature, but it sets a really bad example and gives photomanipulators a bad name. :star::star::star:


Please don't use my stock for harmful, rascist, pornographic, violent or abusive images. No sane person wants to see that kind of thing.
Using my stock in artwork with nudity is fine, however,

We reserve the right to ask for any stock use that we consider to be inappropriate to be removed. Please consider the model is a person with feelings :butterfly: If you're unsure, contact us BEFORE you post your work online.

:star: Writing an erotic novel & want a cover image? = You should ask us first.

:star: Drawing a classical nude and need a pose reference? = You probably won't find many in our gallery...but you're welcome to go ahead and use your imagination

That's it.
Now play nice & have fun :blowkiss:

Want to thank me? I love getting points donations so I can keep my dA membership and my group Exclusive-Stock running
Just a little hint ;)

Congratulations to those who actually read the rules! :party: You shall live long & prosper!

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: iMouritsa
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock
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