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Green: This Year's Pink



No, they don't have St. Patrick's Day in Oz, but if they did, you know Glinda (I belive it would be Glinda, not Galinda at this point) would not be able to resist given her roommate's ready-made complextion ;)

If you've already seen the other, this was the piece I had intended to do for St. Patrick's Day this year. It's a play off a concept I started a couple years ago [link] . I had been thinking about Wicked a couple weeks ago and the green theme struck me as perfect, especially given that Elphaba would despise it. The sparkles around Glinda were ~Jasmeralda's idea.

Media: Colerase brown pencil on vellum, painting done in Photoshop and Painter.

Wicked copyright Gregory Maguire
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"Glin... It's because you are my friend that I'm giving you three seconds to get this thing off of me..."